Footjoy Premiere Series Field Review

Footjoy Premiere Series Field Review

Brand new to Footjoy for 2022 is a new release to the already fantastic Footjoy Premiere Series line of golf shoes. Footjoy has been producing high-quality golf shoes since 1963 with the motto “The Brands That Fit.”

They have a wide range of golf shoes for men, women, and children.

Footjoy is known for their performance golf shoes that are made with comfort and durability in mind.

The Footjoy Premiere Series Field is a throw back to the current tag line of “Inspired by Then. Supercharged for Now“.

With Footjoy’s new line of shoes set to be released for the 2022 Season, you can expect more of the same high quality design that Footjoy is known for.

The new line will feature what they are calling “Brand New Technology” that will help give your game an extra boost.

These are not released yet and I have only managed to see them, but not able to wear or take images.

Design and Look of the Premiere Field Series

The Footjoy Premiere Series Field is a classic looking, high quality golf shoe with the “Premium Pittards” full grain leather Upper which is soft and supple, and a real throw back to the older looking golf shoes of old .

The Outsole has the Dual durometer TPU and incorporates the Spikeless Versa-Trax+ sole, which provides enhanced traction on the turf with decent perimeter stability.

It may not be a spiked golf shoe but the technology is great in these golf shoes and really does support the traction in the golf swing.

If you already like the look of the Footjoy Premiere Series like I do, then I am sure you will love these, they are so plain and classic looking and will be a real hot on the course with two new colorways, the all white and brown.

The toebox in the Footjoy Premiere Series Field has a full rounded character which give nice comfort for the foot, and incorporates the standard forefoot and instep, which really accentuates the classic profile.

The Footjoy Premiere Series is already one of the most popular golf shoes on Tour because it combines the beauty of a classic leather shoe with the performance of modern technology.


The Footjoy Premiere Field Series of golf shoe has a classic style which will look great on the fairways, the Field has a nice level of cushioning and are a lot more comfortable than they look.

The stability on this model is up there with anything on the market and really supports you through the golf swing and it even incorporates a good level of flexibility.

We would rate this golf shoe as a really strong contender for the 2022 season.

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History of Footjoy

Footjoy Company was founded in 1898 by Arthur Hall in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

It began as a cobbler shop that mainly focused on producing footgear for horses.

As time went by, they expanded their business to shoe gear for humans too and became famous for their world-class sports shoes.

The company’s name comes from its founder’s first two initials spelled backward while the “F” represents his passion for footwear while “Joy” is an abbreviation for middle name “Hall.”