PowaKaddy Full Trolley Image

Powakaddy FX7 Review (In-depth review/images)

PowaKaddy Full Trolley Image

Powakaddy FX7 Review (In-depth review/images)

Recently I have been on the lookout for a new powered trolley for my golf clubs.

Over the past couple of decades, I have owned quite a few various powered electric trolleys.

Recently I upgraded my older Powakaddy FW5 for the latest generation Powakaddy FX7.

You would think that after selling more than One Million Electric Trolleys Powakaddy would be making the perfect golf trolley by now, well I must say it is good, but a long way from being perfect.

There are a lot of new features on the Powakaddy FX7 electric trolley which this year are a welcome addition, but the 11kg or 25lb in weight still makes the unit quite difficult to lift and load into the car.

It is also quite bulky even though Powakaddy claim it to be 20% smaller in size. We will check that later when I compare it to my older FW5, but while currently testing the FX7 I have not noticed a size or weight difference when picking it up and moving it around.

On further inspection, it is slightly smaller, but I have to put them together to compare them, but without doing this I would not notice the size difference  when just moving them around.

If you are new to electric golf trolleys, it would be worth reading our Step by Step guide to Electric golf Trolleys.

FX7 v FX5 Size Comparison

What's New on the PowaKaddy FX7

  • 3.5″ Full-Color Wide Screen Display
  • High Power 30-Volt Speed Control System
  • Battery Top Power Button
  • Whisper Quiet Motor
  • Updated Automatic
  • Distance Function
  • Optional – Electronic Braking System
  • Battery Fuel Indicator
  • One Click Fold System

Price-wise, we have seen an increase, I paid £679 for the FX7 unit which included the 36 hole battery, which is expensive in my humble opinion, especially as my golfing buddy stated, “they are a necessary evil when you play as much golf as we do, that do not help to improve your golf!

Unboxing the Powakaddy FX7

In the box, you get the FX7, the battery, charger, hex key to adjust the frame and an information booklet. 

At the time of purchase, I also opted to buy the umbrella holder which I feel is a must, and you might think I am being a little down on the unit so far but the umbrella holder is such a huge step forward in comparison to the last model which was awful.

When using it I was always concerned as it looked like it would snap off with the slightest gust of wind (it never did).

I didn’t purchase the travel cover, as I am just using my old one from the FW5, but for the cost of the unit, I would expect Powakaddy to be supplying one of these with the trolley, especially in England where I live, as it is wetter than a frog in a pond.

There is nothing worse than having to put your golf trolley back in the car covered in mud following a game of wet, muddy golf.

Powakaddy FX7 Basics

Before we jump into the functionality and usage of the unit, let us look at the basics of the unit.

While the unit has a certain look of the older model, the redesign has been positive, the new design does look sleeker and even though it would seem I am already being quite harsh, I think this electric trolley is the most pleasing to the eye out of all the electric trolleys on the market.

I like the carbon fibre framing around the battery which really stands out, I also like the new one fold system, the large button on the handle which you press in is so much easier to use than that of the last model, and does feel real quality over the last sliding version on the older model.

The two clicks/slide system on the older series Powakaddy Freeway model, which after a time would become hard to move and stick in place which happened on many occasions has in the past been quite annoying to use, so I am pleased that has been changed. 

FX7 Image

The Measurements of the Powakaddy FX7

  • Weight 11.55KG including 36 Hole Battery (slightly less with the 18 hole battery)
  • Height: 805mm
  • Width: 560mm
  • Depth: 1170mm

Screen & Controls

The 3.5″ screen is a nice feature, I didn’t have the older FW7 to compare but what I am seeing I do quite like, I especially like the battery gauge which is designed like a car fuel gauge, so you know how much battery you have left rather than the previous Powakaddy Freeway model which the green indicator means good to go, then yellow for “oh my god I hope it doesn’t run out at the bottom of this hill meter. 

The screen is really clear to see and a lot of thought has gone into the layout and look.  After a number of rounds (in all weather) I have found it easy to use and I do like it.

FX7 Screen

The Unit also has a USB charging port, which is underneath the handle, it is not in the best place, I am sure this is due to IP protection (weather) but it is a bit annoying using it, in that location.

The 3.5″ screen is a really good size, it has quite a few decent features if you want to use them, like distance of your drive, or you can use the approach function which you can then pace out from the 150 marker on the golf course, but if you are paying the kind of money for the top of the range electric trolley, I am sure you will have a GPS device or laser.

Also if you have not read my article on How accurate GPS devices are, you might think again anyway.  If you have not, read it here. How accurate are Golf GPS Devices?

FX7 Screen

The other features are a calorie counter, round timer, steps monitor but then the most useful feature I found…. A clock to tell the time!

All joking apart, it is a nice display with good visuals for speed and battery charge availability.


The battery LED indicator may seem a little strange that I am bringing this to your attention, but it is a positive feature to have an on and off switch on the top of the battery, and also to have an illuminated indicator to inform you of this is a good step forward, the old model had a sliding red switch on the bottom which I never moved from the on position in years.

The battery itself is one of the reasons why I stayed with Powakaddy, still using the easy clip plug ‘n’ play system which is so easy to use, the only two areas I feel they should have updated is the plugin method, the three little strange connectors are a real pain to plugin, and you would assume that in today’s world it would at least be a USB type connection of some description as a charge point, but when checking out the Motocaddy options I still feel it is the best lithium battery system between both brands.

