Best Oakley Sunglasses for Golf Top Three

Best Oakley Sunglasses For Golf Top Three

Best Oakley Sunglasses for Golf Top Three

Best Oakley Sunglasses For Golf Top Three

Oakley has released a fantastic lens for us golfers the Oakley PRIZM Lens, the proprietary lens in their sunglasses really makes the colours pop on the golf course.
It is so hard to write about because the Prizm lens has to be worn to fully understand the advantage these bring to the golf course.

The Best Three Oakley Sunglasses to be worn for playing golf are

Oakley Flax 2.0 XL
Oakley Targetline
Oakley Mercenary

Not only are they lenses protecting for your eyes, but the assistance they give on the golf course is fantastic.

If you find golf balls hard to track on the course then the Prizm Lenses are the best and definitely worth trying out.

The difference they make is amazing from personal experience.

If I had to sum up what it is like to wear these in a sentence, it is like watching a movie on an old VCR and then changing it to 4K.

How Does The Oakley PRIZM Lens Work?

The lens helps by decreasing the glare on the eyes and increasing the contrasts of colours.

The research team at Oakley have also produced two different lenses for Golf, a lighter and darker to suit the individual.

The PRIZM Lens is recommended because it does not just make the environment  lighter or darker, but actually adjusts the light transmission, by helping the golfer see everything more clearly and the colours with greater contrast.

What is the PRIZM Lens, How it’s Made?

The PRIZM Lens is created from Plutonite which is a polycarbonate which has been purified.

This material is exclusively only used by Oakley and they use this material in all the lenses that Oakley manufacturer.

The robustness of the material is similar to the usual polycarbonate lenses of other manufacturers but the quality of the PRIZM lens and the vision and clarity is superior to maybe everything on the market.

The Plutonite lens in the PRIZM will also protect the eyes 100% from the harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Another key benefit of the PRIZM lens is how it is made, the colours on the lens are not applied like a coating but are added while being created so it is integral to the entire lens and not just the surface.

You cannot scratch off the PRIZM coating.

Oakley PRIZM Lenses Polarised?

Not all PRIZM lenses that Oakley make are polarised, but there are options to have them polarised.

The jury is out on if polarised is better for golf, as some people believe not having polarised lenses help the golfer with a clearer vision and depth perception, while I personally like to have polarised lenses, but that is just my personal choice.

If you do go for Polarised lenses, they are usually a little darker than non-polarised lenses.

A nice way to look at it is Polarised is great at managing glare while a prism lens or non-polarised helps direct colour.

If you would like to see out article on the Best Sunglasses To See Golf Balls then click the in text link.

Can You Get Oakley PRIZM Lenses in Prescription?

Yes, you can, at the time of writing not every colour is available with the prescription lenses, but more and more colours are being added all of the time.

See video on the PRIZM Lens

1. Oakley Flax 2.0 XL

The Oakley Flax 2.0 will look great on the golf course, this pair of sunglasses is a high-end performer in a very stylish package.

This unit is one of the most comfortable pairs of sunglasses I have worn, they have been built using the Unobtainium material on the ears and on the nose pads, this material grips better when you sweat more, which is very beneficial on a golf course.

The three-point fit system on the Oakley Flax 2.0 XL is so comfortable and evenly spread the pressure from your nose to your ears, which helps when wearing for hours at a time.

The quality and build of the frames are excellent, they seem to bend a fair bit when most others would snap.

The other point to note is the case is quality, it is not exactly a full hard case, but one of Oakley’s soft Vault cases, to can throw this into your golf bag and have confidence they will be protected.

Flax 2.0 XL Dimensions

Lens Height: 37mm
Lens Width: 59mm
Frame Width: 133mm
Temple Length: 125mm

We love these glasses at E.S.G.R, they are great for the course and also brilliant for everyday wear.

2. Oakley Targetline

The Oakley target line sunglasses are very stylish and look great on the golf course, the target line encapsulates at all the Oakley Targetline sunglasses are very stylish and look great on the golf course.

The Oakey Targetline encapsulates a taller lens, which gives the
Sunglasses a more casual look.

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that is multi-use then the target line could be the sunglasses for you, these also come with the unique Unobtanium technology, which makes the sunglasses more stick here when you sweat.

What I really like about the Targetline is how the glasses can be worn outside of sport, I feel some of the Oakley sunglasses are designed to only be used when playing sport.

I like how these sunglasses are kind of in the same vein as the spikeless golf shoes, in the fact they can be worn for general street life and not just on the golf course.

TargetLine Dimensions

Lens width: 57 mm
Lens Height: 43 mm
Frame width: 135 mm
Temple Length: 135 mm

A further feature I like about the Targetline is how comfortable they are to wear with a cap, I personally wear a lot of hats and sometimes struggle wearing sunnies with one.
These sunglasses sit well with a hat.

3. Oakley Mercenary

Oakley Mercenary

These sunglasses look like they should only be worn on the street, but Oakley has packed all the technology into these that make them a great choice for golf.

These sunnies also have the Unobtanium technology which grips to the face better when you sweat. I like the frames and lens size

Oakley developed the Oakley Mercenary to sit between a fully looking sports sunglasses and streetwear, I think this one will be a hit and I love these.

Very comfortable to wear and all of them have fantastic PRIZM lenses.

Mercenary Dimensions

Lens width: 70 mm
Lens Height: 46 mm
Temple Length: 124 mm
Frame width: 135 mm

Final Thought

To wrap this up, if you want some performing sunglasses that will help you see colours clearer on the course then any one of these three will be ideal, you may think that any pairs of sunnies will do, but that’s like saying every driver hits the ball the same, they clearly do not, and it’s time to up your game in the eye department.