Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip Review

Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip Review

Following the successful release of the Footjoy Traditions range, the team at Footjoy have extended the range with the new 2022, Footjoy Traditions Field Tip series, which from first look and feel looks great.

They are slightly more expensive than the range of the main traditions series but they do look smart.

The Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip are still less expensive than the Premiere series, so are more cost-effective, and if like me you change your golf shoes every year, or whenever a new pair comes out then who cares.

Below is an honest review of the Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip, hope it helps you if you are in the market for a fresh pair of Golf shoes for the 2022 season.

From handling these shoes and wearing them, I really do like the fact we have a range of shoes that are classic in look, I was going to mention classic in feel, but that is where the difference is massive. 

Back in the day when I used to wear the older Footjoy Dryjoys in the 1990s, it used to take ages to break them in, and I would be limping round a golf course with huge blisters on my heels, shouting at my nice new shiny golf shoes, but not anymore. No idea how Footjoy is doing this, but the shoes are so light and instantly feel like slippers.

If you are reading this, and can’t bring yourself to try these because you are used to wearing new trainer style golf shoes, but like the look of the new Footjoy Classic Ranges, well go to your local golf store and try them, because they do not feel like your Sunday shoes of old anymore, as Footjoy has manufactured them for improved comfort, in my opinion, to look classic but have the technology in them to perform more like an athletic golf shoe.

The Footjoy Shield Tip is still using the cleated sole or the spike on the bottom of the shoe, as we all know this is a tried and tested method to help support your grip on the golf course, and while some golf shoes have been produced just for comfort and have let the stability slip a little (pardon the pun), Footjoy has not done that.

Also if you want a spikeless golf shoe, then why would you not have a look at the Footjoy Pro SL range, as they are top of the tree not only when I am playing golf, but also on the Professional golf tours like the PGA Tour.

Design and Look - Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip

On the bottom of the Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip, Footjoy has designed in the Pulsar spiked cleats for full traction grip and stability, as we know, it does help with the stability when striking the ball.

The Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip may not have the all-out full Versa Trax + grip and stability system, which is standard on the Footjoy Premiere series, with their 360 degrees of grip for complete traction, but I would not be too concerned, I play all year round in the UK, and it gets very wet and slippery, but I have not noticed any real issues for me.

There are other differences when you do a like for like comparison to the Premiere series, and the Traditions series and the Shield Tip are a lot lighter and do seem not as structured, but for the cost difference, I would expect that.

The Footjoy Traditions Field Tip has the usual stuff like the foam midsole and all the other technology which you would expect, but they are stating the shoe has the Laser Sport Fit, which incorporates the more rounded toe, which I personally like and has the standard fitting characteristics across the forefoot, but the construction has a slightly narrower heel which produces a more athletic profile.

When you are wearing the Field Tip, it is comfortable and has improved comfort over the golf shoes I had of old, with a feeling of complete support for the foot.

As with the Footjoy Traditions range, I do like the stitching on the shoe, it is a real eye-catcher, and does enhance the look of the shoe in my opinion.

Are Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip Waterproof?

Yes they are, they are guaranteed to be waterproof for 12-months but from my experience, the waterproofing usually lasts a lot longer than a year.

However, on the rare occasion that I have had a pair of Footjoy golf shoes that have leaked within a year, they have always been replaced straight away.

Colorways Available for the Footjoy Traditions Shield Tip

Footjoy has released three different colors in this range

  • White
  • Navy
  • Grey


Not a surprise when I say, I love them.  

Think they look great, not too bold, very classic, but are comfortable and perform on the golf course when I need them too.

Already really liked the Traditions range, but the introduction of the Footjoy Traditions Sheild Tip is great.  Next time you are in the market for a pair of golf shoes, I would give these a test.  

The only area that it might not be for everyone in the full cleated version, so you cannot wear them away from the golf course, that is not an issue for me but could be for you. 

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