SKLZ Gold Golf Swing Trainer Review

SKLZ Gold Golf Swing Trainer Review

SKLZ Gold Golf Swing Trainer Review

SKLZ Gold Golf Swing Trainer Review

The SKLZ gold golf swing trainer, let’s discuss what this will do for your game. 

In the below article we discuss and review the features and benefits of the SKLZ Gold Golf Trainer review and if it could be a good purchase for you.

 To start with it is allowed to be in your golf bag, you can practice with the swing trainer before you start your round of golf. It is not allowed to be used while you are in the middle of your round. 

So let’s see what the manufacturer says about its product the SKLZ Gold golf swing trainer.

SKLZ state, the Gold Flex golf swing trainer is designed to improve your swing tempo, your strength, and your flexibility. The exaggerated flex in the shaft will help lengthen your swing by keeping your hands and arms extended. 

SKLZ state that the trainer creates power to help you bomb your drive down the fairway and gain more distance. They have stated that the extra flex in the shaft also encourages a slight lag at the top of your back swing, establishing the ideal swing tempo, so making it a tempo trainer as well.

The SKLZ Tempo Trainer is also used by PGA Tour Professional Tony Finau.

SKLZ also claim that the momentum in the weighted head of the club encourages the correct method of weight transfer on impact.  The training aid also assists with helping the golfer with a full follow through, which teaches the golfer better form, balance, and increased power. 

The first thing you notice about the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer is you’ve got this very flexible shaft with a big yellow weight on the end, it is rubberised, so if you whack it on the floor, or the driving range mat, it should  not get damaged, well mine hasn’t. 

As you swing it is really going to help you with your tempo, your rhythm, and your timing. The swing trainer stops you having a jerky movement on your takeaway, creating a smooth takeaway, while moving up and reaching the top of your swing.  

The SKLZ gold golf swing trainer then really comes into its own, if like many golfers you struggle with a fast transition or rushed movement at the top of your swing. The Trainer will give instant feedback from the bending in the shaft of the training aid,  it feels strange when the shaft overly bends, so it encourages you to stop. 

I found that using this training aid has helped with my swing tempo.  So if you are struggling with a quick transition, a quick swing like me, then I feel it helps with tempo and the transition portion of my swing.

When I am using the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer at the driving range, I usually do about 15 to 20 swings with the trainer, and then hit 15 to 20 balls, so I can carry the feel of what the trainer is revealing to me, and the relevant ‘feels’ we need.  

At the practice facility at my golf club I have demonstrated the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer to other members at the course, it is interesting to see their reactions when using the golf swing trainer for the first time.  When I am explaining how to use the training aid, I asked them to have ten to fifteen swings with the swing trainer.  Then they hit a ball with their own club and because the trainer is so heavy over their own club the feel is fantastic and you get the feeling of ‘superman strength’, and have the ability to hit the golf ball harder when using your golf club.   

The benefits I found from using the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer.

  • Better Tempo
  • More Power
  • Looser muscles
 The SKLZ gold golf swing trainer it really has a number of features.  The  first thing about the club is it is a fitness training aid.  
Using the training aid for a prolonged period of time and having a good few swings with it, it really had my heart pumping, so could be used a fitness tool.
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Second feature I found and personally benefited from was through the body stretch that the swing trainer created. 

For example In a morning the it really does get the muscles stretched out, and ready for the first tee shot of the day, If you like a few beers the night before like me, then it is pretty good at waking the body up.  

The third feature I found with this trainer.  I have the trainer in my golf bag and have used it over the past two years (which you can see from the first image). I feel it is a great warm-up tool, and while swinging back and forth really helps me get into a nice rhythm and the feeling of staying on plane. 

Because of the big weight at the end of the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer, the training aid simulates what the old professional golfer of yesteryear did, by swinging multiple clubs to warm up. 

The only difference this device doesn’t simulate it, it performs the task so much better.

The SKLZ gold golf swing trainer does also help with the path of the club, as you swing it back and forth I have found it kind of automatically gets the club more on the right path, I have struggled with coming over the top with my golf swing.

The golf trainer has helped with my flexibility, and it could have helped me with adding a little more power, but I did not check or try to check any data.

The tempo of my golf swing has definitely improved, in the past I was guilty of being pretty quick with my golf swing, but find this helps me to be a touch smoother.  If I am quick with the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer, it gives you instant feedback. The shaft in the club just bends a lot and makes you adjust your swing speed.

Once you use the swing trainer it will feel a little strange the first time you use it, but you must keep going as the benefits I have found have been really worthwhile, at the start of last year I cut three shots off my handicap, I am not saying that is down to the SKLZ Gold golf swing trainer but it has defiantly helped.

One other positive, if the training aid makes you hit your drive a bit further, and helps with consistency then it really is a win, win situation. 

Looking at the claims of the manufacturer, I have not really felt any difference in my balance or weight transfer, but feel it has helped my tempo and feel it has increased my power.  After using this item for over two years it is a testament to the quality of the SKLZ gold golf swing trainer. 

You can see from my SKLZ gold golf swing trainer that it is well used and a bit battered and bruised, but it still works the same now as when I bought it new.  This is an item I would recommend, and I feel it helps me before each game of golf I play, especially those early morning tee times where you are as stiff as a board.