Is the Putt OUT Pressure Putt Trainer, Mirror, Gate and Putting Mat, any good?

Is the Putt OUT Pressure Putt Trainer, Mirror, Gate and Putting Mat, any good?

Is the Putt OUT Pressure Putt Trainer, Mirror, Gate and Putting Mat, any good?

Is the Putt OUT Pressure Putt Trainer, Mirror, Gate and Putting Mat, any good?

I am sure most people involved with Golf will have heard about the Putt OUT pressure putt trainer by now.  I thought it would be a good time to write a review on what I like and dislike about the Putt Out pressure putt trainer.

Putt OUT Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate and the Putt OUT Putting Mat. I will discuss the features of each and what I like and dislike about them.

In this article I am going to write about the Pressure Putt Trainer, the Putt Out Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate, and finally the Putt Out Putting Mat. 

So who are Putt Out golf, they are a product design consultancy who have been manufacturing various products for over 20 years, they design all types of items from phones to coffee machines.  They are not a specific golf manufacturer, and have not produced anything before these products for the golf market.

But the funny thing about these guys at Putt Out, is they are just normal golfers who decided to create a product for the today’s golfer.  Trying to produce a funky, state of the art putting aid was their goal because they could’nt find one to buy on the market.

First of all, let’s see what the the guys at Putt Out think  about the pressure putt trainer?

They state you can practice your putting anywhere with the parabolic ramp, when you make a successful putt each of the made putts is returned to the player, exactly the same distance it would have gone past the hole.

 had it missed, anything other than this result is just a miss. There is an added unique feature to this training aid, a perfect putt with perfect pace will get the golf ball to hold in the micro target in the centre of the putting aid.

If like me you have been using training aids for many years, you might recall the old battery powered putting box that made a weird noise and spat your ball back. This is a similar idea in principle but has a cleaver twist. It has no battery or any electrical mechanism, but it has been designed very ingeniously to not only aim to roll your putt up the trainer, but to have the perfect pace of putt.

Personally, I like the fact that you can fold the pressure trainer up and store it in your golf bag. Then use it at the golf course, and on the practice green.

It is also very easy to use in your home, or to take with you on business and use in your hotel room for instance. 

I am passionate about playing golf and  really enjoy practicing, but I know a number of my golf friends who are not as keen on practicing as I am. 

If you struggle with the motivation to be practicing your putting then give this a go.

Puttout gate

My golfing friends have found that having the added goal of trying to focus on the micro target with the perfect weight, has been an added incentive which can be quite addictive and frustrating.

This feature promises to keep you engaged much longer, than just hitting a ball into a coffee cup across the floor.

From my time using the pressure putt trainer, I have found it engages other members of the family and visiting friends to see if they are able to hit the perfect putt, with hilarious results.

Another feature I personally like is the size of the product and how it folds up, you can see the company that made this are adept at product design.

In the past I was using the Eye line golf – perfect putting mat, and  would spend hour upon hour using this product to the total torment of my wife.

I did enjoy using the Eye Line mat,  however the unit is so bulky and was a nightmare to store in the large box.

There really is not anything to dislike about the Putt Out pressure putt trainer, it does what it is meant to do, nice and small, good quality and reasonably priced.

Putt OUT Putting Mirror Trainer, and Alignment gate

Let’s see what Putt Out is saying about their product the Putt OUT Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate. 

They state it improves your putting by correcting your alignment and your positioning in real-time, and they have designed the unit to give instant feedback on your shoulder alignment, but have made the mirror compact enough so you can take practice anywhere. 

The device is made of a steel construction which incorporates an anti-scratch coating, this makes the mirror more durable and longer lasting than others I have seen on the market. 

The mirror has a spiked rubber back to the case which ensures an anti-slip contact.
The Putting Mirror Trainer is designed to be used without the need for golf tees to secure to the putting green. The designers at Putt Out have indented the mirror so the ball positioning allows your putter to sit closer than traditional putting mirrors, which I do like and have noticed that issue on other types of putting mirrors.

My take on the Putt OUT Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate, the item is well made and good quality. The back of the mirror and the rubber spikes I do like, they really do grip the floor.

Over the years I have used different putting mirrors at home and at the practice green, and have used golf tees to form a gate to indicate the correct path of the ball to the golf hole.

Using my old method, I can achieve what this Putt Out mirror and gate are trying to provide utilising my old scratched mirror and tee pegs.

I can understand why people would buy this product, it takes the messing around on the green out of the equation. You have the added advantage of using the Putt Out product at home as well. 
You can clearly see the benefit of the pressure putt mirror and gate, but for me this does not improve on what I have already been doing over the years.

If you already own a mirror and used to using tee pegs then I would not bother changing, but if you do not and have not been using a gate then it is a great product to buy.

Putt Out Putting Mat

Putt Out have produced a putting mat for any golfer at home to improve their putting set-up, they believe this is an essential training tool.  Putt Out  state that the Putt OUT Putting Mat makes practice more enjoyable.

So, let see what Putt Out say about the product.

The product is constructed with a durable heavy duty rubber backing to allow the mat to lie smooth and flat on any surface. The mat is easily rolled away into the compact carry bag, for storage for practice on the go, meaning it is easily transportable. 

The protective cardboard cylinder the mat is bought with ensures the mat stays tightly pressed and crease-free.
They state that the Putt Out putting mat runs at a stimp meter reading of 10, so to replicate a medium to fast green speed.
So, what are my thoughts on the Putt Out putting mat? I would have to say I like it, it is a good quality putting mat, which makes a change to a lot of the stuff I have seen available.

There are a lot of poor putting mats for sale in the market place at the moment, but this is not one of them.
If I could be more specific, and for some of the older guys who remembers the table football game (or soccer for my American friends) Subbutteo, it was like getting the astro pitch as a kid, which made the normally cloth football pitch redundant. It was just streets ahead.
This is not a cheap piece of equipment but if you are serious about improving your putting on a decent stimp rated imitation green, then this should be considered as a purchase.

Remember drive for show and putt for dough!