Best Four Adidas Golf Shoes?

Best Four Adidas Golf Shoes?

So you have decided on checking out the best four Adidas Golf shoes, well we have spent quite a bit of time looking into these, and straight away we can tell you that the guys at Adidas have been making some great performing, and looking golf shoes, that should make you play better, and look cool gracing the golf course.

We are not doing a spikeless v’s spiked golf shoes review today, because I find that I like both types of shoes with spikes (cleats) or spikeless, the difference in performance I have found is minimal, and I now like to buy golf shoes on feel, looks and performance.

If you would like to read a further review on the differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes then please read our article Spiked vs Spike-less Golf Shoes and do they make a difference?

If you have been reading our other articles, you will know we are avid believers in golfers buying the proper footwear to play golf, if you do not, you are giving up a performance benefit that can help you hit the golf ball further.

Adidas has created many golf shoes, packed with great technology, which has been embedded in the design and manufacture of their golf shoes.

The team at Adidas have also created some super cool, cross over golf shoes that looks great on and off the golf course.

The Adidas development team have also kept to tradition and developed other golf shoes that would suit the more traditionalist golfer, especially in the Tour 360 series.

Let’s get straight into it, what are the best four golf shoes that Adidas have launched.

1. Adidas CodeChaos

2. Adidas Tour360 XT SL

3. Adidas Tour 360 XT PrimeKnit

4. Adidas Adicross Retro

Adidas CodeChaos

Adidas CodeChaos


The Adidas CodeChaos is a spikeless golf shoe, this is a great golf shoe for both Men and Women golfers.

The upper of the CodeChaos is fabric, but it has a plastic-type film which covers the multi-layer mesh upper, this mesh on the Adidas CodeChaos makes the shoe fully waterproof, and has been guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

The film which is on the golf shoes has further benefits, the benefit is to provide the golfer with additional foot support.

As we know, we need the structure and support of the golf shoe to help us golfers have the confidence to commit to the golf shot.

A further benefit of this golf shoe is the ‘Boost Technology’ incorporated into the design.

This tech is included for further stability of the mide-sole and has been designed to offer maximum comfort and stability.

As we have mentioned in other reviews, we love the foam in the Adidas ‘Boost” golf shoes, it is like walking in the most comfortable running shoes created but with the required support to play your golf shot with confidence and getting help from the energy feedback which is provided by the ‘Boost‘ technology included.

The traction in this golf shoe is great, as I have previously stated, the lines between a fully spiked golf shoe or cleated and spikeless golf shoes are becoming less apparent in my opinion.

While walking in the Adidas CodeChaos down the fairways, it does provide a noticeable spring in your step,
Adidas has created the shoe to transfer this energy back to the golfer.

Style & Comfort

Well, the style might not be for everyone, but I think it is a winner.

I’m not saying I do not like the more traditional looking golf shoes because I do, but this comes in a few colourways, the green is very vibrant, but the all-white shoe and the black and grey versions are quite reserved.

The CodeChaos is a super comfortable golf shoe and a golf shoe that can be worn, not just on the golf course but as your everyday wear.

These shoes are great to drive in and if like me you will stop buying normal cross-trainers or running shoes for casual wear, then these types of crossover golf shoes are perfect for wear both on course and off.

Adidas CodeChaos


I think Adidas has been clever with the CodeChaos golf shoe, they have provided the model as a unisex golf shoe which I think is a great move by Adidas.

The shoe has also some crazy colourways options and other colours which are far more neutral and reserved.

The shoe is very comfortable and reasonably priced.

This shoe is a winner.

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL


The Adidas Tour 360 XT SL is another release in the 360 range, the SL stands for “Spikeless

The leather upper is quality, it is full-grain leather, it also benefits from the ‘Boost Technology’, and the Adidas Tour 36 XT SL encompasses the full-length Boost midsole, which delivers energy back to the golfer.

The sole also has the X Torsion Bar which does grip the turf very well.

The performance of this traction technology is very clever indeed and, in my opinion,, works very well.

The Adidas three stripes are also being utilised as part of the technology of the shoe, which I find very clever.

As well as being part of the branding the three stripes are being used to provide your foot with 360-degree stability, which acts as little support bars, that help stabilises the golfer’s feet, helping you drive more power into your golf shots.

