How To Ship Golf Clubs

How To Ship Golf Clubs

Whether you are selling golf clubs on eBay or simply want to send a gift to a fellow golfing fanatic, it is essential that you package the clubs in the right way.

If you don’t, there is a risk that they will become damaged.

If you have sold the clubs, the buyer would be well within their right to request a refund since you did not take the necessary precautions to protect the clubs.

But since they are relatively large and unusually shaped items, shipping golf clubs can be a bit of a pain. Still, there is no need for concern as there are some great ways to ensure your clubs are packaged easily.

What’s more, there are a lot of companies offering golf club shipping so that you can feel confident the clubs will make it to their destination in one piece.

In this guide, we will be exploring our options to find the best way to ship golf clubs.

Using A Golf Club Shipping Company

If you type ‘ship golf clubs’ into Google or any other search engine, you will be presented with a wealth of companies that will ship the clubs safely and quickly for you.

That said, when using services such as Send My Bag, you will have to package the clubs yourself.

But what we really like about these services is that the website usually gives very clear instructions on how the clubs should be packaged and any regulations that you need to adhere to; particularly when sending the clubs to another country.

ShipSticks is a great option for anyone who is travelling abroad and wants to send their golf clubs ahead of time.

This saves money on baggage fees as well as lessening the amount of gear you have to take while you are travelling.

The rates are pretty competitive and will probably be far more affordable than taking them on a plane with you.

Packaging Your Golf Clubs

How you package your golf clubs will depend on how many you intend to ship.

For example, you will package a single golf club in a different way to an entire set.

So be sure to check out each of our guides for the safest option.

Shipping A Single Golf Club

For most people, if you are shipping a single golf club, the likelihood is that you have made a sale.

So the last thing you want is for the club to sustain any kind of damage once it is on the move.

In order to choose the right packaging, you must first know the size of the golf club.

If you have been playing golf for some time, you will know that, while there is such a thing as a standard shaft, most golfers will have their clubs tailor made so they will always come in different lengths.

Let’s imagine that we are going to be packaging a driver that has a 10cm long head and a shaft that is 115cm.

It would, of course, be possible to just put it in any old box and be done with it but if this is an expensive club, then you really don’t want to take any risks.

You are going to need to gather together a few things before you begin so make sure that you have some strong packaging tape, a good quality, new box, a polythene bag and some packaging chips.

You’re also going to need some bubble wrap.

When you have got everything together, take your golf club and cover it in two layers of bubble wrap.

This must be secured with your packaging tape to ensure that it stays in place during transit.

If you find that the head is more difficult to fully cover, don’t be afraid to use a little more to offer full protection.

Again, secure this with tape.

You will now be able to put the club into your polythene bag.

While this won’t offer protection from bumps or scrapes, it will protect the club from moisture and dust.

For this reason, you will need to secure the bag with your packaging tape as well.

Next, fill the box with at least two inches of the packaging chips before laying the club down on top.

You must then fill in the remainder of the box with more chips and ensure that the club rests snugly among them, without touching the sides of the box.

Once everything is neatly packed inside, take your tape once again and secure all of the box flaps as well as providing further structural integrity by securing the spine.

Shipping A Set Of Golf Clubs

Shipping an entire set of golf clubs along with their bag is a little bit more complicated.

Not to mention time consuming.

However, don’t let the process put you off giving the clubs the protection they need as not doing so will put them at serious risk of damage.

You will need to start by wrapping each club in the way that we discussed in the previous section.

Covering each one in bubble wrap and securing it with tape.

You can then put the clubs back into the golf bag.

You then have two options. Some people consider that the gold bag will offer more than enough protection and so wrapping this in its own layer of bubble wrap may be enough.

Alternatively, you can find a large box and pack the bag into this in the same way you packed the individual club.

Although it is worth keeping in mind that you will need a very sizable box.

What Type Of Box Is Best For Shipping Golf Clubs?

The best type of box that you can use to package your golf clubs is a brand new one.

This will have the most strength and the best integrity giving you the peace of mind you need that your clubs will be well protected.

But when choosing a box, there are a lot of options and the weight of what you are packing will determine the best fit.

Typically, you will find that boxes come with single walls or double walls.

The former is normally used for items that weigh up to 10kg.

For heavier items, weighing up to 30kg, you will need to use a double walled box.

That said, while a single club will be protected in a single wall box, it can sometimes be worth paying that little extra for the protection of a double wall, especially if the club is being shipped abroad.

Now, there may be times when you need to use an old box to ship your golf clubs.

While we wouldn’t recommend this as a first port of call, if you are going to do it, then you will need to think about the condition of the box and how you will pack it.

It is important to avoid using boxes that have any major damage like big dents or tears, especially at the seams.

Moreover, you should make sure that every item within the box is individually wrapped to avoid damage.

It can be helpful to boost the amount of cushioning within the box as well.

In much the same way as packing a club in a new box, you want to make sure that the club remains in the centre and doesn’t touch the edges of the box.

The more packaging chips you put in, the less chance there will be of the club moving around.

If the box has any old labels on it then these will need to be removed to avoid confusion for the courier company.

You will also need to make sure that the box is reinforced with lots of strong tape especially at the seams.

You can opt for one of the stronger packaging tapes for maximum strength here.


Sending golf clubs with a courier involves careful consideration and you must make sure that you package the clubs so that they are well protected.

This involves a lot of packaging materials and a decent amount of time but it is worth it to keep the clubs safe and free from damage.

While there are many couriers that specialise in shipping golf clubs, for the most part, you will still need to package them yourself.