Step by Step Guide to Electric Golf Trolleys

Step by Step Guide to Electric Golf Trolleys

When it comes to thinking about using an electric golf trolley, there are lots of things to consider.

We are going to answer a number of questions about electric golf trolleys in our step by step guide to electric golf trolleys, so you can better understand if you need an electric golf trolley or not when playing golf.

Electric golf trolleys can be very expensive to buy, and if you have not used one before you will not understand the benefits they can bring. Here’s what you need to know before buying an electric golf trolley.

Below is a list of the latest golf trolleys available, we have put together a comprehensive list with manufacturers, models, sizes and weights which we have detailed in the section How big are Electric Golf Trolleys and how much do they weight?

What is an Electric Golf Trolley?

An electric golf trolley is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a trolley which you place your golf clubs on and instead of pulling it or pushing it, the electric trolley has a motor and battery and moves on its own propulsion, enabling you to walk behind it without the added weight of a golf bag and equipment on your back and shoulders.

How does an Electric Trolley work?

An electric trolley has a battery which can be lead acid which is larger and heavier or the latest technology which is Lithium Ion and this is smaller and lighter, and the latest in new battery types.

The electric trolley has a handle which will encompass a control station, so you turn a knob or button and the electric trolly will move off through the inbuilt electric motor.

It is a very simple design. The more you twist the knob or button the faster the trolley will move.

The Control station or speed controller can be very basic, with only limited functions like start and stop.

While others have the latest in GPS technologies, USB chargers, yardage checkers etc.

Does a beginner golfer need an electric golf trolley?

The short answer to this is no you do not need an electric golf trolley to start playing golf, as long as you are fit and healthy it is very easy to just carry a small golf bag, or hire a pull trolley from a golf course for a very small amount of money.

You will want to find out if you enjoy golf first before you start looking at expensive equipment like an electric golf trolley.

How big are electric golf trolleys and how much do they weight?

Electric Golf Trolleys are quite large and heavy, there are many brands that manufacture electric golf trolleys and each brand has various sizes and weights.

In the below table I have detailed out the exact sizes and weight of the latest electric golf trolleys.

From the five manufacturers I researched the average size of an electric trolley are as follows.

596mm (w) x 638mm (d) x 565mm (h).

The average weight of the electric golf trolley is 15kg with battery.

[table id=2 /]

Which electric golf trolley folds the smallest?

The smallest golf trolley on the market is the Powakaddy CT6 coming in at 425mm (w) x 375mm (d) x 510mm (h).

This is a very small electric golf trolley which can be easily stored in your car, it can even be stored in the passenger footwell.

Is my golf bag too heavy for my electric golf trolley?

The main electric golf trolley manufacturers test their trolleys for golf bags up to around 20kg or over 40lb, if your bag is very heavy it is going to be putting extra strain on your trolley, the battery and the electric motor, so it is advisable to have a lighter golf bag if you intend to extend the life of the electric motor and battery.

What Accessories can I get for my electric golf trolley?

There are lots of accessories available which you can purchase for your electric golf trolley.

We will break this down into two sections.

The accessories which are fitted to the trolley and accessories which are also available for the electric golf trolley

GPS Holder

Fitted Accessories

  • Umbrella Holder
  • Scorecard Holder
  • GPS Device Holder
  • Drinks Holder / cup holder
  • Seat
  • Winter Wheels
FX7 Umbrella Holder

Other Accessories

  • Golf Bag Towel
  • Electric Trolley Travel
  • Bag/Cover
  • Rain Cover
  • Umbrella

How much does an electric golf trolley cost?

The price of electric golf trolleys are very varied, you can pick one up for around $500 and at the top end you can pay many thousands of dollars.

Look at this trolley from Jucad who are a Germany manufacturer, their Phantom Titan2.0 is listed for 4,990 Euro which is over $6,000.

Which electric golf trolley is the lightest?

From our research the lightest trolley with battery is from Golf Stream, which produce an electric trolley at 11.1kg.

The closest competitor model is from Powakaddy, which weights 11.4kg.

The Powakaddy has a lot more features.

How to Clean an Electric Golf Trolley

To clean your electric golf trolley, you need to use a bucket of soapy water, and a micro fibre cleaning mitten.

Very similar to how you would clean your car, just take your time and wash the body of the trolley, with the damp mitten.

Do not use a pressure washer, or high power air hose, but your electric golf trolley should be waterproof and have the correct IP rating(waterproof rating), but using the power washers/air will force water/air into the mechanism, and will invalidate the warranty on a lot of products.

This is the very basic method I have used over the years, and not had any problems, but check your manufacturers manual for further advice.

