Top Ten Essentials For Golf

Top Ten Essentials You Must Have in Your Golf Bag.

Top Ten Essentials You Must Have in Your Golf Bag

Top Ten Essentials For Golf

Golf balls Titleist Pro V1, Titleist Pro V1x or Titleist AVX

If you are new to the great game of golf or just need an update, on what ten item’s are a must in any  golf bag then the below list should help.

These Golf balls are my personal favourite, I have used all three of these golf balls over the years but now I have settled on either the  the Pro V1 or the AVX. 

Golf ball competition is very fierce and a number or manufacturers make very good quality golf balls so check them out.

Titleist for me has done an amazing job, marketing this product in being the first ball I personally think of and want to play with. 

The Titleist Pro V1 has the most wins on the PGA Tour and the European Tour out of any of the golf balls available. These golf balls are premium quality and premium price. 

If you decide that the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is too expensive, then there is a lot of choice at various price points from Titleist and other golf ball manufacturers. 

But a good tip would be to speak with your local professional golf shop and ask if you can have a golf ball fitting which could help you choose. If you do find a ball you really like then stick to it as it will make a difference to your game.

Check out the video below, which I think sums up the differences between the three golf balls.

Golf Glove, The Footjoy Cabrettasof

There is a lot of choice out there when buying a golf gloves, if you are new to golf and wonder why we use a glove, well it helps with gripping the club. The golf glove is usually worn on the hand that grips the club first, so a right handed golfer would wear a left handed golf glove, and a left handed golfer a right handed glove. When I was a junior golfer I used one because I saw the professional golfers do it on T.V. 

The real reasons behind the need to wear a glove are to grip the golf club easier and to prevent blisters or skin irritation.

The grip of the golf club is very important, and wearing a golf glove helps the hand stick better to the golf grip.  In hot weather, when you are more likely to sweat and the club can slip in the hand.  If your hand does slip it will result normally in a poor golf shot. 

There are golf gloves that are specifically designed for rainy conditions, which work unbelievable well and grip better when wet. 

The second feature of wearing a golf glove is blister prevention.  This is especially true when practicing. 

If you are hitting a lot of golf shots repetitively, this can cause these to occur. Wearing a glove will not stop this completely but it really does help. 

I have picked the Footjoy Cabrettasof golf glove, it is just a personal preference but the feel of the leather is great, I love the styling and look of the glove.

You must take care of the glove, if you just throw it back in your bag, it will dry pretty awful. So a good tip would be to place back in the plastic wallet it is provided with.

Wooden Golf tees - Shortee Wooden Golf Tees

I really like this Shortee wooden golf tee, I know a lot of golfers use all different lengths when using a driver to iron off the teeing area, but I just like this one for all my clubs. It really is just a personal preference.

Golf Towel – TaylorMade Cart

There are lots of choice when picking a golf towel. The below three golf towels are great quality, I really like the TaylorMade Cart Towel.

A good Golf towel is required, to keep your golf clubs in good condition, and the grooves clean.

Golf Pitch Mark Repair Tool - Scotty Cameron Divot Tool

Scotty Cameron Divot Tool 

There is no need to have a branded divot tool to repair your pitch marks but who would not want this one?

 I really like this product and a big fan of Scotty Cameron and this divot tool is really easy to use and looks great.

Nice tip – How to repair your pitch mark?

Use your repair tool or even a tee peg, and push the spikes into the turf at the edge of the pitch mark. Not in the pitch mark itself, then push the turf back into the hole.  

Following this movement tap the grass down with your putter to leave a nice smooth surface.  Your green keeper will love you if you repair your pitch marks.  A repaired pitch mark will fully repair in less than three days while an un-repaired pitch mark can take over a week.

Golf ball Marker with Hat Clip

A decent golf ball is a must to mark your golf ball on the green. 

Rather than spend ages fumbling in your pocket use one that clips onto your golf cap. 

Sharpie Permanent Marker Pen

I always have a few of these in my golf bag.

Which I use to make marks on my ball so I can easily identify it when in play.

Another good use of the Sharpie Permanent Marker is to draw a line to help when lining up putts.

Golf Club Groove Cleaner - Masters Opti Club Cleaner

This groove cleaner last ages and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It removes the dirt really easily from the grooves. If you do not clean your groves when hitting the ball, you will get inconsistent hits and the spin on the golf ball will be less.

Golf Scorecard Holder - Callaway Synthetic

The scorecard holder keeps your scorecard in a nice clean and dry condition.

Also having a scorecard holder will reduce the likelihood of losing your scorecard, which if you have ever lost your card while playing is very frustrating, especially if you are in a club competition.

Water Bottle - Sundried BPA Free Leakproof

To stay hydrated while playing golf is paramount, and a good strong PBA free bottle is a must.