Best Golf Ball for under £30

Best Golf Ball for Under £30

Best Golf Ball for under £30

Best Golf Ball for under £30

Over the past decades, the quality of golf balls has improved tremendously. Balls costing £30 a box have changed from being very basic constructed golf balls to a much more technologically advanced design with new state of the art materials.

In this article, we will take a look at three of the best golf balls currently on the market that East Sleep Golf Repeat rate high.

The Best Three Golf Ball for Under £30

1. Srixon Z Star
2. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
3. Callaway Supersoft


Difference between One, Two, Three- and Four-Piece Golf Balls

In basic terms, the different pieces added to each ball is for added features.

So a four-piece golf ball is a premium golf ball normally used by the advanced golfer who demands length off the tee but high spin rates on the greens.

Also, in terms of cost the more pieces the golf balls has, the higher the cost the golf ball will be.

If you would like to read more on the different balls, then read our article in the link How do Used Golf Balls Perform vs new Golf Balls.

Understanding the History of Golf Balls

To truly understand what makes a golf ball great we need to look at the very basics of how a Golf Ball is made.

The Early golf balls were made by stuffing feathers into a leather sack, or by moulding latex from the gutta-percha tree to create the “guttie” golf ball which had a solid gutta-percha core and had a huge influence on the game

Most modern balls have a block or rubber which forms the central core. This core is inserted between the two halves of the outer cover where it is moulded into the complete ball.

It is at this point that the specific pattern of dimples is impressed into the ball.

Finally, the ball is stamped and printed, becoming one of the 850 million golf balls that are made each year.

When the golf ball is hit the dimples create lift for golf ball and provide, spin on the golf ball.

If you would like to read a more detailed article on golf ball dimples and how they perform to create lift and spin then please read our article which goes into more detail. Best Golf Ball to Cure a Slice of Hook

This lift and spin elements on golf balls were discovered when the early golf balls did not have dimples and they became damaged.

They noticed that the nicks on the old balls made them fly faster.

That is when they started to put dimples on the golf balls.

Over time the manufacturers started to experiment with the dimples on the golf balls and they discovered that certain patterns were more effective than others.

By making tiny adjustments to the shape of the dimples, and the angles they designed what they conceived to be the optimum ball.

This is why golfers develop a strong preference for one brand of balls over another.

Srixon Z Star XV

Before we get into this review, I could not believe you can pick this golf ball up for under £30, this is an awesome ball, and I would put this head to head with the Premium golf balls from Titleist for instance the Pro V1.

About Srixson

Srixon is a brand of sports equipment owned by SRI Sports Limited, which is a subsidiary of Japanese owned Sumitomo Rubber industries Limited.

This company also owns Dunlop Sport which has a long history with golf balls.

The Srixson Z Star Golf Ball

The Srixon Z Star is now in its sixth design generation.

The manufacturer claims that the balls provide an unmatched greenside spin, giving the ball superior control and stopping power.

Its performance is enhanced by new three-piece construction.

The proprietary features of this ball include a new FastLayer Core and 4th-generation SpinSkin.

What is FastLayer Core?

Originally balls came with a core and outer cover (as described above).

FastLayer is a design that starts soft and progressively gets harder towards the surface of the ball, using thousands of micro-layers.

SeRM (Slide Ring Material)
To score low you need to have the advantage of spin.

They have now introduced SeRM which is an extra resilient urethane cover that features moveable polymer Cross-Linking.

This creates a greater spin than previous materials.

Who Uses Srixon Z-star?

Many PGA Professionals use Srixon Z-star, including Shane Lowry, Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley, and J.B. Holmes.

Pros & Cons

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

About Titleist

Titleist is one of the best-known names in Golf Equipment. Formerly owned by Nike, is now owned by Korean company Fila.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The new Titleist Velocity Golf Ball takes a different approach in design to Srixon and emphasizes the low spin produced by its new ball.

Seeking to maximize the distance the company has included a new larger high-speed LSX core, fast NAZ+ cover, and a new spherically-Tiled 350 cathedral Dimple Pattern.

It is available in four matte colours, orange, green, pink, and of course, white.

LSX core

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball has been engineered with an LSX (softer)core is designed to generate a higher initial velocity while promoting a much slower spin.

Fast NAZ+ Cover

This new cover is claimed to be more durable than previous ones and comes in 4 colors.

Who Uses Titleist Velocity Golf Balls?

Its a who’s who, of who uses the Titleist golf ball, with a few names such as Angel Cabrera, Mike Weir, and Zach Johnson, and many more all use Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball.  

Unfortunately the Tour Players do not use the Velocity. 

Pros & Cons

Callaway Supersoft

About Callaway

Callaway Golf Company is an American global sports company that sells golf equipment in over 70 countries worldwide.

They are the world’s largest manufacturer of Golf Clubs. They also own the company Jack Wolfskin.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are a long ball that offers great distance.

The ball feels incredibly soft and it has an ultra-low compression core designed to increase ball speeds. The cover promotes low spin and drag.

The low drag and longer distance produced by the anti-drag Aerodynamics is an important feature of this ball.

Ultra-Low Compression Core

There is an advanced core design that reduces spin and produces longer straighter shots.

Hex Aerodynamics

The design of the ball is optimized to produce a lower spin rate.

The shape of the ball is also going to enhance lift and higher flight.

Softer Cover

A new Trionomer cover is formulated softer and has a better feel.

Pros & Cons

Final Thought

It is simply amazing how golf balls have progressed from such simple beginnings to a stage where various companies can take a simple ball shape and re-engineer it to produce balls that will fly higher, longer, and straighter, because of the aerodynamic design.

These three balls represent three alternative takes on that design and each offers its own unique features.