Best Golf Shoes for Heel Pain Top Five?

Best Golf Shoes for Heel Pain Top five?

Best Golf Shoes for Heel Pain Top Five?

Best Golf Shoes for Heel Pain Top Five?

For golfers who suffer from heel pain, or golfers who are looking for the best golf shoes which will support your feet from the effects of plantar fasciitis.
Then look no further, the best golf shoes that they should choose needs to be flexible, incorporate a solid base and have prominent arch support, and a well-contoured and cushioned insole, these features will help with plantar fasciitis sufferers.

When all three of these are combined, they can prevent further injury or discomfort to your heel.

The Best Golf Shoes can help reduce pain as they provide excellent support for your foot and minimize the amount of movement in the shoe area.
Suffering from heel pain when playing golf can ruin your round of golf. The good news for us golfers is that there are steps you can take to lessen the pain in the foot and heel.

The unfortunate thing for us keen golfers is heel pain is unfortunately very common amongst the golfing community.

The Best five shoes for heel pain or the effects of plantar fasciitis are

1. Adidas – Tech Response Golf Shoe
2. Puma – Titantour Ignite Golf Shoe
3. Nike – Lunar Control Vapour II
4. New Balance NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe
5. Skechers – Go Golf Walk Women’s

What Causes Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis?

The pain in the heel is usually caused by having extreme pronation in the feet which is usually the plantar fascia, this is where the pain usually resonates from, and the term which refers to this is ‘flat feet’.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

This band of tissue that connects the toes in the foot, to the heal, this band is what helps support the arch of the foot. When you have pain, the plantar fascia can become over-stretched, which effects the flat fibrous tissue, this causes small little tears in the tissue. These will appear and cause your foot to become sore.

There a few factors which affect this condition like you playing more golf than usual, but another main culprit for this condition is having a poor footwear choice.

What to look for in a Golf Shoe for Heel Pain?

A positive step is to find a comfortable and stable golf shoe, that will support your feet, and help you be more stable through the golf swing.

Having a solid golf shoe will also distribute your body weight better, and help ease any other strains from other parts of your body, such as the lower back.

What are the best features to look for when trying on a pair of golf shoes?

A few small positive steps will make a big difference to your heel pain.

1. Try the golf shoes on at the end of the day, not at the start. Your feet will swell as the day progresses so you want your feet to be at the maximum to ensure a good comfortable fit.

2. The best sock choice is key, when we play golf, we normally wear thicker socks than we would if we were wearing a shoe for work, so putting thicker socks on your feet will be a sensible idea when trying shoes on because it could affect how the shoe fits your foot and ankle and could end up causing discomfort later.

3. Choose the best golf shoe for you that has a strong and solid base. The best golf shoe to help with Plantar Fasciitis will require a strong arch, having a good and solid golf shoe with a strong supporting arch should help with the pain.

4. Choose a waterproof golfing shoe, that will keep your feet comfortable and dry.

If from what you have read does not sound like you have heel pain, check out our article on Best Golf Shoes for Arthritic Feet.

If you feel you may have these symptoms it would be a good idea to look at the available shoe options. With that in mind, here are what we consider at eat sleep golf repeat to be the five best golf shoes for anyone who suffers from heel pain.

Which Shoes are Best for Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis?

Adidas - Tech Response Golf Shoe

These shoes from Adidas are firm favourites for many people who suffer from heel problems or plantar fasciitis, as they can be relied upon, from the second you put them on.

Most people who reviewed the shoes are particularly happy because they’re so lightweight and keep your feet dry and comfortable even on the wettest days. The rubber soles are specifically designed to allow for better grip and traction with their sharper spikes.

The most important part of these golf shoes is internal; it features an excellent foot cushion, meant to provide the best flexibility and comfort for anyone who is suffering from arch or heel pain.

Design and Look of the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe

These golf shoes are a good-looking shoe, which we come to expect from a brand like Adidas. These golf shoes have a 75% micro-fibre leather upper with a 25% mesh layer, the mesh is super lightweight. The added advantage of the mesh layer is you will be able to let your feet breath, and this is very important for the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Another best feature of these golf shoes is the sturdy wide base which will give you loads of support when walking the golf course or while making your golf swing.

