Flat Cat Grip

Flat Cat Putter Grip Review

Flat Cat Grip

Flat Cat Putter Grip Review

So, when you are playing golf you will see so many different putters on the practice green, and now the variety of putter grips on these putters is amazing, no longer are you limited to what the putter manufacturer puts on them.

In this article we will review the Flat Cat putter grip, and offer our opinion on the styling and looks and how it performs, we will also check out other reviews and report back.

If you are reading this, then like me you are searching for something different for your putting.

The leading putter brands are now making, marketing and selling putters for the cost of drivers, so it is no longer a cheap option to go and buy a new putter for £50 – £100.

These days they are selling for £300 plus.

It can be sensible to just upgrade your current putter with a new grip, the advantages can be huge, and help with all manner of putting errors and the cost is low in comparison with buying a new putter.

I am a golfing nut and have so many different putters, with a variety of grips which I keep chopping and changing, to which one is the flavour of the month, and the others putters which have misbehaved, because it clearly cannot be my fault are relegated into the ‘naughty bag‘.

I have had the usual Ping and Scotty Cameron grips over the past decades, and over the recent few years, I have been playing with a few variations of the SuperStroke Grips.

Recently I changed the grip on my Scotty Phantom X after spending a long period in the naughty bag, and I decided to get fitted the Flat Cat grip, so here is my Flat Cat Putter Grip review.

Who is the company behind the Flat Cat Putter Grips?

Flat Cat is a part of Make’em All, LLC which is a division of Winston Products LLC.

Winston Products is not a golf manufacturer exclusively, and the company design and make a few different products for various market segments.

Flat Cat Putter Grips is the idea of Charlie Spain who is a Caddy.  

From all his years watching golfers, he understands the importance of putting and what is means to shooting good scores.

Charlies idea, he believes the key to holing more putts especially from five feet and less, the face of the putter has to be square at impact.

Charlie says “when you can actually feel what square feels like, you’re gonna sink more putts…it’s that simple.

Over the past few months, I have been using the Flat Cat on my putter and I will give my thoughts on what I like about the grip, and what I don’t like, I am not connected to this company in any shape or form.

So, you will read my honest opinion on this product.

Price of the Flat Cat Putter Grip?

The Flat Cat is not in the budget range when you are deciding to replace the grip on your putter.

In the UK I paid £30, and that was fitted by my local professional. I know in the USA they are cheaper than that. But either way, it is much more economical than spending a lot more to purchase a new putter.

What Putter Grip Does Justin Rose Use?

Justin Rose uses the Flat Cat SVELTE putter grip on the very unusual looking AXIS 1 Putter.

Justin Rose holds the putter in his distinctive “Claw” position.

Look and Style of the Flat Cat Putter Grip?

The Grip I am using is the SVELTE, or mid-size.

It is the 1.37inch grip, which is the same one that Justin Rose is currently gaming, mine is on my Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter, and it makes the putter look pretty cool, since having the grip fitted it has changed how I use the putter.

The look and style of the Flat Cat Grip is very striking in its bright green colour.

The style is similar to a rectangular box in your hand, the grip is flat on both sides. The materials used in the grip are high quality, and it is surprisingly spongy to the touch.

It is a good-looking grip, it feels comfortable when on the putter, so rates well in my opinion on style and look.

What is the quality of the Flat Cat Grip?

I have had this grip on my Putter for a few months now, it has been in my cart bag, my pencil bag, loose in the boot, this putter and its Flat Cat grip have been slung around, so what I am trying to tell you,  is this is a not in new condition.  

The below images are of this used grip, so I can actually state how the grip has held up over the past few months.

The Grip feels really solid and well made, I believe there is a stainless-steel cage inside, which gives the grip the flat box rigidity, it feels strong even when I press on the grip to try and make the material bend.

The material used for the exterior of the grip is polyurethane, and it seems to have an outer plastic cover, which is like a very fine Sellotape (which it is not).

You can see from my images above and below, where a little part of the plastic outer is coming away.

This is not going to have any impact on performance, and is just normal wear and tear I guess, but it is a little annoying.

On one side it is stitched down the seam, which you cannot feel when you are putting. With all things considered, I think the quality of the Flat Cat Fat Grip is decent, and it has stood up to my use and not so careful storage.

