Can the Superspeed golf training system increase your club head speed?

Superspeed Golf Training System Increase Your Club Head Speed?

One of the most talked about training aids of the last couple of years, with over six hundred players on all tours using the Superspeed golf training system. 

In this article we delve into what the Superspeed Golf training system is about, and the claims they make that overspeed training will increase the club head speed for all golfers.

From the PGA Tour there a quite a few of the top professional golfers, the likes of Phil Mickleson, Ian Poulter and Billy Horschel to name a few, using the Superspeed golf training system.

On the LPGA, Tour IK Kim, Danielle Kang and Anna Nordkvist are also using the Superspeed golf training system. For the tour professionals the increase in speed numbers has been incredible to see, but will this system help you the budding amateur golfer?


So, let’s breaks this down, the Superspeed golf training system is an overtraining technique which is used in many different sports, not just our great game of golf, where the guys at Superspeed have discovered that 80% of speed development, is from neuromuscular development, and next 20% development is from technique changes to your swing.

The main ideas behind the Superspeed golf training system is, it puts the muscles which we use for golf under stress. It is a fallacy that some people believe that golf is a casual leisure activity,  it is actually a very complex and full, all-round body workout. A correct or incorrect golf swing will work muscles in the lower back and the upper back. The main muscles groups for the golf swing works:

  • Forearm which provides the ability to have a solid and secure grip.
  • Gluteus Maximus, the bum, the bottom, the buttocks. This muscle group helps us rotate and also provides the golfer with a solid support through the swing.
  • Obliques, or the sides of the stomach muscles, these muscles help the golfer rotate their trunk.
  • Pectroalis Major or the muscles which are in the chest. This muscles group helps with rotation of the golf swing.
  • Latissimus Dorsi or the muscles in you back near the shoulder blade which helps the extension in the golf swing.

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The Superpeed golf training system will stress the muscles discussed, so they will tear and repair larger. It is the same principle as weight lifting, when the muscles are worked, they are broken down and become bigger.

The 20% of the improvement is by technique, or kinematic sequencing. So, when we as golfers begin the downswing, we lead from the ground first, so the lower body activates, then the upper body engages and releases the arms, hands and finally the golf club. So the idea in principle is if we can improve the sequence of the body movement, it will improve the technique of the golfers swing, and in turn will maximise the power we create when releasing the golf club. Wow that was painful to read!

Superspeed are confident that the technique that this process encourages will bring changes to our own swings, without even having to think about the changes. This is there process that the Superspeed training puts us the golfer through and makes it systematic. 

So what is the Superspeed golf training system?

It is three separate clubs, a green, blue and red club. Each club has a different weight.

1. The Green is the lightest weight
2. The Blue is the medium weight
3. The Red is the heaviest weight

The ideas behind the process, is when you swing the weighted clubs as hard as you can, you are training your body, and over training the muscles to deliver more power for the golfer.

The Superspeed golf training system has a program to follow. You use the weighted shafts every second day. If you use the three weighted clubs, every day your muscles do not have the chance to recover, and you the golfer would have fatigue or tiredness in the muscle.  As strange as it seems to the laymen, we need rest, so we can get stronger, better and faster, letting the body recuperate.

The Overspeed Training system, retunes our normal response speed of the muscles of an acquired motor pattern, to a faster new faster motor pattern.

How does this work?

Firstly, by using the lightest of the weights, which is the green weight. We hold the grip of the weighted shaft, then swing as fast as we can, enabling us as golfers to create a faster than our normal golf swing.

Due to the Superspeed shafts and weight being so light, this will then create a type of “muscle memory” and improve our speed, making the club head speed much faster. 

After using the green (light) weight we then move up the other weights , swinging the weighted shafts as fast as you can.  Which in turn increases the speed our club head, as we continue training with each of the three coloured training clubs, the idea is that you increase the club head speed as we keep training which in turn would increase the ball speed of the golf ball and increase our distance.

Personally, I am planning on purchasing the Superspeed golf training system for the coming winter. I have been toying with the idea for ages, and have used them briefly at my golf club, so that I could understand how they worked to be able to review the product. Over the last few weeks I have read the literature and watched a number of videos on what Superspeed claim. In the winter I am intrigued to see what these will do for my golf game.

Who else is planning on getting these overspeed trainers soon? If you do, please let us know what your statistics are for your swing speed. Before you start the program and go through the over speed training course, please note all your statistics down.

Once you have finished the Superspeed training program, please send your results to our contact page at Eat Sleep Golf Repeat. If there is enough of you who comment, I am sure we can set up a group and fully trial the performance of the Superspeed golf training system, then we can test the gains that Superspeed claim they can provide.

Well, if what Superspeed claim to be true turns out to be correct, we will all benefit and be bombing the big dog a little further down the fairway.

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