Best Golf Shoes with ankle support?

Best Golf Shoes with Ankle Support?

Best Golf Shoes with ankle support?

Best Golf Shoes with Ankle Support?

If you talk to any golfer who has suffered a sprained ankle while golfing, they will tell you that even a minor one can leave you with the ligaments in the area that take some time to heal.

In this article we are going to look at the causes of ankle pain, and ideas to stop you from getting this ailment.  We will then recommend five different golf shoes that can help you on the golf course. 

Our editors choice is the Footjoy Pro SL Carbon

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This is why choosing the best golf shoes that offer additional ankle support can help you speed up your rehabilitation and also prevent any further injuries.

The first thing you need to look for in the best golf shoe that offers a supportive heel counter.

This is the area that comes to your ankle and your heel and provides you with additional support. Shoes with a reinforced heel counter can help you gain additional ankle support.

What you want to avoid trying is buying any golf shoes that are more like loafers as they provide little or no adequate support.

They can also be made from cheaper unpadded leather, which can cause unwanted friction in the ankle area.

As much as golf is a great game and excellent at helping most amateur golfers get some much-needed exercise, your feet and ankles can become quite swollen when you are walking or standing for an entire round of golf.

Top Four Golf Shoes for Ankle Pain

We have spent many hours searching for golf shoes what will give you support and provide comfort while you are playing golf.  Below are our top picks.

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What is Ankle Pain?

This is quite a wide spread of medical issues, such as going over on your ankle or ‘spraining’ your ankle joint, arthritis. If you are suffering with arthritis you may want to check out our other article here Best Golf Shoes For Arthritic Feet

Another cause of ankle pain could be down to having a flat foot which is overpronated.

If you think this is what you are suffering with then please check out our article here for Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

If you just have ankle pain, well we will look at the main reasons we get ankle pain

• Sprains
• Gout, Osteoarthritis
• Nerve Damage such as sciatica
• Infections in your ankles
• Blocked blood vessels

Best Golf Shoes to Help with Ankle Pain

Footjoy Pro SL Carbon

The FootJoy pro SL golf shoe incorporates many features, this model features the FTF or Fine-Tuned Foam.

Having this feature in the Pro SL has given greater cushioning for the golfer and it helps with superior stability to help give stability for the foot..

Features and benefits

The FootJoy pro SL, has a 100% waterproof warranty with the upper being Footjoy’s leather ChromoSkin, which has been designed to be lightweight and durable, we love it, it really is a solid golf shoe.

We can state we have tested these for long periods of time, as over the past few years I have personally had a few pairs of the Pro/SL and have been very hoppy with them and how they have performed, and the level of comfort that they have provided.

The FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon, the carbon runs the full length of the sole of the shoe. This has been added to decrease the weight and make the Pro SL shoe lighter, which really can help you when walking the fairways.  They are as light a sneaker but will added stability.

The Pro SL Carbon also incorporates a very comfortable foam collar.

This golf shoe is the most worn spike less shoe on the PGA and European Tours, which will give you confidence of the performance.

Also I would like to highlight one item, on a pair of Footjoy Pro SL I owned, after about 11 months of heavy use, they started letting water in, I sent them back and they replace them straightway.

Ecco M Golf Biom Cool Pro

Ecco golf has long been known for providing some of the most comfortable and supportive out of the box golf shoes you will never wear. There’s no denying that the Ecco M Golf Biom Cool Pro particular golf shoes at premium products offering exceptional support for any golfer who has ankle problems.

Designed to offer comfort as well as support the shoe despite being a wider fit, designed in a fashion not to let your foot move around and keep your ankle supported and snug as you walk.

The addition of the BOA closure system is not just a neat extra gadget, and it allows you to quickly put your shoes on and off what is a simple twist and snap. It also provides you with an efficient solution to comfortably fit in your shoes correctly every time, and this is important to ensure additional ankle support while golfing.


Footjoy Traditions

For the more budget-conscious golfers we have provided two serious picks

The first offering in the Footjoy Traditions golf shoe which is a an  amazing traditional looking golf shoe which provides outstanding comfort, cushioning, and excellent support.

The addition of a superb pulsar spikes traction system means these golf shoes offer excellent value for money.

Golfers have been very impressed with how lightweight and breathable these shoes are especially considering their price point.

They have been packed with Footjoy technology and have managed to make them extremely comfortable in either hot or dry conditions.  

These golf shoe are also 100% waterproof and have a full one year warranty.  

Footjoy Contour

FJ Contour Side Image

The Napa leather on the Foorjoy Contour is so soft and a real delight to wear, I cannot believe the price point on these for the quality of the golf shoe.

The stability of the Contour is very solid and will give you the support you need even on uneven lies.

The golf shoe is also very lightweight, and they look great on. 

The traction and comfort in the Footjoy Contour is excellent and the team at Footjoy have designed a very soft and padded collar.

The archway on the shoe is very supportive and will help the golfer maintain a good posture.

The Footjoy Contour is fully waterproof and also come with one year warranty. The shoe also has a features which maintain a good level of breathability, I have been wearing mine for a few months now and have been impressed, as you can see in the below image.

  • ERGO-Sole for Max
  • Comfort and Cushioning
  • Unrivaled Comfort Fit
  • Ultra Soft NappaLUXE leather Upper
  • 1 year waterproof warranty

Ideas To Help Stop Ankle Pain?

Do not wear or limit the use of high heels, due to the increased risk of rolling your ankles.

You should also not wear flats fro prolonged periods of time, this is because there is no arch support on a flat shoe, and if you suffer especially with flat feet you will have a tendency to roll your feet inwards or pronate.

Having this problem, you need to take action and wear a more structured shoe that offers support, stability and a supporting arch.