Cheap Golf Shoes

Cheap Golf Shoes

There are a variety of reasons that you may want to walk the golf course rather than take a cart.

For one, it’s better to exercise and you’ll burn more calories.

Other golfers like the perspective that walking the golf course gives them, as they can take their time and think about and debate the next golf shot while walking up to the ball on the fairway.

Others find it gives them time to socialize with the entire four-ball rather than just the other person in the buggy.

Whatever your reason for wanting to walk the golf course, having the correct golf shoes is important.

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You do not have to break the bank to buy some good golf shoes and in this article, we will recommend three pairs of golf shoes that are fairly inexpensive but will be great for playing golf.

The three best cheap golf shoes are

1. Rife RF-07 Epic Ace Spikeless Shoes
2. Callaway Golf Men’s Chev Comfort Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoe
3. Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Approach Shoe

Rife RF-07 Epic Ace Spikeless Shoes

This is a high performing breathable golf shoe that offers a nice athletic styling while providing you with a performance both on and off the course.

They have constructed it with breathable mesh material on the upper of the golf shoe which will offer you long-lasting performance and extra stability.

They’ve added a rubber midsole to a cushioned Eva insole, and they have designed this to relieve much of the pressure while you walk from tee to green.

Key Features:

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • They make its insole from cushioned TVA
  • Very breathable material

Sometimes wearing golf shoes that are too heavy can cause the golfer to develop blisters, meaning you spend your time in pain or having to limp around the golf course.

But the design of these RF-07s means that the extra cushioning stability and control allows you to generate as much power in your golf swing while having a comfortable experience in your shoe.

Well, you might find a more athletic-looking lighter and flashier golf shoe out there most will not come with the clever built-in boa system designed to make this shoe fit your feet as snugly as possible.

Most shoes that offer the same feature are nearly double the price.

If you’re in the market for an affordable spikeless golf shoe, this will not let you down and we would encourage you to look no further than the Rife RF-07 Epic Ace Spikeless Shoes,


  • Offer surprising support and good grip
  • A neutral and modern styling that makes it appealing to a wide variety of different tastes.


  • It could offer better underfoot cushioning
  • The wider fit may not be to everyone’s taste

Callaway Golf Men's Chev Comfort Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoe

Callaway is well regarded in the golf world and this manufacturer produces some of the best golf equipment on the market.

They have designed the Chev Comfort to be lightweight and waterproof, and this golf shoe offers maximum comfort for the golfer.

Featuring a waterproof leather upper and a breathable membrane layer.

Callaway has included an upper mesh liner specifically designed for heat management and extra breathability.

It has a dynamic outsole which has been designed to offer great stability and grip with the ETS grip system.

Key features

  • They offer a 2-year waterproof warranty on its leather waterproof uppers
  • They make an upper lining with mesh
  • The shoes offer a dynamic outsole
  • Their grip system is designed using the permanent ETS
  • They make these shoes from 100% real leather


  • Offers all the stylish good looks, reinforcement and padding you expect from a high-quality Callaway golf shoe.
  • It comes in a variety of styles and colours, it also incorporates a velcro mouth to original lace-ups, which will make them very popular with fashionable golfers.
  • Reviews see that these shoes offer exceptional comfort and are hard-wearing.


  • The smaller nose on the base of the shoe is not replaceable, which reduces the overall lifetime of the golf shoe.
  • Some users state that despite this model designed for women while comfortable are not as robust and reliable in how the shoe grips.

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Approach Shoe

An affordable golf shoe that offers exceptional flexibility, stability, and comfort.

One of the main attractive features of these golf shoes, made by Skechers is their innovative waterproof design.

They design the H2GO shield to offer exceptional waterproof protection, even in the worst weather.

It also features a relaxed fit design for golfers who want extra space in the forefoot and toe box area of their golf shoe.

Featuring a heel lock design that is’ stable and secure, the TPU bottom plate offers a sturdy grip which your swing will benefit from and these golf shoes are very comfortable to walk the course in.

Outside of their reasonable pricing, they attract most golfers to these golf shoes, because they combine the woven fabric upper and real leather.

They’re exceptionally stylish and looking and Skechers are known for how comfortable they make their golf shoes.

Most reviewers say these shoes feel wonderful needing zero wear-in time which is always a bonus, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of blisters or your feet hurting following your round that you can sometimes experience in a more rigid golf shoe.

The Skechers Go Elite 3 golf shoes insoles are very comfortable and the inbuilt memory foam makes the golfing experience enjoyable.

Key features

  • Combination of woven fabric and leather upper
  • Skechers patented H2GO waterproof shield
  • Designed to keep your feet and posture more compact and stable
  • A responsive and lightweight cushioning foam
  • They make the cushioned insole from high-performance materials
  • Designed for golfers who prefer a comfortable fit around their forefoot and toe box


  • These golf shoes look fantastic
  • They offer stunning comfort and stability
  • Suitable to be used all year round


  • If the fabric upper gets dirty, it takes a little time and effort to clean the golf shoes

Three tips to help even the cheapest golf shoe last longer?

1. Don't just leave your golf shoes in the boot of the car

Too many golfers to simply leave their golf shoes in the car boot of their car until the next round. This will ensure that the lifetime of the shoe which will have a bearing on how long your golf shoes will last.

Untie the laces

The biggest problem people have with golf shoes is they get lazy, I know this, as I have been guilty of doing exactly this.
How many golfers have you seen just slipping their feet in and out of the shoe without even untying the laces?
This is just going to cause the leather to stretch and eventually, the fit of the golf shoes will be quite poor.

Maintaining the Mesh

Most golf shoes these days have some mesh included to make them more breathable light and comfortable. Keeping this mesh clean and in good order will help maintain the life and help you keep the shoe much longer.