Where Can I Trade In Golf Clubs?

Where Can I Trade In Golf Clubs?

Golf is a sport that can become quite expensive, and cost you some serious cash.

The golf clothing alone can cost a bomb, you must factor in your green fees or golf club membership and any travel expenses and of course, your clubs may cost the earth. Some of the most prestigious brands will several hundreds of pounds or dollars for a single club.

Many golfers decide to trade in their old golf clubs, allowing them to get some money off a new set. Furthermore, these trading companies will also have a wide range of used golf clubs at your disposal.

Of course, you don’t want to end up with something substandard so it is important to pay close attention to what you’re buying.

But if you fancy mixing it up and trading in your old clubs, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of places to do this.

It is also a great way to kit yourself out with some of the top brands at a fraction of the original price.

Let’s get something straight from the start, you could get a better deal by selling your clubs on eBay or some other local website or shop, but what we are discussing below is convenience, you do not have the issue of people not paying their winning bid on eBay, and the pain of relisting.

Also you may think you are getting a better deal and then you are hit with the selling fees which from my experience is about 10%.

Top Places For Trading In Golf Clubs

Type in ‘trade my golf clubs’ on Google and you will be bombarded with thousands of websites claiming to offer the best deal.

But a lot of this will be a lure to draw you in and you might not necessarily be any better off than you would have been hopping on eBay and flogging your clubs to a golfing newbie.

In our opinion, there are a few golf club trade-in websites that are worth their weight in gold, and we’d like to give you a rundown on each of these.


GolfBidder is probably one of the most well-known websites for golfing fanatics and it has had huge success for many years.

The company originally began as a high-street golf club retailer in London but now dominates the European online market for trading clubs. So, you can feel confident that you will get a good deal. It really does make life a little simpler, and I have personally used these guys a number of times, moving my old equipment on.

One of the best things about GolfBidder is that they don’t just have a one-price-fits-all approach to each golf club.
They will take the time to look over your clubs; the quality, how well looked after they are and many other things to give you a bespoke quote.

The company has developed a piece of software that enables them to do all of this remotely and as a result, you end up getting a fair price for your precious equipment.

When purchasing clubs, you get a seven-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty, which is pretty impressive.
You have the option of browsing their extensive second-hand collection online, where you can place an order.
Or, if like many of us, you like to talk to another human being, you can order by phone.

You will need to create an account to sell your clubs but this takes moments and you can be on your way in no time.

Golf Clubs 4 Cash

Golf Clubs 4 Cash is a trader based in Edinburgh, but no matter where you are in the country, you can use the service – oh the wonders of the internet!

This is a really simple way of trading in your clubs and can be done in a matter of minutes.

You can either fill in the online form with all the details or your golf clubs or drop them an email with all of the relevant information.

They will then provide you with a comprehensive quote for the items you are trying to sell.

If you are happy with this, you send the clubs to them and once they arrive you can choose between a cash payment or a new set of clubs to the value of your old ones.

It is important to point out that once you are given a quote, this will only be valid for thirty days, so make sure you follow through if the quote takes your fancy.

American Golf

American Golf are a golf superstore, but don’t let the name deceive you, this company is based in the UK and they have an easy and hassle-free method for trading in your unwanted golf clubs.

This is a much more personal service as you must have your clubs looked at in one of their stores.

But even if you are in the most rural part of the country, there will be a store near you, since they have 97 dotted around the UK.

Once there, you can have your clubs valued and an on the spot price offered. Although it is worth keeping in mind that in order to trade in, you will have to be a member and show your club card to complete the transaction.

While you wait for your clubs to be given the once over, there is also the option to try out their indoor simulator to try out some of the latest equipment?

There are a few restrictions on what you can trade in, however.

For example, a set of irons must have at least six matching pieces and you cannot trade in a single wedge.

If you trade in a set of clubs for one that is lower in value, you won’t be compensated for the difference, so you may as well go for something either of the same value or higher, or it won’t be worth the swap.

2nd Swing

2nd Swing guarantees to give you a higher price for your clubs than the current market value so you can feel confident that you won’t be losing out.

What’s more, they are known for making the process easy; we all know that sometimes, things like this can be headache-inducing.

If you have something a little more special such as a rare club or a high-end piece of equipment, they will give you a fair price, which can’t be said for all retailers. Furthermore, there is no limit on what you can trade, so if you want three new sets of clubs (some might) then there is nothing stopping you.

You will enter the information about your clubs online and be given a range, this tells you the lowest possible price and the highest possible price so you know what to expect. You then ship your clubs and receive payment.

If you happen to be a PGA pro, then they offer some great deals for your excess equipment or things you have finished with and this also extends to golfing shops and sole traders.

It’s a great way to get rid of things that you no longer need.

What To Look Out For When Trading In Golf Clubs

Much like purchasing a new set of clubs, there are some things that you will need to think about when deciding where to trade in your clubs.

When you have found a lucrative deal for trading in your golf clubs, it can be very tempting to rush into choosing your new set.

However, this is rarely a good idea because these pieces of equipment are going to become your new best friends and you will want to make sure that you have chosen right.

It is a good idea to do some research and work out what you would like before having your current clubs valued.

This way, you can find a retailer that will purchase your clubs and have the ones you want in stock.
If you are offered a good price, it might be tempting to jump at this right away, but don’t forget that there is more than one option and it pays to look at other avenues.

There is nothing wrong in going to various traders and getting several valuations done.

This is particularly important if you are selling high-end equipment; if you have forked out a lot for it in the first place, you don’t want to be swizzed when looking to upgrade.

We mentioned earlier that some golf club retailers will place restrictions on what you are allowed to trade and it is vital that you look at this before going ahead.


If you have gotten bored with your old clubs or simply fancy trying out something new then the truth is that this won’t be an inexpensive venture.

That being said, if your current clubs are in decent condition, there is a good chance that a golf retailer will buy them in exchange for money for your new set.

There are several reputable golf club trade-in services in the UK and they are simple to use and for the most part, you will be able to get a much better set without having to fork out quite as much.