Should Men Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

Should Men Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

Perhaps there shouldn’t be such a divide in sports where men and women are concerned, and there are many people who would argue that equipment should be made with both genders in mind rather than one thing for men and another for women.

But the reality is that the two genders have varying needs and specific equipment can help to meet these needs – this is true in any sport, not just golf.

However, there has been a lot of discussion recently about whether men using women’s clubs is acceptable, and in this article, we are going to take a closer look at this.

Is It OK For Men To Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

In short, yes, of course, it is acceptable for men to use women’s clubs.

The main issue is whether you feel that the clubs work well for you and if they do, then why not?

But there are some things to consider before borrowing your wife’s clubs or investing in a set of women’s clubs for yourself; these are things we will look at a little later on.

First, it’s important to see why so many men are questioning whether switching to the fairer sex’s golfing equipment is acceptable.

In the main, many men may feel emasculated when using equipment that has been designed with women in mind and whilst this may be nothing more than a mild concern for some, and other people may find it challenging to get their heads around.

But the truth is, it doesn’t really matter who the clubs were designed for, it matters how they play.

What Is The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Clubs?

Many men prefer to use a ladies club as they are far lighter and often more comfortable to use.

Essentially, there are two things that set men’s clubs apart from their female inspired counterparts.

This is the height and flexibility.


As a rule of thumb, women tend to be shorter than men; they also tend to have shorter arms.

This clear physical difference means that a golf club that had been designed with a man in mind may be too big for a woman to comfortably play with.

With so many women taking up this sport that was initially male-dominated, the call for shorter clubs has drastically increased.

With this in mind, there are plenty of companies that make larger women’s golf clubs, because, of course, there are ladies who are extremely tall.

One of the most notable things about these clubs is that many of them are crafted by some of the best names in the golf industry.

Oftentimes, it is well worth a male golfer investing in this type of equipment, regardless of who it has been designed for.

You may just find that it is the best equipment you have ever purchased.


The second thing to consider when looking at whether men using women’s clubs is suitable is that the flexibility has been designed with the female player in mind.

That being said, many men prefer the increased flexibility of a woman’s club.

The main reason that a club designed for women is more flexible or bendy is because women naturally have a much slower swing than men and this requires greater flexibility, giving the player greater control over hitting the ball.

These clubs not only provide a more accurate hit but also improve trajectory and distance.
Whilst men generally are expected to have a faster swing, some male golfers may not, and these people may benefit from using a woman’s club that offers better flexibility.

Other Differences

Whilst height and flexibility are the key differences between men’s and women’s clubs, there are further, more minor things that set the two apart.

● Clubs that have been designed for the female golfer usually have more slender grips, owing to the fact that women typically have smaller hands than men.

● The materials from which the clubs are made tend to differ, and this is because different materials offer different levels of flexibility. In the main, women’s clubs may be primarily crafted from graphite and other less rigid materials, whilst clubs made for men tend to be made from steel. That being said, certain men’s clubs such as drivers can be made from graphite.

● Women’s clubs also tend to be much more lightweight than the men’s version. This is in part down to the fact that the materials are different but is also in line with the lesser average strength of a female.

Reasons That Men Would Use A Woman’s Club

We have touched on the fact that men with a slower swing may benefit from using a women’s club.

This could be because the man is not as physically fit as would be expected or for those who are new to the sport.

In the early days of your golfing journey, your speed is not going to match that of a more experienced player.

In fact, it is known that the average speed of a PGA golfer is 113 miles per hour which is drastically different to the average LPGA speed of 94 miles per hour.

When you compare both of these speeds to that of an average, non-professional golfer, it’s likely that their speed will be closer to those playing in the LPGA.

So, why wouldn’t you use a club that matches this?
Furthermore, those who have not played golf before or who are just getting started may find that using a club designed for women makes things a lot easier for them.

There is nothing wrong with starting out using women’s clubs and, once you have improved your speed, investing in some men’s clubs.

The problem is that many men begin playing golf and purchase too pricey clubs that they find difficult to use – this can often deter them from continuing with the game.

Men who are not as tall may also benefit from the shorter length of women’s clubs, and there are many smaller men who prefer a female club and claim that it dramatically improves their gameplay.

How Do I Know If The Height Is Right For Me?

If you have not been playing for long, or perhaps you are an experienced player who is concerned that their clubs are too long or too short, getting properly fitted for a golf club can solve a wealth of problems.

Suppose the results demonstrate that a shorter club suits you better, going for something designed for women shouldn’t be an issue.

Bear in mind that different clubs need to be different lengths, but with this in mind, you can easily measure yourself to find the right length for you.

You should ensure that when you measure yourself, you are wearing your golf shoes, this will give you the most exact measurement.

Taking the measurements is simple, place your arms straight by your sides and measure from your wrists to the floor.

You also need to measure your full height from the top of your head to the floor – when doing this, it is essential that you take an accurate measurement.

Once you know both of these measurements, you can use a golf club sizing chart to find the correct height for you.

If it shows that a shorter club is needed, you have the option of using a woman’s club, and there is no reason why this shouldn’t be a serious consideration.

Additionally, you may decide to have custom clubs made that are perfectly suited to you, but of course, this can be a little more expensive.


Men using women’s clubs on the golf course is something that we see more and more frequently, but there has been some confusion as to whether this is suitable.

Women’s clubs are usually lighter, shorter and more flexible than men’s and when choosing your clubs, the decision should not be based on gender but more on your physical attributes. For example, men who are not as tall as average may find that using women’s clubs is more advantageous to their game.

Similarly, those who have a slower swing speed may also benefit from a club designed for women.

There is no right or wrong and provided that you are comfortable; men and women are free to use whatever club they please.