PowaKaddy CT6 GPS the Best and Smallest Electric Trolley on the Market?

PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Is it the Best and Smallest Electric Trolley on the Market?

Powakaddy CT6 is the smallest trolley on the market?  Yes it is currently the smallest trolley on the market. Dimensions: 510mm Height, 425mm Width, 375mm Depth Folded down.

Is the Powakaddy CT6 the best trolley on the market?  Well that is debatable.  It is good but we would like to see some improvements.

So, PowaKaddy have released a few new trolleys for the 2020/21 season. The one we are reviewing today is the CT6 GPS. The CT6 GPS Electric Trolley they have brought out is the “World’s smallest GPS Trolley”.

In this article I am going to review the PowaKaddy CT6 GPS PowaKaddy Electric Trolley, I am going to discuss the feature and benefits, and if it is the Best in category.

So, if like me you have had a number of trolleys which have taken up tons of space in your car, and have struggled with your trolley because it is so very heavy, then you are going to sit up and take notice of the CT6.

Before we get into the review, the one great feature of this trolley is the fact it can fit in your passenger footwell.

I cannot wait to see what the PowaKaddy CT6 GPS has to offer and if it is as good as they say?

So, the CT6 is 20% smaller than the previous model the also small C2i, and it is 35% smaller that the competitions smallest electric trolley currently at the time of writing.

See the dimensions below.

• Weight: 9.9kg (without Battery)
• Height: 510mm
• Width: 425mm
• Depth: 375mm

If you are new to electric golf trolleys, it would be worth reading our Step by Step guide to Electric golf Trolleys.

CT6 Image

Who is the PowaKaddy CT6 GPS Good for?

Gone are the days when having an electric trolley was for the older golfer, today you will see so many electric trolleys on the fairways being used by all age groups.  

These trolleys are good at helping keep the golfer more relaxed while playing golf,  which can only be good.  It also means you can take so much more stuff with you, like rain gear, drinks, food, training aids, the list goes on.

Also, this trolley is good for the golfer that wants more space in back of  their car, and wants an electric trolley that is not going to give you a hernia dragging it around.  If in the past you have discounted certain cars like I have because you could not fit your golf gear in, then maybe this is the answer.

The CT6 is more than just a trolley to put the golf bag on, also it has a range of other features and benefits.

One of the main features of the CT6 is the 2.8” TFT Screen, the screen is full color and houses a widescreen display which runs an integrated GPS device that will give you all the yardages and details you require.

The CT6 is loaded with over 40,000 golf courses around the world, another positive of the GPS is yo do not need to enter into any additional subscription, or have to pay any annual fees.

A further feature of this PowaKaddy CT6 GPS is how the electric trolley folds away, it does so in a really clever two way, simple 2-fold system.

We have also tested the Powakaddy FX7 which is a better 1 – fold system, but to get the maximum fold, you have to fold the front wheel in.  Speaking with some colleagues at my local American Golf, they seem to get these back more often for repair.

The frame of the CT6 is in a good metal finish, and comes in at around about 10 kg. The new CT6 is actually 5% lighter than the previous C2i model.

When using the trolley, it is actually almost silent when running, the CT6  has an electronic braking system (EBS) which if you have used these electric trolleys over the past years, you will know only too well, what it’s like being dragged down the hill with your trolley and golf bag. 

The braking system (EBS) automatically slows the trolley when it senses a steep slope, which is a really nice feature.


Features & Benefits of the PowaKaddy CT6 GPS

– Fold downs easy in two steps, and is the smallest in range.
– Includes a 2.8” TFT Full colour display
– Integrated GPS Device, with 40,000 preloaded courses – no annual fees
– Bluetooth connectivity to update courses
– Electronic Breaking System (EBS)
– Adjustable Handle
– New improved plug ‘n’ play lithium battery, thinnest and lightest on the market
– Tried and tested Auto-distance function 15/30/45 Yards
– 3 Year Warranty on the Trolley and 5 year for the battery

So, what is the Battery on the PowaKaddy CT6 GPS?

The battery on the PowaKaddy is the upgraded lithium battery, with a very clever plug ‘n’ play system.  Which PowaKaddy are stating is their lightest, thinnest and the most powerful battery they have ever produced. From my own personal testing, this is one of the features which is class leading, I find the PowaKaddy system to be excellent. 


Currently, I own a PowaKaddy FX7 (Check out the Review Here), which has just replace my older FW5, I was quite  happy with the FW5 trolley. It has been  reliable but at the end it was starting to show real signs of wear and was quite wobbly, I have loved the plug ‘n’ play battery however which thankfully they have kept the same.

This battery was such a massive step up from the old ‘car battery type lead acid’, which was very heavy, clumsy and painful to carry around with it knocking into your leg.  

The second-generation plug ‘n’ play battery which PowaKaddy have released is even better, my current one is very easy to handle, so much better than the old lead battery type, that would whack your leg when carrying and was a serious heavy lump.

But the new generation is even smaller, it is actually 40% smaller that my current one, which I find amazing.

Another features which is in the new batteries is a new BMS, which stands for Battery Management System, The BMS  manages the battery and ensures the life is of the battery is much longer.

The Battery is available in two types the 18-hole and 36-hole versions, the battery is protected by a five year warranty.

Battery Weights

18 Hole – 1.8kg
36 Hole – 1.95kg

Must Have Accessories for The PowaKaddy

1. Umbrella Holder – This seems an obvious one, but this is from personal experience an absolute must have. When it starts raining this really does come into its own, I find golf is much more difficult to play in the rain, with extra clothes, waterproof outerwear etc. Having a holder that can hold your umbrella is great. 

Also, when it is raining a top tip is to hang another tower in the inner spokes of you umbrella, so you can keep your hands dry.

2. Travel Cover – I find this cover great, when I have finished my round it does not matter if my trolley is covered in mud, I am not going to be getting my boot (trunk for my American friends) all messed up. 

It is very easy to use, and zips up great. I have in the past owned about three or four of these covers, and the zips always seem to break, this is after a lot of use which is still annoying. 

Another point to note, is the latest one they have made are far better than the original covers, so if you had a really old one, they have come on a lot since then.

3. Rain Cover, if like me you live in the UK, these are great for when it really is wet, I like them for two reasons really. The first is they keep the bag dry, I have a stay-dry bag but still don’t like it dripping with water. 

The second reason is the elasticated top which covers the clubs so much better than the bag covers. The elastic is so easy to take on and off between shots. 

My only criticism about the rain covers and all of the ones I have seen, not just PowaKaddy is they are a real pain when you have to go into your bag. I don’t understand why there is not as zip down panel on the front. 

4. Drinks holder, I actually don’t have one, but really do not know why. It is so helpful to have, and I also look at my friends and wonder why I have not got one.


The PowaKaddy CT6 GPS, is great, really think they have stepped the game up with this one. The big positives for me is the size of it, how much it weighs, the battery.  It is just a really nice robust trolley.

The only areas I feel Powakaddy need to step up their game, is in usability.  I feel walking with these units is still quite basic, if you play on a hilly course like I do, then you need to hold the unit constantly.  

Still don’t know why they do not come with an extra wheel at the back to stop tipping, and also some type of suspension would be very welcome.

The GPS for me is a nice to have.  But I already have a GPS and laser rangefinder. Read the article here

Go check it out, maybe a bit costly but should last years.