FX7 Battery Cavity

The second feature which the trolley does not have which I do not understand why, you do not have an option to charge the battery while it is fitted to the trolley, you have to take it out and charge separately, surely this should be an option.

On a further point, if you have not upgraded your electric trolley in a long time and you are still using the Lead Acid batteries then the new Lithium battery technology is a delight, the weight difference is tremendous and a real pleasure to use over the awful clunky heavy batteries of old.

FX7 battery

Automatic Distance Function

The automatic distance function is a vast improvement to the old style, I didn’t like how you operated the Freeway model and just had the three numbers of 1-2-3 for 15, 30 and 45 yard travel, if my memory serves me right.

I would always watch it drive off and hope it stopped, which usually it did.

This model however has a confidence-inspiring feature, with uses actual distances rather than those three numbers.

In the below image you can see the 30, which is now how you alter what distance you want the FX7 to travel.

Automatic Distance on FX7


The motor on the new model is more powerful, I don’t know if that is the motor or the more powerful battery, but it does move off well.

Powakaddy seems to be pushing the whisper-quiet motor a lot in their marketing campaigns.

The model is quieter, but I didn’t find the last model noisy, so I do not really understand the real push they are making on this point, especially when the movement of the trolley has zero shock absorption, so the bag chatter from travelling on uneven ground is still as annoying as all of the other trolleys over the years I have owned, for the price we are paying why has no engineering team designed  some basic springs to try and alleviate that problem? Maybe that’s next year’s model upgrade!

FX7 Motor

Electronic Breaking

My FX7 Powakaddy trolley has not got that feature, and actually, I think I should have added it, I do feel it is a good idea, especially on hilly courses. I played with a guy this week who had knee surgery and didn’t know this feature existed, which for some will be a great added benefit not having to strain and take the weight of the trolley, clubs and bag down a steep hill, but surely is this an expensive feature to include as standard?

Motorcaddy also provides this as an option, this could have been a smart differentiator for one of these guys to include as standard.

This would have come in very handy for me last year, using the automatic distance function, I didn’t estimate the correct distance and ended up watching my trolley fly down a huge hill and smash the front wheel off, which my playing partners found hilarious, I, on the other hand, was furious and had to play the next 13 holes with no front wheel which looking back was very amusing, and after the round surprisingly cheap to repair.

Height Adjustable Handle

Something as simple as this is a good idea, you have to loosen a Hex nut and it will free up the handle to adjust the height, which is nice to tailor the height to you, if you share your trolley with another member of your family then this could be quite problematic as you will have to keep removing the screw and adjusting if it bothers you so much.

Only I will be using mine so this is not an issue, just a once-only set-up.

FX7 Height Adjustable Handle

New Alignment Front Wheel

A nice touch here, if you trolley cannot keep on a straight line, it is very simple to adjust the trim, by the movement of the wheel. I do like this feature.

Powakaddy FX7 Usage Basics

Now it’s time to get it out of the car and on the golf course.

When you fit the bag on the trolley, I like the new bungee straps, they are far more user friendly than the Freeway versions, I think the trolley looks modern and is pleasing to the eye, if you use a golf bag that is not designed for a cart, you will struggle to get a decent fit, I do not know why they do not provide a stand bag adjustment strap or some other feature to help secure your bag.

FX7 Wheel

The new anti-tamper button to start the trolley is better, so it is much harder to set it off by accident with my hip or fat belly!

The pick up and power of the unit is quick and it moves at a decent pace straight away, the controls are easy to use and adjust the speed as necessary to your walking pace.

The only point I would stress is in my opinion the overall ride is no real change from the last. Still very bumpy and jerky and does not seem fully stable, for instance, you would not send it up a steep incline and walk behind without touching the handle for fear of the electric trolley tipping up.

This doesn’t seem to just be a Powakaddy thing, but an electric trolley thing.

Going over uneven ground will make your irons fly all over the place and the dreaded bag chatter marks will appear on your clubs. But hey ho I guess your irons need to get to know one another anyway!

Optional Extras on the PowaKaddy Series

The new range has several accessories you can buy to fit, I opted for the umbrella holder as mentioned earlier, which is so easy to fit. Well done to the team at Powakaddy because the last one on the previous Powakaddy Freeway model was a real pain in the neck to fit.

The design is far better and much sturdier.

You can also attach further gadgets to the umbrella holder such as

  • Scorecard Holder
  • GPS Holder
  • Drinks Holder
FX7 Umbrella Holder


In many ways you can see the journey Powakaddy has been on, they keep improving their product on each release, if like me you needed a new electric trolley because of wear and tear then it is a good option, the design of the electric trolley is decent, but the plastic build quality could be improved.

All in all, I am quite happy with the purchase and will use it a lot. The three-year guarantee on the trolley and five-year guarantee on the battery will be put to the test.

For the just price I paid it is the top end I would pay for a trolley, but from the other units I checked out, it is the one I chose I am pleased I went for this one. Good trolley, good guarantee, but could be improved.

I nearly decide on the smaller CT6 but the FX7 just topped it at the end.  Read our review here.

Hope you found this review of interest, I have tried to be as impartial as possible and wanted to give a balanced view of what I like and dislike on the Powakaddy FX7 Electric golf trolley.