Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet

Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet

There is nothing more annoying than shoes that do not fit properly. If you have ever experienced this, you will know how the feeling of the shoes being too loose or too tight can quickly take over your every thought.

When you are playing golf, the last thing you want is for your concentration to be taken off your game and onto your ill-fitting shoes.

But this doesn’t need to be something that ruins your day and you game of golf.

There are plenty of great women’s golf shoes for narrow feet and while you may feel that you will never find the perfect pair of shoes, we are here to tell you that your problem may now be solved.

Adidas Code Chaos W Image

In this article, we are going to be sharing our top picks for women’s narrow golf shoes, all of which are of an exceptional quality and are available for narrow feet.

The golf shoes which are best for narrow feet: 

FootJoy Women Pro SL
FootJoy FJ Flex Women
Adidas Code Chaos Women

We will also be sharing our top tips for finding the best pair for you and the best features and benefits to consider.

The Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet

When you look at any type of footwear, you will notice that women’s shoes always tend to be much narrower than men’s, even if they are the same size.

This is because manufacturers are vastly aware of the fact that women typically have a much more slender frame than men and this requires a different shaped shoe.

However, there are some women whose feet are even more slender and wearing a shoe that is too loose has several disadvantages.

Primarily, it will put you off your game and make you lose focus, Golf is not the easiest sport at the best of times so anything that serves to distract you should be avoided at all costs.

What’s more, shoes that are too loose can cause pain and other issues with your feet.

One of the most common issues faced by women who wear shoes that are too loose is that the shoes will move around and this can cause friction which will lead to blisters.

Once you get these, you will likely see yourself off the golf course until they have healed.

Shoes that are loose will also not offer a good level of support, and this can result in various painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Worse than blisters, this condition could see you off your feet for several weeks and in the most severe cases, it can require surgery to repair the ailment.

So, it stands to reason that selecting a good pair of golf shoes, that fit well is the way forward.

But where to start?

There are so many shoes that all claim to work well for narrow feet when in reality, all they do is allow you to tighten the laces a little more.

We have scoured the different shoe manufacturers to bring you some of the best picks of women’s golf shoes for narrow feet.

FootJoy Women Pro SL

Footjoy Pro SL Boa Image

One of the first things to catch the eye about these shoes is that they come in a choice of colours and there is the option to design your own.

If you want a pair of golf shoes that make you stand out and helps you express your personality, then that is a great advantage.

There is also the choice to select how narrow or wide you would like the fit.
In terms of functionality, you will find these an extremely comfortable pair of shoes.

They are lightweight and made from durable yet comfortable leather with a cushioned sole for added comfort.

They fit wider at the toe but narrower at the heel and offer superior traction thanks to the outsole pods which will grip effortlessly to the ground.

Furthermore, these shoes are fully waterproof so even if the heavens decide to open, your feet won’t feel a thing.

This waterproof function is guaranteed for a year!

FootJoy FJ Flex Women

Much like the previous pair, these shoes come in a choice of colours; just because these are sports shoes that serve a practical purpose it should not mean that they don’t look incredible.

But aside from aesthetics, they have a lot to offer.

You can choose the fit, so if you have slightly narrower feet, you can feel confident that these will meet your needs.

The shoes feature a VersaTrax sole which gives you ultimate traction both on and off the course.

If you play a lot in the summer months – who doesn’t – then you will need a pair of golf shoes that are breathable.

The good news is that these feature a mesh upper which offers excellent breathability, preventing the feet from sweating.

If this happens, moisture can build up and this can cause friction within the shoe.
What’s more, they feature an EVA midsole.

This type of midsole is designed for maximum comfort.

You will notice the added cushioning and support that these golf shoes provide for your feet so even if the game drags on, your feet will keep going.

Adidas Code Chaos Women

Adidas Code Chaos W Image

Once again, these shoes come in a choice of fashionable colours and designs, all of which feature the classic Adidas three stripe design.

But far from just being easy on the eye, these shoes are ideal for women with narrow feet thanks to the improved fit.

They also have an innovative spineless design that is ideal for the golf course, offering excellent traction and superior comfort.

They have a Chaos Traxion and Twist Grip sole which allows the shoe to grip to the ground effortlessly, leaving you free to get on with your game.

They also boast a textile upper that is fully waterproof, making this an excellent choice for wet or unpredictable weather.

Where comfort is concerned, this is essential and this comfort is further enhanced thanks to the amazing cushioning inside the shoe.

Things To Consider When Buying Women’s Golf Shoes For Narrow Feet

Whatever shoes you decide on, you need to make sure that they are going to meet your needs.

There are several things that you will need to think about when choosing your golf shoes as getting the wrong pair can end up being disastrous, not to mention a waste of your hard-earned cash.

With that in mind, it is important to think about some of the following things.


You will have noticed that some of our top picks featured a waterproof upper. Since golf takes place on grass, having waterproof shoes is vital, even if it is not currently raining.

When playing on wet ground, the last thing you want is water seeping into your shoes from the grass.


While you will need to make sure that you are covered for wet weather, you should also make sure that the shoes are also good for hot weather.

Having a breathable lining or mesh upper is a great way to ensure the best airflow around your shoes.

Type Of Shoe

There are several different types of golf shoes and it is important to choose one that suits your needs and your personal preference.

● Spiked or cleated golf shoes feature, as you can imagine, spikes on the outsole.

One of the largest benefits of using a spiked shoe is that it gives much greater traction. This means that you are much more stable when taking your swing.

● Non-spiked golf shoes are very popular and come in a range of designs, such as those we have looked at today.

You will find that many of these have rubber studs on the sole for traction and provide excellent comfort and style.

● Golf boots are great for when the weather gets a little colder. Unlike golf shoes which sit below the ankle, golf boots come above the ankle and offer a greater degree of warmth.

They are also waterproof and great for wet weather.

● Golf sandals are ideal for summertime when you need something a little more breathable.

They may not be as supportive, or stylish but they are much more lightweight and very comfortable.

We have also written an article on the differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes, read it here. Spikes vs Spikeless golf shoes and do they make a difference.


If you have narrow feet, you will want to consider the type of fastening more than other people might.

This is because if the fastening is not secure, the shoe may feel loose.

In the main, golf shoes feature laces and these are extremely secure but there are now a lot of shoes that have a velcro fastening which is both secure and quick to use.


Having a good pair of golf shoes that fit well can make a massive difference to how you play.

They can make you feel more stable, more comfortable and will not distract you.
If you have narrow feet, there are plenty of wonderful shoes on the market that are specifically designed for women like you.

It is important to look at the features to make sure that shoes will work for how you intend to use them but our selection of the best women’s golf shoes for narrow feet will give you some fantastic choices.