Can You Only Play Golf if you are Rich?

Can you Only Play Golf if you are Rich?

So, this is a very broad question to answer, and the answer is what part of the world you live, and how new the game is to that area.

The reason I state this, is Japan. When the game of golf first arrived in Japan it was definitely the game for the people that could afford it, but now it is slowly filtering down and becoming more affordable for the general golfer. 

This is the same in the Middle East. It is extremely expensive to water a golf course and the costs to play are high because costs have to be covered, also it is not being fully played by the local residents, so is still a game for the wealthier expat community.

From my personal experience and living in the United Kingdom, golf is very cheap to play and I believe there is little barrier to entry.

I started golf in the 1980’s, I was given a cut down six iron to go and hit golf balls down  local park.

After whacking golf balls around for a summer, I really enjoyed playing the game of golf and decided that I would buy a second hand set of golf clubs, and I managed to get a set for £7, which is about $10 US.

In the UK we have municipal golf courses which are open to the public, and as a junior golfer they were very cheap to play.

This is why in my opinion the UK has so many of the best golfers in the world, with approximately 20% in the top 100 of the PGA Tour, because there is no real barrier to play golf.

Is Golf Expensive to play?

Unfortunately for the game of golf, it still has this stigma, that people are upper class, rich and are snobby. 

It is also total garbage that you need to spend thousands of pounds to start playing golf. As I mentioned there is enough second hand clubs, or even free clubs that people do not use anymore, for someone to begin playing golf. 

Another example is cycling, if you want to buy the best bike on the market, you can spend thousands and thousands of pounds, but I could also pick one up tomorrow for a few pounds or even for free. 

You can also buy a brand-new beginner set for a hundred or two hundred pounds. Please see the article of Beginners Guide to Golf

Is Golf the Snobbish Sport of Suburbia?

Well if you read this article by Terrence Blacker at the independent newspaper, you can really understand why some people of the general public would have the miscomprehension that the game of golf, is a pointless activity of hitting a golf ball around a tended lawn, with a bunch of old snobs.

You can read the article here

Well Mr Blacker imagines that golf clubs are full of upper class elitists,  that golfers require “absolutely no tactical skill”, well this is exactly the problem some people have, instead of removing any misconceptions and going to try a new sport, which millions of people love.

To just decide you do not like something and lambast others who do is totally ridiculous.

In my experience the days are gone when you have to be from a certain class to play golf, or have a certain amount of money, golf is a great game, that will keep you entertained, fit and extend your social circle.

Unlike my other hobby of football (Soccer), when you get older it is very hard to sustain the level of play that you did as a child, and young adult, unlike golf which you can keep playing to a high level for many decades with Professional golfer competing at the highest level well into their 50’s.

So, instead of people calling the game of golf because they once read a book from the 1940’s, get your head out of the sand and go and meet real golfers.

Go meet the thousands of PGA professionals who struggle to make a living, but do so to teach kids and adults alike.

Because they love the game of golf. The article I have linked to  makes me so angry and I could not be more annoyed with guys who have a public voice, and write an article to just sell papers.


Golf can be as cheap of as expensive as you make it, if you started like me then golf will cost you next to nothing to get one golf club and go find some golf balls and go play with your mates on some open ground.

If you thing you would like to progress with golf then you can buy a starter set, read our article Beginners Guide to Golf.

You do not have to be a member of a golf course you can just pay and play on municipal courses or find great deals on the internet, a great source for the UK is Golf Now

Where you can find a list of local courses, tee times and prices. Some start from less than £10.

On the other extreme you could become a member of a Super Luxury members Only golf club, and pay hundreds of thousands of pounds but again this is your choice, from my experience golf has given me so much, many friends a great interest and keeps me fit while letting me totally destress walking the fairways.

Please go and try it at a local driving range or a public course and remember we were all beginners once, so please do not feel embarrassed, as we have all been there. So, get some clubs, new or old and go and give golf a go, there is nothing quite like smacking a ball down the fairway, so please go and enjoy the great game of golf.