Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet

The vast majority of people who have flat feet should wear wider fitting golf shoes.

Any golf shoe that has a narrow or pointed front should be avoided. Focus on a golf shoe that provides enough space at the front of the shoe, so your toes will not be squashed.

Wider fitting shoes allowed toes to spread out on this reduces the pressure on the front of the foot and prevents a lot of pain and discomfort.

So, the Best Three shoes for flat feet are

1. Footjoy Contour

2. Adidas Tour 360 XT SL

3. Nike Lunar Control Vaspour 2

Choose a golf shoe that offers significant heel and sole support to prevent your feet from rolling inwards; this issue is referred to as overpronation and is a common problem for golfers with flat feet.

When choosing the best golf shoe, any golfer with flat feet should look for reinforced heels, a golf shoe with a firm heel which has been designed to support your foot and your Achilles tendon.

If you are suffering with Achilles Tendonitis then please check out our article here. Best Golf Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis 

FJ Contour Side Image

What are Flat Feet?

This can be also described as Overpronation, which will have a bearing on how you play golf.

This issue of flat feet is the arch on the foot has a fallen arch. If you are reading this, you may also suffer from this issue of flat feet and understand the pain that this can condition can cause.

Can Golf Shoes Help With Flat Feet?

The quick answer to this is yes, they can, maybe you currently do not own a pair of golf shoes, or you have purchased a pair that you have not considered this as a purchasing decision.

You will need to buy the best pair of golf shoes for your feet, and that will have a supporting arch in the golf shoe, which will help to support your heel and the arch.

If your golf shoes do not have a supported arch, and your arch on your foot is falling to the ground, this problem will place strain and uneven weight distribution on your feet and your ankles.

Best Features to Look For In Your Golf Shoes for Flat Feet.

Great Stability

You need the best golf shoe for you, which will have a nice and stable supporting system.

The Best golf shoe will have a solid base that will support your weight when you are walking the golf course and will help you make your golf swing and even increase your chances of hitting a good golf shot.

There has been research completed which concluded that wearing good golf shoes help you hit the golf ball further.

This study completed for GOLF Magazine by the Top 100 instructor Eric Alpenfels and Dr Bob Christina, at the University of North Carolina, concluded that golf ball performance was going further by on average an additional 4 yards.

It was more noticeable in high handicap golfers because the footwear claimed to help the golfers perform with a more solid core and help groove a more consistent swing.

Great Traction

If you have every slipped when playing golf, you will know the resulting golf shot is usually very poor.

A good gripping golf shoe will help you and support your feet.

There are different options when it comes to a spiked golf shoe or a spikeless golf shoe, which incorporates lots of little nubs that grip the ground.

I have found both types of shoe to be great.

You may want to look at the golf conditions you will be playing, and make that choice, for example, a wet and muddy golf course might lend itself to a more spiked golf shoe.

While a sandy course would be better with a spikeless golf shoe, even though spikeless golf shoes are taking huge strides in performance and gripping technology that spiked shoes may ultimately be a thing of the past.

Great Arch Support

This is an important feature which we have already touched on, but a best-designed golf shoe that can support the arch in your foot, will pay dividends in the end.  

Having a supportive golf shoe should help ease your foot pain.

The Three Best Golf Shoes for Golfers With Flat Feet

Footjoy Contour

FJ Contour Side Image

The Footjoy name goes hand in hand with golf, these may not be the most expensive shoe on the list, and I was quite sceptical about how these would compare, but I have been blown away by the comfort of the golf shoe, the toe box is very large, and makes walking the fairways a pleasure, as you can see in the images below I have been testing these for several weeks and can report that they are super comfortable.

FJ Contour Side View

The Napa leather is so soft and a real delight to wear.
The stability of the shoe is solid, which does give the foot a lot of support, even on uneven lies.

The golf shoe is very light, and they look great on. I have had so many comments on them, which I have been surprised about.

Very comfortable and solid show a definite recommend.

Traction and Comfort

Footjoy made strides on making this golf shoe very comfortable, and have designed a very soft and padded collar. The archway on the shoe is very supportive of the foot and helps the wearer maintain a good posture.


The Footjoy Contour is fully waterproof and has had technology built into the shoe to maintain a good level of breathability.

You will not slip on the course with the fully spiked sole of this golf shoe.

The shoe offers a nice level of stability and will give you the confidence to make your golf shot without any fears of slipping.

ERGO-Sole for Max Comfort and Cushioning
Unrivaled Comfort Fit- 
Ultra Soft NappaLUXE leather Upper
1 year waterproof warranty

Adidas Tour360 XT SL

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL

Adidas have produced a great golf shoe here.

This is a standout shoe and one that will give fantastic support for golfers who suffer from painful flat feet.

The Adidas Tour 360 range of shoes has been very popular over the past decade.

As you can see from the looks of the shoe it is is very pleasing to the eye.

Traction and comfort

Well, this golf shoe provides both quantity, style and is the best-suited shoe for people with flat feet.

The traction system which Adidas is using on this golf shoe is the X-Traxion which provides grip for the golfer in a multi-directional way.


The little x’s on the soles of these golf shoes are excellent at gripping the golf course.


So, you should keep a very solid posture and maintain a strong and stable core, whilst maintaining a firm grip when walking and playing on the golf course.


When you are wearing the Adidas Tour360 XT SL, it is a very comfortable golf shoe, the toe box has been designed to offer a generous size, and has quite a good degree of freedom of movement, but the arch support is strong with a nice raised arch to support the foot.


One other point to note is the level of cushioning, with the now tried and tested ‘Boost’ cushioning, it made walking the fairways a real pleasure.


With the popularity of Spikeless golf shoes emerging, these are a great option of a great looking shoes that has a lot of stability, these could be used as a cross over golf shoe, and they would look great in the bar as they are as easy to drive the car in.

Nike Lunar Control Vapor II

Nike Lunar Control Vapor II

This shoe is designed to help golfers perform a smoother transition from the backswing through impact.

Making synthetic and leather varieties, this golf shoe is designed specifically to help golfers with flat feet.

Nike has launched the Lunar Control Vapor II, and replaced the spikes on the sole of the shoe for what Nike is calling ‘Articulated Integrated Traction‘, which look very similar to blades on the soles of the shoes.

These have a lot of traction for the feet.

In the past I had this golf shoe and found it very comfortable, stable and gave a lot of traction, sometimes I felt a little too much.

But for flat feet, these will be a great source of comfort.


Nike has produced some very daring shoes for the golf world that may be very challenging for the traditionalist, but these are a good-looking golf shoe that is not too crazy, the shoes are available in some nice neutral colourways.

The hard rubber collar that surrounds your ankle will give the extra support you need.

The inside of a shoe has additional cushioning, and this has been integrated to provide additional shock absorption.

This golf shoe is best for golfers who want a good solid stable shoe, with supporting arch. The traction is very good, could be best in class.

We hope this article on golf shoes for people with more full feet will prove useful, thank you for taking the time to read it.