If your electric trolley has the capability, it is normally easy to remove the wheels from the main body to wash them separately.

Should I get my electric golf trolley serviced?

Best practice is to keep your electric golf trolley serviced. It is always a wise idea to keep an close watch on your trolley, it will depend on usage but an electric golf trolley used every week should be serviced every one to two years.

If you have clogged wheels full of mud, and bearings then it will not be working at its best performance, and will drain the battery more, and will then stress the electric motor.

FX7 Wheel

Can I play more holes than my golf battery states?

In short, yes you can, I have been doing that for years, if you check with your trolley manufacturer they will normally tell you to avoid doing this as it can seriously damage the life expectancy of the battery.

In the past I have had to buy additional batteries so I can confirm that it does reduce the life expectancy of the battery, that is why the latest electric golf trolley I bought has the extended battery (36 holes).

I have not had the need to extend this, 36 holes is the maximum I will play in a given day.
Another feature of having a 36 hole battery, is you only have to charge it after the second round.

Please note that you should not be using your 36 hole battery for 18 holes and recharging as this can reduce the life span of the batteries.

FX7 Motor

Should I get a lithium ion battery over a lead acid battery for my electric golf trolley?

If you can afford the additional cost of a Lithium Ion battery over a Lead Acid battery, we would highly recommend going for the Lithium Ion Battery.

Lithium batteries are more reliable and efficient than the lead acid battery counterparts, the lithioum ion has a much longer life span and can perform a greater number of cycles.

For me one of the greatest advantages of having lithium ion over lead acid is the weight saving.

A lithium ion golf battery you can literally pick up with two fingers while a lead acid is much larger and very heavy.

FX7 battery

How Long do Golf Batteries Last?

Golf batteries on electric golf carts usually last around five years, my Powakaddy battery has a warranty for that amount of time, so if it fails, I can replace the unit for a new one.

You must charge the new battery correctly and follow your manufacturers guidance, use the original battery charger, also another tip is to charge your battery in your home.

Batteries do not work very well in extreme heat or cold.

10 Advantages of an Electric Golf Trolley

After years of using electric golf trolleys I am able to give a comprehensive view on the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

1. You are not carrying any extra weight while golfing, so not putting any additional strain on your body parts.

2. You can carry more items in your golf bag that you usually would, like waterproof trousers and jacket, additional drinks, food, golf clubs (up to 14) and any other sundry items.

3. Down Hill Control – The latest electric golf trolleys are now available DHC or down hill control.

In the past if you let your golf trolley run down a slope or hill, it would speed up and keep going until it fell over, hit something or finally stopped.

Down hill control is a new feature which will only go down the hill at the stated speed, this is a great new feature, especially for the older golfer or injured.

4. Additional functionality, integrated GPS, driving distance checker, approach to green checker, downhill control.

5. Remote controls on certain models.

6. Really useful and supportive especially on hilly golf courses.

7. It is stated that you use 30% less energy using an electric golf trolley over carrying a similar golf bag.

8. Spend more time on the course, especially useful if playing 36 holes of golf, as you will be significantly less tired.

9. Great in poor weather, having an electric trolley in rain is really useful, especially if you have the umbrella holder, this means you can walk underneath an umbrella, you can hang a towel in the umbrella and you are able to keep dryer for longer.

Having a golf bag that you can store more items in, will mean you will have easy access to waterproof clothing, extra layers, golf mitts or a multitude of other tems.

10. Can be fun to operate.

6 Disadvantages of an Electric Golf Trolley

1. They are heavy and bulky; you will need a means of transport to be able to take the golf trolley to the golf course.

2. You have to walk around most things on the golf course, if you are carrying a Sunday bag (pencil golf bag) you are able to walk over golf tees, greens and be more direct when playing golf.

3. They can be very expensive.

4. When you arrive at the golf course, it takes longer to set up and when finished to putt away, you can not just rock up and sprint to the tee as you can with a small carry golf bag.

5. Some people think only the older golfer uses electric golf trolleys, where this has changed over the last few years especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

6. If you attach a smaller carry bag to an electric trolley, the straps do not fit as well, in my experience the bag can keep falling off which is very annoying.


We hope we have given you a very honest review of our step by step guide to electric golf trolleys.

They are not a essential part of playing golf but they can be useful for helping you enjoy your time more on the golf course.

In the above image, I am taking the Powakaddy FX7 through its paces.

We wanted to illustrate that it is not all positive owning an electric golf trolley but it can have some positive effects.

If you are thinking about purchasing one, you should be able to hire one first at many local golf clubs to make sure you are suited to one.

If you found this article interesting you can read our in-depth reviews on the Powakaddy FX7 and Powakaddy CT6 GPS.