Do I Need a Golf Travel Bag Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I Need a Golf Travel Bag Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I Need a Golf Travel Bag?

A travel bag for golf is normally required to protect your golfing equipment when travelling on a plane, or when it is being handled by a courier.

If you are travelling by car then normally you would not require a golf travel bag.

The protection these bags provide is variable dependent on type of travel bag you purchase.

In this article I am going to explain what a golf travel bag is, and the frequently asked questions when traveling by air.

Can you put clothes in a golf travel bag?

In the past I have used my golf travel bag on a number of occasions, and every time I have placed additional clothes, shoes and especially liquids over the 100ml hand luggage limit, in my golf travel bag.

Which really does help especially when flying with a budget airlines that charge you extra for baggage.

Should I buy a Golf Travel bag with Wheels?

Yes, I would recommend having wheels on your golf travel bag, as your golf clubs and accessories are quite heavy, in the below article we will breakdown how heavy each item is.

In the past I have used both types of travel bag, both with and without wheels, and the experience with a golf travel bag with wheels was a far better experience, having no wheels really does make the bag difficult to manoeuvre around and really does get heavy and bulky.  Simply having some wheels really does take the burden off of the bag.

Best Golf Travel Bag to Buy for Travel by Air?

See below a few of the best Golf Travel Bags available that we recommend for using for air travel.
So, you are planning on a golf trip and you need a bag to protect your golf equipment, we will present some of the hard case and softer case travel bags options for you that we like.

Just a tip, when I packed my clubs for transport, even though some of the bags already  had additional protection for the club heads, I would always wrap the golf towel around the clubs for extra protection and to stop them moving around.

After many trips on planes, my clubs have always been safe and secure with no damage. If you have invested a lot of money into your equipment I would not scrimp on a bag to protect them.

Premium Golf Travel Bags

Budget Golf Travel Bags

How Much Does a Golf Bag Weigh?

There is a reason professional golfer employ caddies to handle their gear: full golf bags are heavy. How heavy? On average, a bag filled with a full array of clubs and equipment will weigh in at about 30 lbs. However, depending on the type of bag, number and type of clubs, and what additional accessories you deem necessary, this figure could balloon up to 50 lbs or more. For this reason, it’s important to consider each addition to the golf bag individually, with an eye towards finding an ideal balance between weight and performance.

The Weight of an Empty Golf Bag

Before you fill a single one of its many pockets or pouches, the golf bag itself can already weigh in at a hefty amount. Because there are several types of bags, there is a significant variation in how much they may tip the scales.

Staff Bags

Staff Bags are the bags you see the pros use. They are essentially the largest bags of the golf world, with ample storage space for your full complement of clubs and anything else you could want to bring with you. 

They are also constructed of heavier material for enhanced durability, and feature cosmetic designs and branding. All these features contribute to the overall weight, and these are the heaviest bags available. Staff bags can weigh upwards of 12 lbs, though they average at around 9.5 lbs.

Cart Bags

Made specifically to be carried across the course on a cart, the defining feature of cart bags is their base. It’s usually made of a non-slip material to keep the bag secure when placed into the cart. While they are also quite roomy, with a number of extra pockets and pouches comparable to a staff bag, they are smaller and less embellished. Cart bags weigh between 6 and 7 lbs on average.

Stand Bags

As the name suggests, these bags feature a built in stand mechanism to keep your bag upright when you sit it on the ground. Even with the stand, they are sightly smaller and lighter than cart bags, as they are meant to be carried. Stand bags are typically around 5 lbs.

Carry or Pencil Bags

These are the minimalist bags. Designed to carry your clubs and little else, carry bags have a streamlined design meant to yield the lightest load possible while still being durable and functional. Carry bags can weigh as little as 2.5 lbs, but are generally in the 3-5 lb range.

The Weight of the Golf Clubs Explained

The clubs themselves will make up the bulk of the weight in your bag, though choosing hybrid clubs might allow you pack less than the standard 14 clubs and shave off a few precious pounds. Otherwise, you will need to consider the weights of your irons, fairway woods, driver, wedges, and putter.


Half of your clubs will likely be irons, so weight added or lost here will make the largest impact on your overall bag. The following figures assume that your clubs have steel shafts. Graphite shafts are on average 2 oz lighter than their steel counterparts. Multiplied over 7 clubs, you could shave 14 oz off of your overall weight by switching to this shaft material.

• 9 Iron : 0.95 lbs (434 g)
• 8 Iron : 0.94 lbs (429 g)
• 7 Iron : 0.93 lbs (422 g)
• 6 Iron : 0.92 lbs (417 g)
• 5 Iron : 0.90 lbs (409 g)
• 4 Iron : 0.89 lbs (407 g)
• 3 Iron : 0.88 lbs (402 g)
• Total : 6.41 lbs (2,920 g)

Fairway Woods

While there are many possible lofts of wood, the 3 and 5 woods are overwhelming favorites. Either one or both of them will be included in the typical bag, adding just under 2 lbs to your weight total. The 7 wood sees less use among male golfers, but is a common choice for females.

• 7 Wood : 0.89 lbs (407 g)
• 5 Wood : 0.87 lbs (395 g)
• 3 Wood : 0.85 lbs (385 g)


Also known as the 1 wood, the driver deserves its own listing as one of the indispensable clubs. As the lowest loft wood, it has the least weight of any club, so much so that many players add weight to it to suit their preferences.

• Driver : 0.73 lbs (330 g)


Technically also irons, wedges are heavier than the rest, with the sand wedge being by far the heaviest club. This weight is necessary for the club’s function, so you shouldn’t look to cut grams in this category.

• Pitching Wedge : 1 lbs (453 g)
• Lob Wedge : 1 lbs (453 g)
• Sand Wedge : 2.5 lbs (1,133 g)
• Total : 4.5 lbs (2,039 g)


Finally, the putter — another essential club that will always be in your bag. Thankfully, it is also the second lightest of them all.

• Putter : 0.77 lbs (350 g)

The Weight of the Balls and Accessories

There is a near endless array of things you might want to bring with you on the golf course, but very few that could be considered essentials. If there is something you always carry that isn’t covered here, do yourself a favor and weigh it and add it to the total. You may be surprised at how many pounds you’re carrying needlessly.


While you can carry as many golf balls as you want as far as the rules are concerned, the average golfer carries about nine. With each ball weighing 45.9 grams, the combined total would be 413.1 g, or about 0.91 lbs. Every 9 golf balls is like adding another 5 iron to your bag. This remains true regardless of the type of golf balls you use, as all manufacturers aim to hit the maximum weight allowance to get the most distance and best performance.


Not all golfers wear gloves, but more than 95% of professionals do. Those gloves add 6-7 oz of weight per pair. However, since the gloves will be worn for the majority of the time you’re on the course, they might not be contributing to weight of the bag in the same way as everything else.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is a must during a game of golf, especially if you’re carrying a 30 lb bag on your back. A full 32 oz water bottle will weigh 2 lbs (907 g), and you’ll probably want at least 2 bottles — more if it’s hot. Just remember, those bottles won’t stay full for long, meaning that total will lower as the day goes on.