Top Three Best Spikeless Nike Golf Shoes in 2020

Top Three Best Spikeless Nike Golf Shoes in 2020

Top Three Best Spikeless Nike Golf Shoes in 2020

Top Three Best Spikeless Nike Golf Shoes in 2020

So, Nike Golf Shoes, they have revolutionised golf shoes, the clever designs and comfort have been key to the super famous trainer manufacturer getting a foothold in the golf market.

The Three Best Spikeless Golf Shoes are Nike Flyknit G, Nike Air Max 1 G and Nike Roshe G.

Nike has been the leader and moved the golf footwear market from the old boring looking golf shoes to the latest in street fashion and trainer design.

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Like myself most people were shocked when Nike halted production on the golf equipment market, it dis seem from the outside that they struggled to become a top golf equipment manufacturer, and making the impact on the like of Titleist, Ping, and Callaway, but they decided to change strategy and move back to what they excel at, and in my opinion that is clothing and footwear.

The latest Nike spikeless golf shoes are stunning and we are going to review the best three spikeless golf shoes in 2020.

Nike Air Max 1G

Nike Men's Flyknit Racer G Golf Shoes

Nike excels at bringing the trainer type shoe into the mass market, the Flyknit Racer running shoe was the original in the series which Nike then decided to adapt for golf.

Design and Look of the Nike Flyknit Racer G

This shoe is very lightweight and has been designed for performance running. There are differences over the running shoe, the base of the sole has been redesigned.

The sole is designed to be spikeless, which has a series of grips or nubs, which have been designed to keep you grounded while making a solid golf shot.

The idea is the shoe will help to keep you grounded to the golf course.

As with the running shoe, the upper is not waterproof, so it is designed to be used really in the summer months.

There is a small band above the sole which is plastic and maintains some waterproofing, so it should help to keep your feet dry when walking through damp grass or early morning due.

While the upper is see-through and designed to be very breathable and light. These shoes are not fully waterproof, but I quite like the idea of what these are about.

Performance and Comfort of the Nike Flyknit Racer G

The Flyknit Racer G is a decent summer shoe, if you want stability to be a core component of your golf shoe then maybe this is not for you.

But I like this golf shoe, it is a clever crossover golf shoe that looks great on and off the golf course.

As with most Nike trainers I have owned they are designed for comfort, if you are wanting a great looking breathable shoe that works on and off the golf course then the FlyKit is a great choice to be worn both on and off the golf course.

The only real downside I can see is the extra stability a more traditional leather shoe would offer.

Nike Flyknit G

Nike Air Max 1 G

So, the Nike Air Max 1 G has been around now for a while on the golf scene but if you love your trainers then why would you not want a pair of super comfortable and stylish classics, which have been continually brought back over the decades.

These sneaker/trainer like golf shoes are the classic golf cross over.

There a few colourways in these shoes as well which are pretty cool. Another plus point for me as well are they feel sold when you are wearing them and are a nice halfway house between a spiked full leather golf shoe and a trainer type sneaker like the Flyknit G, so you can maintain a good level of stability through the golf swing.

Design and Look of the Nike Air Max 1 G

The design and look of the Nike Air Max 1G is what we have become to expect from Nike, they continually bring great design and footwear to the mass market, the Nike Air Max 1G is just a solid on and off course golf shoe with classic Air Max styling and comfort.

The first release of these shoes have a full leather upper, they have released some solid colours which will appeal to the football fans of the world with solid red and white, and blue and white. Nike has also released some more neutral colour choices like the white, black and grey colour shoes.

Performance and Comfort of the Nike Air Max 1G

The comfort is not quite as good as the traditional Nike Air Max 1 trainer because it is leather and will take a little time to break-in, the shoe has been adapted to be more stable for being worn on the golf course.

The Air Max 1G is a super comfortable golf shoe in comparison to some of its competition.

In terms of performance, it really does as good as say a FootJoy Pro SL, which is pretty much the standard in spikeless golf shoes and I love the Pro SL’s, I found the Nike Air Max 1G to have a solid grip pattern and were solid when used on the golf course and hitting solid golf shots.

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Nike Air Max 1G Synthetic

Nike has also released a synthetic version of the classic Nike Air Max 1G, in various colour options, these are a true Air Max golf to concrete crossover, super comfortable and perform great.

These are designed in my opinion as a much better option as a summer shoe as these are only part waterproof like the Flyknit G. They have a waterproof leather band above the sole to keep out the water but with a synthetic mesh type upper.

These golf shoes, in my opinion, will not be as robust as the all-leather version but a great choice for those long summer months.

Nike Air Max 1G

Nike Roshe G

With the Nike Roshe G, this is on the cheaper end of the spikeless golf trainer end of the Nike product range, I would like to state that the Nike Roshe G is very much a trainer/sneaker shoe.

The shoe is not a golf shoe in my opinion, this would be better down the pub than on the course.

But they have made the top three because they are great for the money, and if you play golf only a few times a year then I would understand buying these shoes.

I play golf several times a week and feel these would fall to bits in no time.

Design and Look of the Nike Roshe G

The Nike Roshe G has been manufactured out of a very lightweight mesh, unlike the Flyknit and the synthetic Nike Air 1G.

These golf shoes have no waterproofing what so ever so if you are playing on a morning and the course has a layer of dew, then you are going to get wet feet, so do not hit your ball in the long rough because you will end up getting trench foot!

Performance and comfort of the Nike Roshe G

The comfort of the shoe is great, it is super lightweight, even though the padding is very thin all around the collar and the tongue of the trainer the material is so lightweight that it does not make a difference.

The performance of the shoe is where this unfortunately does not do very well for me.
The Nike Roshe G is so flexible that in my opinion offers no actual support when wearing on the golf course, and I found it to have very poor stability when wearing while swinging the golf club.

Personally, if you can spend a little bit more money, I would try and decide on one of the other two models mentioned, unless you want a great crossover shoe that can play the occasional game of golf.