The quality is what you would expect when you are buying a premium fat grip like this.

It is a similar quality to the SuperStroke grips, and they are very good.

Performance of the Flat Cat Putter Grip?

I decided to get the Flat Cat installed on my putter because I changed my hand position to the “Claw”, I was struggling to get the putter face square at impact, so decided to try the “Claw’” to promote a more pendulum-type putting stroke.

The Flat Cat grip was quite a bit larger than the standard Scotty Cameron pistol grip I had on my putter.

That’s why I wanted the larger grip fitted, as I feel it takes my wrist action out of the putting stroke.

Below is how I hold the putter in the Claw position.

The Flat Cat has helped me have more control of the putter, I can grip the putter better because of the flat sides, this feels much more comfortable.

The results of the grip change have promoted a little more control through impact.

Fortunately, I have not struggled with the ‘yips’ but I can relate to how this grip would help with that, so if you are currently having that problem maybe give the Flat Cat grip a try because of how it takes a lot of the wrist hinge out of the putting stroke.

Another positive of this grip is the material it has been made from, I think it can help with performance, the grip is made from a polyurethane compound.

It is quite tacky to the touch, so will help in wet or humid conditions, if you take your golf glove off as I do, then it can help a little when making your putt, as it is less likely to slip in your hands.

The features of the grip that I do not really like is if you are experimenting with different ways of holding your putter, then in my opinion this grip is not for you.

The reasoning behind this is you have to install the grip one of two ways, so in essence, turn the grip 90 degrees if you hold the grip in the standard interlocked or Vardon method, of having left hand above and right hand (or vice versa for lefties).

So it makes you keep putting in a certain way, which is probably fine for 99% of you out there.

Below is how the grip would look if you held it conventionally.  So the grip would have to be fitted like this, so not flat as I have it for the claw.

If you want to read another article on Which Putter grip is right for me, then check it out now.

As you can see in the images, I have had it fitted flat so it helps me use my Scotty in the “claw’ method, I haven’t used the Flat Cat in the more conventional style, so cannot comment on performance, but I would not rush out to have this grip fitted for that style, as I prefer the SuperStroke grips, this is just my personal choice.

If you are trying the “Claw” method of grip then this is perfect in my opinion and you should give it a try.

Below is the size chart, I am using the Svelte, 52 gram.

As you can see from the chart, Flat Cat have released five sizes of this one grip, so there should be one for you.  If you are in the market for one of these grips.

Size Chart

Customer Reviews

One person’s experience does not represent what everyone may think about the Fat Cat putter grip.

It is always helpful to check the other reviews out there, to see if this product could help you out.

As I mentioned earlier it is not that expensive but still can be a waste of money and time, if you hate it and want to rip it off and start again.

Reviews from other golfers are a great way to get various opinions on products, and they are a good source of unbiased perspective on a product like the Flat Cat Putter Grip.

For us golfers to be able to learn an honest take of what is good about this product or other similar products is great.

In the below round-up we will first, check out the good reviews of the product, and then we’ll look at some golfer who had a less than satisfactory experience with the Flat Cat.

Positive Reviews

To get us underway, we are happy to feedback that the Flat Cat Putter Grip did receive positive reviews overall.

It has averaged 4.5 Stars with approximately 200 golfers reviewing it.

The five-star reviews are generally commenting about the comfort of the grip, and how it has helped them get the putter face square at impact.

The golfers reviewing are generally liking the styling of the product and how it has helped them hole more putts.

Negative Reviews

Of course, we have to take the positive reviews with the not so positive reviews, out of around 200 hundred people who reviewed this grip, they only had seven who gave the grip a one star.

One reviewer thought it deadened his feel and the feedback was strange with a hollow sound, and others just didn’t like how the grip worked.

It is a very subjective topic and golfers are so different, so if you can find one to try before buying then that could be a good plan for you.

Overall Impression of the Flat Cat Putter Grip?

Overall, we think the Flat Cat Putter Grip is a solid product.

I like the styling and look of the grip, have I found that I am sinking more putts, I would have to be honest and say no, but that is most likely due to the chimp holding the putter!