FootJoy Premiere Range Image

FootJoy Premiere Series Golf Shoe Review

FootJoy Premiere Range Image

FootJoy Premiere Series Golf Shoe Review

Could the new FootJoy Premier golf shoe range, be the winner of the golf shoe range of the year?

The FootJoy Premiere series is a new series of classic looking golf shoes, which we at Eat Sleep Golf Repeat think look great.

The golf shoe range is based on the extremely successful and long running DryJoy series.  

The DryJoy range over the decades has been steeped in FootJoy history and tradition.

Footjoy is stating that the new and latest Premiere series of golf shoes has  been “Inspired by then, Supercharged for now“.

The take-up for the Premiere Series on the professional golf tours has been crazy with tour players like Justin Thomas, and Ian Poulter wearing the new FootJoy Premier golf shoes.

FootJoy Premiere Series

The new designs of this golf shoe really do take note of the amazing history of the DryJoy models of old.

You may  think this new range of golf shoes is quite expensive, but we think they are so much more affordable than expected.  

Currently Footjoy’s traditional golf shoe is from the Icon Range, which costs seriously more money.

What the clever team at FootJoy have done, is to create an iconic traditional looking golf shoe that has been loaded full of the latest technology that FootJoy has developed over the years.  

Like taking an old 1960’s car and sticking in the latest suspension and engine from today.

FootJoy have unrivalled success on the PGA tour and have been the leading golf shoe manufacturer, worn on the golf course for the past 75 years, the development team has decided to mark the achievement by launching the Premiere Series range of golf shoes.

FootJoy Premiere Image of the 1945

Over the decades we have gamed countless pairs of FootJoy golf shoes, and owned and worn many pairs of DryJoys, so we were interested to see how these stack up.

With the increasing tendency of footwear manufacturers developing golf shoes that are more akin to sneakers or cross trainers, the new Premiere Series has been developed for the avid golfer wanting a classic looking golf shoe, but with the stability and performance, we demand when attempting to shoot our lowest scores.

FJ Premiere FJ Logo Stitching

FootJoy Premiere Series Range

The Footjoy Premiere Series has three separate golf shoes in the range the Tarlow, Packard and Flint.

The Tarlow has been inspired by Bill and Dick Tarlow, who bought Footjoy and developed the brand from 1957.

FJ Tarlow Image

The Flint has been inspired and developed in memory of Perley Flint who actually created and designed Footjoy’s first ever golf shoe, back in the 1920s.

Fj Flint

The Packard has been inspired by Fredrick Packard who started the Footjoy Brand, and was the created and god father of the iconic brand that we are blessed with today.

FJ Packard Image

Design and Look of the Premiere Series

The outer of the golf shoe has been developed using the tried and tested Chromoskin leather which is 100% waterproof, and if like me you have had many pairs of DryJoys, you will know that your feet will be lovely and dry on the golf course in any condition.

The images I have taken do not do these golf shoes justice, the quality of the leather is just simply glorious, with perfect contrast stitching.

The various textures in the leather are really first class and definitely cry out quality.

They really do look too good to wear on a golf course.

Fj Packard Close up image

The Outsole of the Footjoy Premiere Series has the latest in technology with VersaTrax + system which is brand new this year and has been designed to increase the traction on the golf course.

The outsole has been developed to help support your feet to deliver greater control at different angles you may find yourself.

When you examine the bottom of the sole the various grip systems Footjoy have used are really interesting, with some wedges that are solid to help give better grip on softer ground and other wedges that are softer and flexible to give added flexibility and enhanced traction.

The stability you feel with this range of golf shoe is great, you can really witness the development and new technology that has been engineered into these golf shoes, with a fantastic level of cushioning utilising the Ortholite comfort foam insoles, to make walking the fairways a pleasure.

This level of comfort has been developed in a series of improvements on the older DryJoys which were very waterproof but quite tight, firm and clunky.

Fj Versatrax full sole image

The inside of the shoe has a kind of leather pad that feels a little like moleskin, and the design is quite rounded so should help the golfer who struggles for a wider fitting shoe, I found that the Premiere series do feel more comfortable, and  can state that these shoes I found to be more comfortable than the Footjoy Icon series which has a more elaborate pointier toe box.

