Best Golf Ball Retriever in 2021

Best Golf Ball Retriever in 2021

Best Golf Ball Retriever in 2021

Best Golf Ball Retriever in 2021

People who are new to golf often assume that golf clubs and golf balls are the most essential and required items that golfers need. These are without a doubt a very essential item.
However, they’re only part of the equipment that golfers are required to need before playing golf.

Other items that are equally important to be able to play golf are the other main items you need to make the round more enjoyable such as golf shoes, having a golf bag and other smaller items such as golf gloves, and a golf ball retriever.

It’s rare for people new to golf to have their own golf ball retrievers.

Nevertheless, this does depend on the type of golf course you play, if you usually play a golf course with little or no water, then you may not need a golf ball retriever, but golf courses with lots of water, having a golf ball retriever is an essential part of your golf equipment.
In this article, we’ll talk about the best golf ball retriever, how to use a golf ball retriever and what’s on the market now for the best golf ball retrievers in 2021.

What Is A Golf Ball Retriever?

A golf ball retriever is a retractable, or non-retractable pole that consists of the following parts:

• head
• spring
• brad
• telescoping part (for retractable) or pole (for non-retractable)
• handle

Most golf balls have the abovementioned parts.

However, some models don’t have the head part of the unit and work and operate by pulling the golf ball through a hollow pole.

As the name implies, a golf ball retriever is designed and used for retrieving or picking up a golf ball.

Nevertheless, this isn’t an item that you have to buy just because you’re feeling lazy, they are designed to help the golfer, and even protect them from injury.

Specifically, golf ball retrievers are used to retrieve golf balls safely that land in water hazards or can be used to retrieve balls that have landed in a bunker, from say a provisional ball.

They can be also very useful for other spots on or around the golf course that can’t easily be accessed.

What is a Good Golf Ball Retriever?

A good golf ball retriever has the following features and functionality and is one which is:


A good golf ball retriever is easily retractable. That being said, you can adjust the length as much as is required to perform the task.

Retractability or being  telescopic is a very important feature because it allows for easy storage and versatility at the same time.

You can opt to store it in your golf bag without any problems.

Also, it enables you to reach for the golf ball that ended up in the water hazard.

Most retractable golf retrievers in the market have an average reach of 4 to 5 feet.

Even so, they’re more expensive golf ball retrievers which can reach up to 15 feet.

Most retractable golf ball retrievers that are available have a telescopic feature, which makes them easier to store and use. 

Before choosing to purchase, you should check if the telescopic part of the unit retracts smoothly and doesn’t make any strange catching noises.

Furthermore, the individual sections of the telescopic retriever must be well aligned and fit perfectly together, they shouldn’t wobble or shake, and make sure the material is robust like a stainless steel or other robust quality material.

Head Design

The head of a good golf ball retriever is wide enough to pick the golf ball with ease without dropping it.

In simple terms, the circumference of the head must fit perfectly with the size of the golf ball.

Furthermore, the head shouldn’t bend or turn while carrying the golf ball. Trusted manufacturers ensure that this doesn’t happen by securing the head that provides support and enables tight lock.

Ergonomic Handle

A good high quality golf ball retriever comes with a well-designed ergonomic handle.

This is to provide support for the golfer whenever he or she is retrieving the golf ball.

The worst thing that can happen to golfers is wrist injuries, finger injuries, etc.

An ergonomic handle helps to prevent such issues, and this is why most trusted brands of golf ball retrievers make sure this is a feature.


Finally, a good high quality golf ball retriever is light.

As much as possible, you don’t want to have a retriever that is heavy, which will make it difficult to pick up your ball and maybe cause injury.

The weight of the unit should typically be around 1 kilo or less.

Golf Ball Retrievers: Our Top Recommendations

Callaway Ultra Lite Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

Callaway Ultra Lite Retractable Golf Ball Retriever is a golf ball retriever with a very durable head, lightweight construction, and telescoping part that retracts smoothly.

Very well made golf ball retriever, the circular head really does make scooping the golf ball up a very easy proicess.

Callaway have knocked it out of the part in terms of weight, at only being 8oz, and can extend to 9 feet while retracting to onlt 18 inches.

This device should easily fit into one of the side pockets, and is why this is our choice for best golf ball retriever.

Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever

Igotcha golf ball retriever is suitable for golf courses with large water hazards.

The maximum reach of this unit is 10 feet and is more than enough for you to retrieve a golf ball from a water hazard without any hassle.

Also, the head of the unit comes, with a patented spring release for a tight lock on the golf ball.

What we don’t like about this one is it’s heavier than some of the others.
Manufacturers say that this product only weighs 8 ounces.

However, Igotcha Golf Ball Retriever feels like it weighs more.

Nevertheless, it’s length makes up for this issue.

Datrek Golf Ball Retriever

This one is very cheap but works as well as more expensive golf ball retrievers.

Datrek’s head comes with a jagged rubberized grip that does well in holding wet golf balls.

Also, its handle is very soft when you are gripping.

One thing that we don’t like about this product is the telescopic function.

The sections do not retract as smoothly as others on the market and the unit can become quite dirty.

Mile High Life Golf Ball Retriever

This golf ball retriever comes with a stainless-steel telescopic feature, that’s light and durable.

Another feature of this unit is the head functions through suction or pulling mechanism, which helps for holding the golf ball a little more secure.

How do I use a Golf Ball Retriever?

Having the best golf ball retriever for you, is something you will have to think about, personally I want one that is telescopic and easy to use, and it easily in my golf bag .

The video I have included below demonstrates how you a golf ball retriever, it just extends out in a telescopic function.

You then locate the golf ball and roll the head of the device with either a hinged cup retractable golf ball retriever or a scoop type over the golf ball, which will wither hold it in place or collect it in the scoop until you can return it safely to the side.

Does a ball retriever count as a club in your bag?

No, it does not count as a club in your bag, having a golf ball retriever is just the same as carrying an alignment stick or even an umbrella.

Does having a golf ball retriever in 2021 break the rules?

No, you are not breaking the rules of golf by carrying a golf ball retriever, unless there is a local rule at a golf course not allowing you to use one.

But in general there is no problem using one.


Golf ball retrievers are what you need for retrieving a golf ball safely and without the danger or hassle of falling in a water hazard, who many times have you seen a golfer on his knees trying in vain to retrieve his ball with a golf club and failing?

The features and benefits of a good golf ball retriever that we discussed earlier, will help you make a more informed purchase.

Just think if you have a golf ball retriever just think about all the golf call you could find, check out our article on Can I make Money from Collecting Used Golf Balls and Selling Them?

We hope that this article has helped and made you a little more informed about the various retrievers on the market.