The Tour 360 XT SL has a full one-year waterproof warranty, and the shoe is very flexible and is so comfortable to wear on the course.

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL

Style & Comfort

The Tour 360 XT LS is a more traditional looking golf shoe, which has been designed for the PGA and European Tours.

This golf shoe will appeal to the more traditionalist golfer and looks and performs more like a golf shoe.

This is not a crossover shoe resembling the CodeChaos, this is definitely to be worn on the golf course only.



This golf shoe will appeal to the golfer who wants a professional looking golf shoe, that is only to be worn on the golf course but performs to the highest levels required.

Several of the world’s top ten golfers wear this shoe, so it must be good. I like this shoe, very stable, very clean looking and comfortable.

Definitely worth checking out.

Adidas Tour 360 XT PrimeKnit

Adidas Tour 360 XT PrimeKnit


With this being part of the Tour 360 range, which has been super successful for Adidas, you might be surprised by the PrimeKnit golf shoe and wonder why they have released this type of golf shoe in this range.

Well I was feeling the same until I did a little digging, and Adidas have been using the Primeknit through many different ranges, and have been using it very successfully in the running category.

The performance of Adidas Tour 360 XT PrimeKnit, the Fabric is surprisingly good, the fabric is very stretchy and will ‘hug’ your foot, the material is very breathable.

The only other real design change which is different over the other Tour 360 golf shoes is the collar, which is very stretchy and feels more like a sock.

The PrimeKnit will divide opinion by its crazy design, and sock material construction, it is a very comfortable shoe but the only issue I found is it is quite a small fitting golf shoe.

If you want to be sure I would try this golf shoe on or buy a slightly larger size than normal.
If you are expecting this golf shoe to fit how the leather Tour 360 XT fits the foot, then this is might not be the golf shoe for you, as it does not provide the same level of structure in my opinion.

The Tour 360 PrimeKnit also features the class ‘Boost Technology’ which provides energy back to the golfer, which I love.

This Golf Shoe is without a doubt a summer golf shoe, and is comfortable and can be worn off the golf course.

I like what Adidas has done but I could see other golfers not being as keen.

Another performance feature of these golf shoes is the waterproof guarantee, which is very surprising, the the PrimeKnit have a warranty for one year.

They do not look like they can repel water, but when you feel them they have that slight film covering them.
In my opinion, I wouldn’t be to keen on wearing them on a really rainy winters day, but for summer wear they would perform brilliant and look really cool.

Style & Comfort

The Style is great, I like the sock material, but must stress I would not want these as my only pair of golf shoes, because I also want a more supporting golf shoe.
I just didn’t feel as stable in these as others in the Adidas range.
If you want a golf shoe that looks great and very different to what’s out there, and you only wear to pop up the course for nine holes, or on nice days, then yes this is a great option.

The comfort of the shoe is great, they are super comfortable.

I would only worry about the sock collar and wonder if after prolonged wear would they give me any blisters, I must test this shoe more.

The midsole is super comfortable and the toe box is snug, but I quite like that.


The golf shoe is a premium option and has the best technology Adidas have provided, with the boost midsole, the crazy PrimeKnit layered upper and the X Traction turf interaction system.

This is definitely to be checked out.

Adidas Adicross Retro


The performance of this golf shoe is not going to come close to the main staple of golf shoes in the Tour 360 range, but the price point matches that.

The sole of the shoe is the Adiwear outsole, and it is not going to compete with the latest technology from Adidas in their performance spikeless golf shoes.

They still do provide some level of grip, but if you are wanting a full performance golf shoe that will let you hit more powerful golf shots, then these are not for you.

The Outsole is also splash proof so there is no waterproof guarantee.

The inside of the shoe has a bit more tech, with the Cloud Foam sock liner, they are very comfortable to walk in, and are a real cross over golf shoe, which will look great in the bar.

Style & Comfort

The style is reminiscent of my old school days, and are a proper classic looking pair of Adidas retro shoes like the Samba.

The leather is nice to the touch and a lovely pair of shoes, these are a good pair of shoes for your summer golf or a holiday abroad.

Adidas Adicross


As a golf shoe, they are not going to give you the performance we are beginning to expect of golf footwear.

The Adicross are a great choice for the price, and the retro style, these will look cool on any fairway in the summer months.