A final thought before we delve a little deeper into each model, the level of detail from this range of golf shoe is incredible, with delicious contrast stitching around the FJ logo and the Flint and Packard have detailed metal shoelace holders which are so carefully designed and radiate a sense of quality and style.

Then on the side of the heel, there is the year 1945 stamped which again is Footjoy’s way of stating how long they have been leading the shoe count on the PGA tour.

If you do not want one of the current ranges you will be able to custom build a pair from the Footjoy MyJoy store, which will give the avid golfer a real sense of individualism.

On a negative point, if you are not a traditional golf shoe wearer then these maybe not right for you.

They are more rigid than the type which has been designed on a sneaker/ cross trainer platform, so I would try these on if you think you may not like a more traditional shoe.

Personally, we like the fit and how the shoe feels, but I am happy in both sneaker type golf shoes and more traditional golf shoes.

Tarlow Premiere Series Golf Shoe

This golf shoe is just glorious, a very elegant style brogue, with a very refined level of detail.

The leather has been hand selected and encompasses a full soft grain leather with a luxurious calfskin detail.

When holding the Tarlow, it does feel far lighter than what you would expect, especially the old dry joys which were far heavier in my experience.

FJ Tarlow Side Image

The Tarlow has the revolutionary new Versatrax + Technology which FootJoy is stating will deliver unparalleled traction and stability, which will help in any playing condition.

The new outsole has been designed to offer 360° of traction, which as discussed earlier has specifically arranged multi-directional traction elements which are designed for your golf swing and the forces that can be delivered from various angles.

FJ Tarlow Sole Image

The Tarlow range comes with a 100% waterproof guarantee, which has been guaranteed for one year.

With the quality of the shoe it does strike me that a one year warranty does not seem long enough, while some of FootJoys competitors offer far longer guarantees. 

Footjoy has designed the golf shoe with materials that help support the foot and deliver more stability around the heel.

Which can provide better perimeter support and stability through the golf swing.

The Ortholite EcoPlush Fitbed is a new system that has been designed to help cushion the sole of your foot to limit walking fatigue and help with all day comfort and better performance on the golf course.

Packard Premiere Series Golf Shoe

The Packard has lovely detailing, perfect stitching and premium, hand selected, full grain leather with its series of refinements and encompasses a supple sheepskin lining that has ultra lightweight materials which make the Packard very stable.

Again with the VersaTrax + technology, embedded in these classic golf shoes which FootJoy states deliver unparalleled traction and stability, in any playing condition, which a golfer may find themselves.

FJ Packard Image
Fj Packard Front Image

The Packard has a 360° of traction which has been specifically arranged in a multi directional system, which helps creates a defence against swing forces that can come from any angle.

The sole of the shoe has multi directional traction, with Pulsar soft spike cleats for added stability while maximising traction.

Fj Packard Sole Image

Footjoy is stating that the Premiere series has been supercharged inside and out, with advanced materials and more custom levels of in-shoe technology.

Flint Premiere Series Golf Shoe

The leather on the Flint is the premium hand selected full grain leather with calfskin details, which encompasses the supple sheepskin lining and the Footjoy lightweight shoe.

Fj Flint Front Image
Fj Flint Front Image

As with the others in the series, the Flint also has 360° of traction, and the specially arranged multi directional traction elements, designed to grip on any surface for unparalleled traction that you may find yourself.

There is a difference with the flint over the Packard and Tarlow golf shoes, the Flint does not have the Pulsar soft spikes, and it their spineless version.

Fj Flint Sole Image

The Flint is the spikeless model in the series and from inspecting all three models I would personally be surprised if the Flint has any less grip than the other two that do incorporate the Pulsar soft spikes, but I will have to test that on the golf course.

The flint also comes with a one-year waterproof warranty guarantee and incorporates the custom cushioning system which is present across the whole range.


These golf shoes are right up my street, I love the traditional looks and new technology that Footjoy have Incorporated into these golf shoes.

The price point may seem quite expensive, but the level of detail and quality would be worth it in my opinion.

The only negatives I can really see for certain people, is the feel of a more traditional shoe, over the countless other manufacturers who are designing golf shoes on a sneaker platform.

Also the reluctance of FootJoy to offer a proper longer waterproof guarantee.

Exciting news, Footjoy have extended the range and introduced the Footjoy Premiere Series Field Range.