What Is The Best Golf Ball For Over 60’s

What Is The Best Golf Ball For Over 60’s

When golfers reach the age of 60 their love of the game hasn’t diminished despite many other things changing over the years, one piece of equipment has kept its basic purpose and shape.

That piece of equipment is the golf ball, something you cannot play the game of golf without.

One thing is for certain the technology and the materials used in the construction of golf balls has changed drastically since golfers in their 60s first played the game of golf.

Unfortunately, as you get a little older your body changes too, the body is not capable of doing what it used to do in its youth. As a result of getting older, there are some factors that you might want to consider when buying a golf ball, which can help you maintain your golf game.

In this article we will discuss what is the best golf ball for over 60’s, and how this can help improve your game and maintain distance.

Golf balls may look similar, but the technology at play has allowed for tremendous improvements for all levels of golfers today.

Golf ball manufacturers offer a range of golf balls to suit every preference including hardness, feel trajectory and spin.

Even though you may not have the speed or agility you did years ago, picking the right ball can help you maintain your game and distance while on the golf course.

Sometimes the vast range of choices available to you, can make picking the right golf ball for your game difficult.

Feel and price remain the two biggest factors at play. Choosing a golf ball that suits your equipment, strength and swing speed is always advisable.

Swing Speed

As you have got a little older, you are probably keenly aware of the fact that your swing speed has slowed down, thankfully manufacturers provide an array of golf balls that are perfectly suited for the slower swing speed which can help gain extra distance off the tee.


One thing is for certain as you get a little older, there could be a possibility that your eyes sight may deteriorate slightly, and the ability to keep track of the golf ball over longer distances can make it harder to see.

Although you may not be hitting the golf ball as far as you used to, some still struggle to see the ball landing, especially when missing fairways, which we all do!

Choosing a golf ball colour other than white can make your life a little easier, as well as golf ball colour choice you could also decide on some sunglasses that can help make it easier to see, see our article on Best Sunglasses to See Golf Balls


Price is always a factor and yes some of the cheapest golf balls on the market are made to travel further but you can be sure that unless you make a perfect impact with the ball, the golf balls can be less forgiving and may mean you are spending more time trying to find the ball that has flown off target.

Weather and Location

The course you play on, and its location will affect which type of golf call you should play. If you’re playing on a links style course with harder greens and fairways you require more spin or control, if you’re on a woodland or softer courses you’ll may need more carry, I personally like to find a golf ball I am happy with and then stick to it, so you are more aware of how the ball will react.

How to Prioritize?

Ultimately, the final decision is yours and you need to decide which characteristics will best suit your golf game.

If you are really struggling for distance pick a golf ball that optimizes your distance which will reduce your approach shots however remember that driving is only one part of the game.

Experts will tell you that using urethane covered golf balls is advisable for most golfers in their 60s as they still require some control around the greens and they still hit the golf ball some distance from the tee.

However, if price is your major priority, then these golf balls aren’t the cheapest and as their covers are slightly softer, they’re not very durable Urethane covered balls are still suitable for the over 60s as most have not lost too much distance off the tee.

We Recommend the Srixon AD333

Srixon designed their AD333 range of golf balls to meet all the criteria listed above and provide golfers with control on the green, improved accuracy from iron shots, and accurate and long shots from the tee.

The Srixon AD333 is a great golf ball for slower swing speeds and will really help people who are finding it harder to get distance off the tee.

They have done this by combining a two-piece golf ball with three specific technologies?

These technologies have a 338 dimple pattern on the ball that offers more aerodynamic technology than before, a spin skin featuring fewer bonding points, and an energy growth core with lower compression. These combined provide more accurate shots and more distance off the tee.

The AD333 from Srixon are not the cheapest golf ball on the market, but they are very competitively priced.
As a result, if you have a tendency to lose golf balls off the tee and struggle to find them around greens this is still a worthwhile investment considering you can choose from a variety of different colours.

They have been designed to offer a more stable flight from the golf ball, especially in windy conditions, this results from their aerodynamic designed dimple pattern.

When playing iron shots golfers will experience a combination of spin, soft feel, and accurate launch points, with gained distance.

These features when combined can offer golfers in their 60s more confidence with their shots, and added length.

As we mentioned previously in this article, one area of your game that you will keep you scoring in your 60s is your experienced touch around the greens.
So, the spin skin offered by the AD333 will help you generate extra spin or check from your chipping, and this is down to their premium urethane coating.

The AD333 has been specifically designed to offer golfers tour level performance despite only having moderate swing speeds Their competitive price tag makes it more attractive for senior golfers.

When you combine this with the soft feel, the golf ball offers around the green and the additional spin you will get from well hit shots, this is the gospel of exceptional value for all round golfers making it perfect for most golfers in their 60s.

The AD333 golf ball has been highly recommended for senior golfers who are looking for a combination of great feel for their short game, while retaining long distance off the tee.


Fairly priced
Offer value for money for senior golfers
Accurate and long off the tee
Soft feel around the greens


Because of the slightly harder coating you might have to sacrifice some touch around the greens.


These are really popular, please give them a try and do your own testing but you should not be disappointed