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Can Turmeric Help Golfers?

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Can Turmeric Help Golfers?

Well if like me you play a lot of golf but you suffer from some pain, then I hope I can help you here.

Over the past few weeks, I have found Turmeric to help manage my pain so I can keep playing golf.
I am in my 40’s and play golf 3-4 times per week, I have arthritis in my left large toe, which is very painful all of the time, I feel it most of the time but is especially prevalent when I play golf.  

In the past I have tried different things to manage the pain, and if I didn’t have decent golf shoes I believe it would be even worse that it is.

You can check out my article on the Best golf shoes for arthritic feet here.

What is Turmeric and how Does it Work?

Turmeric which is a common spice used in cooking has been found to help treat ailments which require anti inflammatory properties, such as golfers elbow, or tennis elbow. The main ingredient Curcumin has been proven to help inflammation in tendon type diseases.

Why am I using Turmeric?

In the evening is mainly when the pain in my toe becomes the most painful, I was wondering what I was going to do about it, I was sick of taking Ibuprofen all the time, which only helped a little bit, I didn’t want to keep taking the Ibroprofen as I am sure it’s not too great for your health in the long term.

Anyway, I have no ties to this supplement and wanted to write down my experiences.

Reading Golf Monthly I saw an advert for these tablets Turmeric +, Curcuma Phospholipid Complex and Vitamin C, I have seen the little turmeric drinks which seems to work out quite expensive which I didn’t try, and being a standard bloke thought I would just put up with the pain and hope it goes away, but then I saw this article and offer which seemed to be ver good value.

The company manufacturing these is Future You.

Turmeric + Advert from Golf Monthly

The pain didn’t go away and, on a scale of 10 I feel at the worst times (after golf at night, it gets to about an 8).


  • Curcuma
  • Phospholipid Complex 500mg of which Curcumin 100mg
  • Vitamin C 20mg

The deal I got with these is probably why I tried them, they were free for the first package (months supply) except for a small amount for delivery, it was free to cancel and you didn’t have to get the next pack if it turned out to be not very effective. After reading the article I thought ok let’s try them.

When I received the first package and after reading the information they state you should take them at night time. 

Unfortunately  for me If I am going to take them at night time I might as well not bother taking them at all, I just do not remember to do it, so I decided that it would be morning for me, I am guessing it doesn’t work as well, but if I do not take them then, I will not be taking them at all.

To get to this point it was around two weeks before I started, I was thinking of setting my alarm for the evening, but thought it just will not work.

Anyway, as of to date I am just into my third week (morning), and I can claim it has had some benefit already which is amazing for me. 

On some days the pain has reduced significantly, say a 3 on the scale and other days maybe a 5. If it gets better than this then great, but if not I will stay on them anyway because they have made a difference.

Also, I am thinking If it can help to reduce and stabilise the joint pain in my toe, I will be so relieved, I can cope with a sub 5 pain. But when it was around the higher levels it was so frustrating, I really do not want this ailment to affect my love for golf which is also a great way for me to get physical exercise.

Packaging and Tablet

The packaging is decent, it is delivered in a nice secure cardboard box, similar to an Amazon package. 

The tablets are in a day stamped film which I quite like, which keeps you on track for the weeks and month.

Taking the tablet is ok for me, as I am not too bothered about the size, it is similar in size to a large Vitamin tablet, but I guess some people may struggle with it, but I am sure you can get a tablet cutter if required.

Turmeric + Packaging

Delivery and Subscription

I have received the next packet through the post, and it cost around £16.80 plus delivery of £1.50. It is not cheap, but for a month’s supply, it is not too bad, as long as it keeps my pain under control.

Turmeric + inside package

They also deliver every month unless you cancel it, I am not that concerned especially as it has so far helped the pain.

Also I am hopeful that it is helping other parts of my body, I also have suffered from Golfers elbow in BOTH arms in the past, my god getting old is a real pain in the erm … elbow and toe !!

I also used a clasp to help my elbow, I only knew about this because my wife is an Occupation Therapist and she used to specialise in this area, if you want to read the article on that, it is here. What is Golfers Elbow and how to manage the pain from a golfers perspective?


Well, three weeks in is not really a massive test, but I am only writing this because I have had success quite early on which I was surprised at, the manufacturer mentions that they expect results after around 6-8 weeks, so if that is the case I am ahead of the game.

I am sure everyone is different, but if it can help me, and I am not the best at religiously taking tablets then hopefully it can help you, I just take this herbal remedy every morning after I have brushed my teeth.

Give it a go and see how it can help you, if you can get the free month’s supply what have you go to lose, except the price of the postage I guess!