Top Five Men’s Best Spike Less FootJoy Golf Shoes in 2020

Top Five Men’s Best Spike Less FootJoy Golf Shoes in 2020

FootJoy is definitely a golf shoe brand that is synonymous with Golf.

They have been making the highest quality golf shoes for decades.

From my personal experience they manufacture very comfortable, robust and stylish golf shoes.

Both in spiked and spike less designs.

In this article we are going to focus on the top five men’s best spike less FootJoy golf shoes in 2020.

Our goal is to detail out to the golfer, the best five spike less FootJoy golf shoes available for 2020.

I will give an honest review and detail below the top five we have tested from FootJoy.

FootJoy have been supplying the professional golf game for more than sixty years, and still today they are the most popular golf shoe worn on the PGA and European professional golf tours.

FootJoy Pro SL Carbon

The FootJoy pro SL golf shoe incorporates the FTF or Fine-Tuned Foam, which has been designed to give greater cushioning and help with superior stability.

Features and benefits

The FootJoy pro SL, has a 100% waterproof leather called ChromoSkin, which has been designed to be lightweight and durable.

Over the past few years I have personally have had a few pairs of the Pro/SL and have been very pleased with how they have performed, and the level of comfort that they have provided.

The FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon, the carbon runs the full length of the sole of the shoe.  This has been added to decrease the weight and make the Pro SL shoe lighter.

Which to give added lightweight stability, it is the same leather material as the Pro SL so the ChromoSkin.  

The Pro SL Carbon also incorporates a foam collar.

This golf shoe is the most worn spike less shoe on the PGA and European Tours.

The FootJoy Pro SL Carbon has two colour choices

  • White
  • Black.

FootJoy Pro SL

So, the Pro SL is really the standard when it comes to spike less golf shoes, I have had a number of these and I have found them extremely comfortable, they maintain a good level of grip, and look great.

The Pro SL has a real good standard of foam support, and the shoe feels very solid when worn, which in my opinion helps me swing with club with confidence, knowing that I am supported and not going to slip when hitting the golf ball.

Let’s see what FootJoy are saying about the Pro SL. 

They have redesigned the entire shoe which was going against the advice they received, from the PGA Tour golfers that were wearing them. 

FootJoy are stating that the new Pro SL has 30% more points of traction, and have used a PowerHarness to wrap the foot in more comfort.

The guys are also stating that the new Pro SL has “GRIP THAT JUST WON’T QUIT” by improving ground contact by 17%.

The Pro SL is also 100% waterproof and has the Chromoskin leather outer to protect from the elements, this is a great golf shoe and one to definitely consider.

The Footjoy Pro SL has four colour choices

  • White/Grey/Blue
  • White/Grey
  • Black/Lime
  • Navy/Light Blue

FootJoy FJ Flex XP

These shoes look great, they are such a cross over shoe.

This would not look out of place in a gym or going down to the local café.

The shoe is surprisingly 100% waterproof, when examining how the shoe has been made, the fabric and mesh upper is covered in a type of plastic film.

In the UK these are guaranteed to be waterproof for 12 months.

When you try these on, they are so trainer like it is crazy, they are super comfortable and, in my opinion, would be a great shoe for the summer months.

When I tried them on, I would like to state that the grip on the sole is not as good as say the Pro SL, and I didn’t find them to be as stable and supportive, so would wonder how they would respond on continued golf use.

These golf shoes are not as expensive as the FootJoy pro SL, so if you want a good all-round golf shoe then these are definitely worth consideration.

In my opinion the FJ flex XP is a summer shoe, that would be a good crossover, to be able to drive the car in, go to the golf driving range, and go play nine holes at the golf course.

Let’s see what FootJoy are saying about them?

FootJoy are stating the FJ Flex XP has a new Versa-Trax outsole, which has a traction element placed on the sole to help with traction on the course and off the golf course, which has been designed so the shoe can be worn as a casual shoe.

They are also stating that the lightweight upper is fully waterproof and guaranteed for a year.

The FootJoy FJ Flex XP has three colour choices

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White

FootJoy Contour Casual has been around for a number of years, the latest is without a doubt a tremendously comfortable golf shoe to wear on the golf course or off the golf course.

Let’s see what FootJoy are saying about the Contour.

The Contour has been designed to provide supreme comfort which has been tested by millions of golfers over the many years these have been in production.

The upper part of the golf shoe has been manufactured with the NappaLUXE leather, and it is designed to be waterproof, with a one-year guarantee.

In my personal opinion I believe these are designed for the summer time, and for use in dry weather, if it rains, they will be ok and keep the water out.

But I wouldn’t be using these in the deepest parts of winter in the United Kingdom

The Contour has three colour choices,

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black

The FootJoy FJ Flex, is a super comfortable summer shoe, the FJ Flex is a good-looking shoe, and very representative of a trainer.

This golf shoe is definitely designed to be a crossover shoe in my opinion, I do not think it will appeal to the golf traditionalist, but for a golf shoe that works on and off the golf course then this is definitely up there with the best.

There are three colour options for the FJ Flex golf shoe, but my personal preference is the white.

The golf shoe itself is very lightweight, and the mesh upper is very breathable.

Let’s see what FootJoy are stating about the FJ Flex.

As with the FJ Flex XP, this golf shoe has the Versa-Trax system on the sole which is designed for grip and on-course performance, this shoe has been designed for both on and off the golf course wear, with incredible lightweight performance and comfort.

This shoe is not waterproof.

The FootJoy FJ Flex has three colour choices

  • White/Grey
  • Navy
  • Grey