Best Golf Nets and Golf Chipping Nets of 2020

Best Golf Nets and Golf Chipping Nets of 2020

Best Golf Nets and Golf Chipping Nets of 2020

Best Golf Nets and Golf Chipping Nets of 2020

So, you are thinking about a golf net, well you have arrived at the right place to check the current selection of the latest and greatest golf nets and golf chipping nets.

In this article we will be looking at the best golf nets of 2020 available right now, and discuss what you can do with your net.

So, let’s get into this and explain what a practice net actually is?

A golf net is a device normally used to practice golf shots, so the aim of hitting a golf ball, a real ball or soft practice ball, into a device which is designed to catch golf balls.

Usually the nets are portable and are in a carry case, they have a similar structure to the inner frame of a camping tent.  The netting material is usually either polyester or nylon, there are other netting materials available, but these tow make up the majority.

Another form of practice net is a fixed structure or golfing cage, which is not portable, and usually very strong and robust.

As golfers we are all keen to progress our golf games and what better way than to hit balls in your garden, or anywhere else you can erect one.

You may go the full hog and buy a launch monitor to complete your practice set up.

Well, there is an idea that practice can make you perfect, but most of us would just settle for a bit better.

Best Golf Nets 2020

What do we need to think about when buying a net?

First things first we need to discuss the size of the net, and where you are going to put it.

If you are going to install the net inside your house ,or outside in the garden.

You really need to consider the size of the space which is available to you. If the only space available is 6 feet by 6 feet, then you do not want to be buying a 10-foot by 10-foot net.

Another consideration is your golfing ability for the type of net you are thinking of purchasing.  If you are a scratch golfer then a compact net could be fine for you, but if you are a beginner then the biggest net possible is probably the best idea and a larger net will give you much more confidence to hit golf ball into. 

 The reality of a golf ball flying through a window is very real. Remember the distance to and from the net is also of vital importance, the larger the net the further back you are able to hit from, The opposite is also true so the so a smaller net, you will have to practice and hot golf balls from a much closer distance, unless you have nothing behind the net that could be damaged.

If you are considering using the golf net indoors then the following points are important to consider.

The size of the space you are planning to use is critical, ceiling height of an indoor room would need to be around nine feet in height or just less than 3 metres. Some of the nets (in the below comparison table) available are ten feet high so these should be avoided if you have a height restriction.

The robustness and toughness of the net required is another important consideration to keep in mind. 

It will very much depend on your ability as a golfer, and the speed of your golf swing pin which you  hit the ball.  The golf net needs to withstand the impact of each golf shot, and have the ability to catch the balls in a safe manner. 

The poles which are supplied with the nets are really normally either fibreglass or of an aluminium construction. 

The golf nets need to be stable enough to take the constant impact of golf ball smashing into the mesh netting. 

If you have constructed the net outside, you need to consider the weather conditions and how the wind and rain may affect the net. Some nets have pegs included to keep it stable and grounded to the floor, you don’t want the net to be flying away after a large gust of wind.


If you have much more space available and you would prefer a  permanent installation, then a consideration could be for a much larger golf cage.

If you want portability for your net which has the benefit of  folding down and being more lightweight then you need to check out the below range of nets.

Best Golf Chipping Nets of 2020

A golf chipping net is exactly what is says it is, it is a small net which is designed to have golf balls chipped into them.

They normally have several sections available for you to aim at and are designed to catch  golf balls.

The chipping nets are available in many different colours, they are also available in many different sizes.

You need to decide if you want to use the net indoors or outdoors. Some of the nets for outdoors use come with pegs to secure to the ground.

Why should you use a chipping net?

When playing golf on a golf course, to really improve your game you really need to focus on the distance out from the pin of one hundred yards and in. You need to look at your putting as the old saying goes “drive for show and putt for dough”, another key part of your game is to be able to chip the ball close to the hole, or to have the ability to get up and down from a wayward shot into the green.

Strange as this seems but most amateur golfers will happily go to the driving range and whack driver for seventy balls, but will do hardly any to zero practice on the most important part of your golf game, the one hundred yard and in section.

Professional golfers and golfers who are at college usually practice every day for six hours as a minimum. So, you can image how long they spend chipping balls. So if you spend a little bit of time, for even as little as twenty minutes a day or a couple of times a week practicing your chipping, your golf game should really improve.

If you can groove a nice chipping stroke, it should be possible to lower your scores. If you can chip the ball closer to the hole then you should make more putts, and be able to save par rather than bogey or double bogey or worse.

Another great feature of the chipping net, is the design and the angle they are made.  In the past I have spent a lot of time chipping golf balls into a bucket, but in reality this is not helping my real life golf shots, as chips do not enter directly down but do enter on an angle.  In my garden I have a chipping net and it has really helped me with my chipping, so worth buying one for the small cost. The nets are extremely easy to fold up and put away so should be easy for anyone to store.