Best Five Ladies Golf Shoes

Best Five Ladies Golf Shoes

Best Five Ladies Golf Shoes

Best Five Ladies Golf Shoes

2020 has not been the best year for golf; come to think of it, it hasn’t really been the best year for most things.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be looking ahead to the new year and all the wonderful things it can bring (touch wood.)

If you are planning to make an appearance on the golf course again in 2021, it is important that you have the right kit for this. One of the most essential parts of your golfing attire is a good, comfortable pair of shoes.

Without this, you will find that you are unsteady on your feet and this can affect your swing.

The good news is, ladies, that there are many excellent golf shoes for us that will help you to put your best foot forward next year.

After lots of research, the top 5 ladies golf shoes are:

  1. Puma RS-G
  2. Nike Air Max 1 G
  3. FootJoy Pro SL Boa
  4. Adidas CodeChaos
  5. Ecco Casuals Hybrid 3

The Best Five Ladies Golf Shoes In 2021

Let’s face it, any sports brand or shoe manufacturer is going to tell you that their golf shoes are the best; some of them might be right.

But to save you the hassle of having to try hundreds of pairs just to find your dream golf shoe, we have narrowed down the choices. These are our top picks.

Puma RS-G Ladies

The concept of these golf shoes is to ‘conquer the golf course in style’ and they certainly live up to this expectation.

There may be some who believe that golfing attire should be anything but modern and stylish but these shoes prove that belief wrong from every angle.

But more than just being super-stylish, these Puma golf shoes offer everything you need and more.
Inside the shoe there is a super cushioned insole and a Sock Foam liner for some of the most superior comfort out there.

Add into the mix the Fusion Foam midsole and you have a shoe that just keeps on giving in terms of comfort and support.

No matter how long you are on the course, your feet will remain feeling incredible. There has been a lot of suggestion that these shoes are perfect for those struggling with conditions like plantar fasciitis.

They feature a carbon rubber outsole for excellent grip and this is further enhanced by the GripZone traction.

Nike Women Air Max 1 G Spikeless Golf Shoes

When you think of sports footwear, Nike is one of the first brands to spring to mind and it is little wonder when you look at the quality and innovative design of these ladies golf shoes.

One of the most notable features is the air bubble in the heel which provides amazing comfort and shock absorbency.

But the feel of these shoes doesn’t end there.

There is a cushioned midsole for extra support and comfort.

You will literally feel as though you are walking on air.

They come in a sleek and stylish black design with white accents including the brand logo.

Furthermore, they are made from a synthetic leather which works excellently as a waterproof layer so no matter what they weather, you will still be able to get out onto the course.

If the course is wet, it can make it much more difficult to remain stable and get a good grip on the ground.

Fortunately, these shoes feature an integrated traction pattern for maximum grip at all time, regardless of the conditions of the course.

FootJoy Women’s Pro/SI Boa Golf Shoes

Footjoy Pro SL Boa Image

This is a golf shoe that promises to deliver in all areas; style, comfort, traction and stability. It does not go back on it’s word.

To look at, these shoes are ultra feminine and on trend, giving you the opportunity to stay looking your best, even if you aren’t on form.
But in terms of practicality, these shoes are the gift that keeps on giving. They are fitted with Fine Tuned Foam cushioning for some of the most extreme comfort you will ever feel.

Furthermore, they feature a weighted perimeter outsole for extra comfort and incredible stability.

This stability is backed by the incredible traction that promised to give you an excellent grip with each step you take.

There are 189 points of traction on the outsole so it isn’t difficult to see how effective these shoes will be.
You want a shoe that is going to fit perfectly and this has been taken into consideration when these shoes were made. They feature a micro-adjustable Boa Fit System which ensures that you will always get a fit that is spot on for your feet.

The shoes also feature a PowerHarness which wraps around the foot increasing your stability so that your swing is never affected.

They are crafted with synthetic leather that is both soft and comfortable as well as being incredibly waterproof; never get caught out in wet conditions again.

Adidas Women’s W Code Chaos Golf Shoe

Adidas Code Chaos W Image

Another of the world’s leading sports brands delivers yet again with these superior golf shoes for women which come in a choice of colours and designs.

On the course, you should still be able to express your style and these shoes allow you to do that with ease.
If you are looking for something that is lightweight then these are an excellent choice.

They feature a breathable lining which will keep your feet dry and comfortable.
In those hot summer months, it is vital that you have a golf shoe that won’t allow moisture to build up.

If it does, you run the risk of the shoes rubbing and this type of pain can throw you off your game.

The shoes will act as a base for your golf stance without feeling as though you are being weighed down.

What’s more, it won’t matter if the course is wet since the shoes are fully waterproof, giving you the confidence to play in any weather.

This is a spineless golf shoe and comes with an impressive traction pattern on the outsole to give the ultimate stability. This TwistGrip design is unique and demonstrates the innovation of the shoes perfectly.

You will be treated to extreme comfort thanks to the INSITE moulded sockliner in these Tour performance golf shoes.

ECCO Women’s Casual Hybrid 3 Golf Shoe

Ecco Womens Hybrid 3 image

When you are looking to combine comfort and style, your choices may be pretty limited. In a lot of cases, one usually cancels out the other but in this case, you are getting the best of both worlds.

That is what sets an excellent pair of golf shoes apart from the rest.

They come in a few colourways that will easily take you from the course into the rest of your day with ease.

What’s more, the shoes are made with a high quality leather upper that serves a multitude of purposes.

Primarily, this material will deliver excellent comfort and is also incredibly durable.

If you want a long-lasting pair of golf shoes then leather is definitely the way forward. In addition to this, the leather provides a breathable shoe that is excellent for use in the hot summer months.

But if all of that wasn’t enough, you will notice that the leather gives the shoes an excellent waterproof nature that makes the perfect for playing in any weather.

They feature an E-DTS outsole for some of the most outstanding traction on a pair of golf shoes that we have ever seen.

The shoes offer a regular fit but if you need a little more room then the good news is that there is a removable insole.


There is nothing more important than having a pair of golf shoes that fit and feel comfortable. Without this, you will likely notice that your feet become one of the only things that you think about.