Best Golf Gloves, and How Best to Look After Your Golf Glove

Best Golf Gloves. How Best to Look After Your Golf Glove

 Practicing any sport not only requires developing your skills and training, but also a the golfer requires a series of equipment  and clothing, which is essential for this sport. You must have the right equipment to do any sports activity comfortably. In this article we will recommend the best golf gloves, further into the article we will look at how to take care of your golf glove, store, clean, stretch, size and generally look into why you have a golf glove, and the leather used.

Golf is considered as both a sporting and recreational activity practiced for hundreds of years whose objective is to roll a golf ball into a golf hole. For this, you need to use correct clothing for the great game of golf..

Golf gloves are are seen as an essential garment to play golf.

This garment has specific functions within this sport. One of them is preventing the golf club from slipping out of your hands. Another is allowing each player to hold the club for a perfect swing firmly.

Using a golf glove will change the feeling you have between your hand and the golf club. This is why  when you see professional golfers getting closer to the hole, they normally take their golf glove off. The reason they do this is for putting or chipping around the green.

They do this to ‘feel’ the golf club better and have a better understanding of how the golf shot will be performed. 

Professional golfers will use the golf glove to improve the grip between hand and club. The glove really helps holding the club when the golfer is swinging with more power.

Like any item you buy, there are different standards or ranges of golf gloves available, there are standard golf gloves, middle of the road golf gloves, and top end premium golf gloves.  These will have a bearing on the level of feel you have between your grip and the golf club.  The premium golf gloves are designed to become like a second skin.  Then other golf gloves are designed to be more breathable than other models.  There are so many options available we decided to list a few below which we really like.

Below is list of the best golf gloves on the market

Best Way to Take Care of Your Golf Glove

Knowing how to clean and maintain our golf gloves is vital to prolonging their useful life. There are certain factors that we must take into account, and one of them is the weather.

Especially weather in hot or humid climates, players’ hands tend to sweat more. Over time, this situation will not only produce a bad smell from the glove but will also prevent the player from being able to firmly grip the golf club.

Wearing the glove, requires placing your fingers inside it without stretching it too much or incorrectly. Insert your fingers into the corresponding spaces so that they are firm inside the glove. Subsequently, gently pull the glove and tighten the velcro strap.

How to store your Golf Glove?

Storing your Golf glove is very important.  A simple way to do this that takes only a few seconds, is to flatten the glove out after you finish your round of golf.

Place the glove back in the wallet it was bought with. This will really keep the moisture in the glove and prevent it from drying out and ultimately cracking.

Another top tip would be place the glove in a sealed plastic bag, like a food or sandwich bag.

How to Clean your Golf Glove?

Cleaning golf gloves is essential if you want to extend its life.

It is normal that after you have played your round or practice session. The glove will usually have some residue on its surface.

These dirty stains should be cleaned with liquid soap and gently rubbed (sponge or toothbrush) to remove it.

It is also recommended that you use some detergent along with water in an empty container where you can immerse your golf glove.  Use the old toothbrush to gentle massage out the stains. After that, rinse it with water and pat dry the glove, with an absorbent towel.

Lastly, place your glove on a clean flat surface and never roll it up. While the glove is drying, put the glove on your hand so it forms the second skin and molds to your hand, this is worth repeating a couple of times while drying. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as excess heat can damage it.

How to Stretch Golf Gloves?

Using golf gloves requires that they have a correct fit to avoid feeling any discomfort when playing or practicing. That is because this golf glove is the closest point of contact with the golf grip. If your glove is not tight, it may adversely affect club grip and swing.

Therefore, stretching a golf glove is not recommended.

If your glove feels too tight, it will stretch as you wear it. The feeling of the glove being too tight is normally how the golf glove should be when you first try it on.  

Keep in mind that this will only happen if your glove is made of leather, and from past experience the Cabretta leather stretches the best to form the second skin us golfers want. The leather will stretch further over time, from general use.

When you buy this type of golf glove, you should make sure to choose the correct size.

A perfect fitting glove is one that simulates a second skin. It should be tight fitting, if the glove is not tight and loose, you could have problems during the golf swing.

Therefore, it is crucial that you try different glove sizes before buying, unless you already know the size required.

Unless it is raining my personal preference is to choose a Cabretta leather golf glove, I really like the feel of this glove.  When holding the club I have better interaction with the golf grip when using a leather glove. 

Is Cabretta Leather Real Leather?

Cabretta leather is made of sheepskin.

Cabretta Leather is a high-quality leather used to create golf gloves and other dress gloves.

Cabretta leather really does lend itself to golf gloves, it is very light and thins it will help the golfer have better feel for the golf shot when playing.

The leather remains soft and flexible,  and stretches with your hand as you use it, to form a second skin.