Performance and comfort of the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe

The Adidas Tech Response sole features a lightweight EVA midsole, which will help you from getting tired on the golf course. When wearing the shoe, it is very well cushioned and helps with any impact which would normally create heel pain. Another best feature of these shoes is the arch support, they really will help the overstretched tissue and help with the little tears that are causing the heel pain.

Puma – Titantour Ignite Golf Shoe

Built around a synthetic rubber sole and made from 100% micro leathers with a leather upper, these golf shoes will help with heel pain and plantar fasciitis, which the Titantour ignite from Puma comes in a variety of different colours and eye-catching designs. Would its patented PWR cool technology Puma have come up with a pair of golf shoes that are both unique and exceptionally comfortable which are a good shoe for your heel pain?

Puma Titantour Ignite Golf

Design and Look of the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe

Like the above shoe, Puma is great at delivering a very cool looking shoe what also performs well, the insole is specially designed to provide additional cushioning around the arch in the heel, which is essential for anyone suffering from heel problems. There is a real legacy to the Titantour Ignite with so much of its styling coming from previous models.
Puma has managed to deliver a frame around the shoe that provides great stability around the heel especially. The stability of the shoe is maintained while a level of comfort has been delivered that could be best in class. These shoes have serious golfers in mind and are very stable to boot.

Performance and comfort of the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe

Puma has used its best in class ignite foam, which entered its line through their other sports lines. This foam was designed to absorb impact, so people who suffer from heel problems like plantar fasciitis will be well catered for. These shoes have great performance and best in class comfort.

Nike - Lunar Control Vapour II

As per usual, a team at Nike golf has come up with a golf shoe that provides maximum arch support, excellent design as well as best comfort.

Using Nike’s advanced technology, this golf shoe has been designed to be an entirely lightweight shoe, offering substantial foot support.

umjOutfitted with a Flywire midfoot saddle, as well as Lunarian cushioning throughout and a contour sock liner, this is one of the most innovative shoes on the market.

The sole of this golf shoe means you can stroll the course for hours without suffering any heal or arch discomfort.

The lunar control built into the Nike shoe has excellent and best shock-absorbing capabilities. Making this a great golf shoe for anyone with hip or knee problems. These golf shoes also come with a 2-year limited warranty.

Nike Lunar Control Vapor II

Design and Look of the Nike Lunar Control Vapour II

The Nike Lunar Control Vapour II have been released to the market by a top manufacturer, these golf shoes are not as aesthetically pleasing to me as the Adidas or the Puma. The Nike Lunar Vapour II has a lot of technology in them. Nike state they have included ‘Nike Articulated Integrated Traction’ which provides excellent stability from the shoe, which will help with a painful heel.

Performance and comfort of the Nike Lunar Control Vapour II

Nike has a feature in the Lunar Vapour II, which is the Lunarlon midsole insert. This insert has been designed to improve the cushioning of the shoe, Nike has made stability, comfort and being waterproof a priority, The Nike Lunar Valpour II shoes are supplied with a two-year waterproof guarantee. These features will bring benefits to the golfer against the effects of plantar fasciitis.

New Balance NBG1701 Golf Shoe

New Balance designed the NBG1701 to offer maximum comfort and performance made from the combination of a patented rubber sole and microfiber leather.

It features additional cushioning throughout to help anyone who has heel problems remain comfortable throughout their round.

These golf shoes also have removable cleats on the rubber outsole, these shoes are also washable and soft and very comfortable.

For anyone who has exceptionally wide feet and even have a high instep, these shoes are perfect as their insoles offer exceptional cushioning and support.

Designed specifically to provide extraordinary heel and arch support, the New balances men’s golf team have indeed managed to  create an exceptional golf shoe for the gollfer.

Skechers - Go Golf Walk Women's

It’s important to remember that women also suffer from heel issues, so these particular shoes from Skechers come with a synthetic sole and meshed upper, making it both flexible and comfortable.

The golf shoes also 100% waterproof, which makes these golf shoes more water-resistant. The Skechers Go Golf Walk has an extremely durable GPU outsole grip.

The upper body of the shoe has had to be designed to be ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible. The addition of a Goga Max insole and 5th generation extra cushioning has made these golf shoes, the best women’s golf shoes on the market in my opinion for those ladies who have heel problems.

Once you try on this shoe, you’ll begin to quickly understand why your heel pain will be a thing of the past.

Making the Sketchers Go Golf Walk the number one golf shoe for women who suffer from plantar fasciitis.