Do You Need Golf Shoes For The Driving Range? (Solved)

Do You Need Golf Shoes For The Driving Range? (Solved)

It is not essential to wear golf shoes to the range, but we recommend that you do need golf shoes for the driving range.  It will simulate playing golf, and give you the required support and stability to perform at your best.

Sometimes when you’re just heading to the driving range, you may not feel like wearing your golf shoes, sometimes you just forget to put them in the trunk of your car.

A lot of people who go to driving ranges are not dedicated and avid golfers, and just like to hit some golf balls with their buddy’s while having a few beers.

These casual golfers either do not have golf shoes and just turn up and play.

In this article, we will explore the many reasons that you should always try to wear your golf shoes at the driving range.

So, do you need golf shoes for the driving range? 

Let’s make something clear from the off, if you are just taking up the game of golf, or just wanting to hit a few golf balls with your buddy’s then practising in your running shoes is fine.

If, however, you are a golfer who is trying to get better practising your golf, you should wear your golf shoes for many reasons, which we will explain.

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Like any footwear you wear for sport, golf shoes have been designed especially for golf and this sport, and the complexity it brings.

The golf manufacturers have created the various traction systems to provide the required grip on the golf course.

Golf shoes are designed to provide support while taking your stance and swinging the golf club through impact.

Wearing a pair of trainers playing golf will mean you will get little benefit.

As I mentioned before wearing trainers when starting up golf, they will not help you anywhere near how golf shoes can, and help you deliver more stability and power.

Golf shoes enable the golfer to deliver more power into the golf shots.

While trainers maybe stylish they just will not provide the golfer with the same benefits.

Golf manufacturers have even taken this into account and are now producing golf shoes that can be worn on the street, but still provide a level of support and structure to support you on the golf course.

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Why wear Golf Shoes On The Driving range?

When you’re new to the game of golf and you’ve never worn a golf shoe before, you’re going to question the benefits attached of purchasing for one, but also to wear a pair of golf shoes, although they’ve been specifically designed for the sport.

There are many reasons, but one of the key reasons to wear golf shoes, is they are designed with flexibility, balance and stability in mind, which will help support the unique motion of your golf swing.

If you are sliding and slipping while making your golf swing, it’s increasingly difficult to make good contact with the golf ball and as a result, can produce less consistent golf shots, so it can make it more difficult to understand if you are progressing.

While most golf courses will require you to wear golf shoes to prevent you damaging the greens and fairways on the course, the driving range doesn’t impose any such restrictions, and any footwear like trainers are more than acceptable.

Maintain Your Balance

Unlike traditional running shoes or cross-trainers, a golf shoe has a slightly larger sole and a broader base to the outsole.

When performing your golf swing, unlike most sports you are standing still, being still has a different requirement for your footwear.

The outsole needs to be larger to maintain a strong and stable base for your stance which will help you have a balanced golf swing.

While golf manufacturers design their shoes for golf, if you are wearing running shoes, then they have not been designed for golf and the featured you need to perform.

Instead, they have been designed for running and the features and functionality it requires.

Greater Level Of Stability

Have you ever tried swinging a golf club in your bare feet? You’ll quickly find that you’re moving and sliding far more than you think, and your swing will feel a lot less powerful and uneven.

Because of this, you realise very quickly why you need this additional support and structure while making your golf swing.

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Maybe this part of a golf shoe is not as required on a golf driving range as on the golf course.

The various Golf Manufacturers have designed golf shoes to offer a level of flexibility due to playing on more hilly or irregular surfaces.

You may be required to swing a golf club while standing on an uphill or downhill lie, they have designed these golf shoes to be more flexible and forgiving while offering the support required on these uneven lies.

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If you’re heading to the driving range for a few hours’ practice, you’re going to be on your feet for ages and putting pressure on your feet that you normally would not be.

Golf shoes are designed to offer additional comfort and support while standing or walking for long distances and performing the dynamic moves in a golf swing.

Golf shoes are designed to allow your feet to breathe, provide structure, support your feet from blisters and any further injury.


The stability system or anchor systems designed in your golf shoes, especially those with soft spikes, have been specifically tailored to the game of golf.

Helping support you in a fluid and functioning motion throughout your golf swing.

This stability would not be as possible when wearing shoes which have been designed for a different sport.

To correctly and consistently strike a golf ball, your golf shoe needs to perform and offer additional stability, while providing mobility throughout the swing.

As a result, they have made the traction systems either spikeless or spiked to help support your golf swing and help create more consistency, which is crucial for golf.

Read about the differences between spikes and spikeless golf shoes HERE.

No Slipping

The traction systems on the outsoles of the golf shoes help keep your feet firmly planted, and grounded throughout your swing.

This is vital in all environments but especially important in wet conditions.

We as golfers always need traction and support, even in dry conditions at the driving range.


Golf shoes are designed to offer a significant amount of lateral support, protecting both your feet and ankles by providing a solid base for the swing.


Even if your golf swing isn’t up to scratch, you can still look good on the range. Golf shoes come in a wide variety of colourways and styles, from anything from a purist traditional golf shoe to full leather snakeskin, if you like you can even buy an outfit to match.

Whether you are a traditional golfer who intends to wear the latest golf apparel, you can choose golf shoes to suit your style.


As we mentioned above there are a variety of different reasons that you should wear golf shoes while practising on the golf range, as they will help your swing, maintain your balance, offer both stability, flexibility and traction while offering you a level of comfort and support.

Yes, is the answer to the question. Do you need golf shoes for the driving range?