We must remember that any type of leather will stretch over time. So when purchasing a nice tight fitting glove is what we are looking for.

We must make clear something important, and that is that Cabretta leather tends to wear out faster than other types of leather or synthetic golf gloves.

It does not mean that they are not resistant. Sheep leather is lighter than, for example, cow leather, which is usually thicker and more durable. However, no other material will provide you with then softness and flexibility that Cabretta leather does during your golf swing.

It is important that you learn how to properly care for your golf glove, to extend its useful life. When they wear out completely, you will have no choice but to buy another.

Why are Golf Gloves White?

There can be several reasons why golf gloves are white. The main reason is the material used. We know that one of the most widely used types of gloves in this sport is made from sheepskin. For this reason, the gloves are usually white (the same color as the animal’s coat) to maintain their quality and, therefore, their characteristics (softness, flexibility, resistance).

Another reason is because of the weather. Golf players need to have equipment and clothing that provides maximum comfort during each swing. White gloves tend to heat less than coloured gloves. That is of the utmost importance since the heat in your hands could affect the golf club’s grip.

In a way, the colour of this glove is also due to the elegance it offers. In addition, we can say that gloves of this colour are easier to find when we drop them on the grass on the course. The white colour in this garment provides many benefits for the wearer, and that is the reason why it is the most widely used.

We must keep in mind that today there are many coloured golf gloves available on the market, that are intended for people who do want to have further choice.  Personally I think a nice white glove is the way to go.

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Golf Glove

Wearing golf gloves has certain pros and cons like everything in life. 


Functionality & Protection

Wearing a golf glove will provide an advantage in my opinion, you will benefit from a better grip of the golf club, in both cold and warm conditions.  In the cold it will also help keep your hand warmer, and in the heat of day will stop your hand slipping from sweat.

The grip is one of the most critical foundations of a good golf swing. Wearing a golf glove, allows each player to hold the golf club firmly without risk of slipping .

This will help the golfer perform a better and more consistant golf swing. There are already so many variables in hitting a golf ball, so removing one aspect of a slipping club is a benefit.

Elegant Style

Golf gloves are generally white, primarily due to the Cabretta leather used.  

If you do not want a white glove, then these is lots of choice now available from pinks to blues to other colour choices. 


Extra Cost

These gloves represent an additional cost to the rest of the equipment (golf clubs, ball, sportswear, etc.)

For this reason, some people choose not to buy a golf glove.  if you are on a limited budget, there are so many glove options, at lots of different price points. You should be able to find one for your budget, and if you are going to be serious about golf, then you must try one, I play with golfers now that do not wear a glove and that is down to personal preference.


Golf gloves are accessories that must be replaced from time to time. Therefore, one of the disadvantages is the special attention and the care that must be given looking after the golf glove.

If you want to prolong the life of the glove, then basic maintenance is required as we have discussed.

In addition, these garments tend to get very dirty from general play, and even tear from time to time.

How Long does a Golf Glove last?

The amount of time that your golf glove can last will depend on certain factors and you, mainly.

Generally, you can wear a golf glove for approximately 8 to 12 rounds. We must bear in mind that this amount will depend on whether the golfer has adequately cared for his glove or not.

The number of gloves you can wear per year will largely depend on how many times you play during that time. Not all golfers play the same number of rounds.  Also how many times you practice at the driving range, which will also have a bearing on the general wear and tear of the glove.

Therefore, the wear time of teach golfers glove will be different.

If a person plays twice a week, they probably need to use 3 to 5 golf gloves per season. As we have said before, that will depend on the care that has been given to the glove.

Another factor that influences the life of this garment is the grip. A golf grip should be as light as holding a tube of toothpaste, without pushing any of the  paste out,  if you are gripping the club too hard then this could wear the glove to faster.

How long you wear a golf glove will also depend on how much you sweat. Sweating can saturate the glove and affect its flexibility and life span.

What Size Golf Glove to Wear?

The ideal golf glove should be designed to fit the hand like a second skin.

Before buying a glove, It is recommended that you try one on, normally from my experience your local golf shop or professional, should let you try them on before purchase.

You can also find out the measurement of the required glove by measuring the circumference of the hand, around the knuckles.

This measurement must be done depending on whether you are left or right-handed. If you are left-handed, you must measure the right hand, and if you are right-handed, then the left one.

Each measurement is different, depending on whether the golfer is a child, lady, or a man. 

Below is a list of the sizes:


The measurement of the circumference of a child’s hand can be 16 cm (S), 17 cm (M), or 18 cm (L).


The measurement of the circumference of the women’s hand can be 17 cm (S), 18 cm (M), or 19 cm (L).


The measurement of the circumference of the men’s hand is more varied and can cover 18 cm (S), 19 cm (M), 20 cm (ML), 21 cm (L), 22 cm (XL), or 23 cm ( XXL).