Best Golf Shoes for Winter

Best Golf Shoes for Winter

The Best golf shoes for Winter are Footjoy Pro SL Carbon, they are 100% waterproof, stable, and very light.

The freezing months have arrived. Nevertheless, they’re not enough to bring down the enthusiasm of die-hard golfers like you and me. 

So long as the golf course is open and not frozen solid then cold is bearable, so keep walking the fairways and greens.

Still, knowing that playing golf in the winter months is no mean feet. 

If you have the correct clothes and footwear then playing golf is not only made easier but fun.

In this article, we will be recommending the three best golf shoes for winter, these are the

• Footjoy Men’s Pro SL/Carbon
• Adidas 360 XT
• Ecco Men’s Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex

One of the most essential pieces of golfing equipment that is required in the colder and wetter winter months are waterproof and solid stable golf shoes that will keep your feet dry.

FJ Pro SL Carbon Side

What Are Winter Golf Shoes and how do they help?

Winter golf shoes can be very different from the normal golf shoes that you might wear for playing golf during the warm sunny season.

In the winter months, I prefer to wear these types of golf shoes all year round, because I personally like the support and stability. Some golfers like to have a lightweight, cross trainer like golf shoe.

These types of golf shoes in the article, Best golf shoes for the winter, I actually find them more stable which help me perform better through out the year.

These style of golf shoes have more stability and grip which I prefer, than the more lightweight versions on offer.

Having a more traditional type golf shoe means in winter they’re designed to provide the feet with the greatest comfort, warmth, and stability that you need to play golf efficiently.

We will discuss a few of the benefits of having a good, solid winter golf shoe, but if you want to understand the difference between a spiked and spikeless golf shoe then please read this article below.

Why Is It Important to Wear Winter Golf Shoes?

Winter golf shoes bring the following advantages;

Gives You A More Stable Footing

The construction on the soles of winter golf shoes provides a more stable footing, if that is a spiked shoe or now the spikeless versions which offer fantastic grip options, for instance the sole of the Adidas 360 XT with the X Traction system has fantastic incorporated grip technology. They grab and grip the surface that you’re standing on, ensuring that you won’t slip, and give optimal support through impact of the golf ball.

Having a more stable footing, you’ll find it easier to deliver more power into your golf shots which should result in better performance.

Prevents Discomfort

The cold easily makes the feet of a golfer more uncomfortable when they are not protected correctly. It can be easy for your feet to become painful while you’re playing golf in the winter months.
Your golf shoes must be waterproof so your feet stay dry.
Other common injuries that incorrectly protected feet can experience during the winter months, is swelling of the joints, blistering, itching, and open ulceration, if you are unlucky enough to suffer from these conditions you can be out of action for months.

Keeps Your Feet Dry

In most cases, mid-grade to high-grade winter golf shoes use waterproof materials.

In the past, these would all be made from leather, where now as technology has progressed there is a variety of materials that can be used for footwear such as Gore-Tex.

Having waterproof golf shoes ensures that your feet stay dry while playing golf, as you know, the grass areas around the golf course can be very challenging indeed, especially in the rough where the conditions can be very wet.

If you decide to use a lightweight summer shoe, instead of winter golf shoes in the winter months, the golf shoe will most likely become wet from the start of the round, and having wet feet for four to five hours is not going to help you play your best golf.

The Best Winter Golf Shoes That We Recommend

In a nutshell, the previous section tells that you need winter golf shoes for protection, consistent performance, and comfort. In connection, here are the top 3 products that we recommend at East Sleep Golf Repeat, which will keep you golfing all through the cold and wet winter months.

Adidas 360 XT SL

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL

This golf shoe is worn all year round by many of the top professional golfers.

This golf shoe is very underrated, we like and rate highly the boost technology and the X Traction grip system. In recent months I have been wearing a pair of Adidas 360 XT golf shoes, and have found them very good and have performed very well from, tee to green.

When I had my first wear, I found that the fit was solid, but they did bite and rub my heals for the first round, and I had to use a plaster so as not to get a blister. Since the first time I have worn them, I have not had that same issue and found the performance and comfort very good.

As you can see from the images of my Adidas 360 XT, there are some signs of wear after about two months of wear.

These are a serious golf shoe and are well made, another great point to note is when I cleaned the Adidas 360 XT, the dirt easily came off which for me shows the team at Adidas have used good quality materials.

To sum up, Adidas 360 XT might be a great choice if you’re looking for dual-purpose winter shoes for golf. The grip design on the sole of the X traction performs well, I have not felt any loss of performance in bunkers, rough or fairways. 

Footjoy Men's Pro SL/Carbon

FootJoy Pro SL/Carbon is a development on from the very popular Footjoy Pro SL, they have the incorporated FTF or Fine-Tuned Foam to offer greater comfort and stability.

The shoes have ChromoSkin leather upper which is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. In the sole is a carbon band which runs the entire length of the shoe to make it super light but still maintains great stability.

The weighted outsoles allow for comfort and stability. The spikeless outsoles grip well in any wintery terrain, which hundreds of little grips.

These shoes are great and feature heavily on all the professional golf tours, so are definitely up to any condition on the golf course. In the past, I have had several pairs of the Footjoy Pro SL and I have been very pleased with them, especially straight out of the box when I have never had any blister type problems.

For further information on best FootJoy Golf Shoes, please check out this Article.

All in all, you should go for this product if you’re looking for winter golf shoes that are comfortable and provides excellent stability and grip.

Ecco Men's Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex

We love how comfortable these golf shoes are with how solid the construction of the golf shoe.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has released this model in a nice black colourway which is perfect for the winter months.

The product is a little bulky due to its robust and solid design.

That said, it will perform well at maintaining a good warm temperature in your shoe.

An issue with Ecco is that it’s a bit heavy when worn. Nevertheless, this is just a minor issue that won’t affect performance while playing golf.

Wearing this one felt nice. Furthermore, its design helps the wearer with a solid base to perform his golf shot. Thus, helping drive more power into the ground and supporting your golf swings.

A little point to note is we feel the grips on the soles are very good and have the TPU Tri-Fi Grip which helps stability and makes them very durable. but that is just my personal preference, but we love the Gore-Tex surround meaning the shoe is not only 100% waterproof but 100% breathable which is so important on wintery days golfing.

This shoe from Ecco performs very well and looks nice and stylish. We give this product a great score as it is a great golf shoe, but I like the styling of the other two slightly better, but this is a great performing golf shoe.


Winter shoes for golf are so very important if you are going to enjoy your day. They protect your feet from injuries and ensure that you can perform a repeatable and solid golf swing.
That said, try the top 3 products that we have recommended. They’re great examples of the best shoes for winter golf.

There are other items of clothing to consider when playing in winter, so read our article on Playing Golf in Cold Weather for further support.

Anyone of these golf shoes will easily get you through the winter golfing months.

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