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Beginners Guide To Golf

Beginners Guide To Golf Image

Beginners Guide to Golf

What is required to play golf?

So, you have decided to start playing golf. As a beginner, the first thing you will need to start golfing is your own set of golf clubs, balls, a bag, and a pair of shoes. These are the basic necessities for a beginner. 

In this article we are going to help you understand what you need to start playing the great game of golf, the beginners guide to golf will hopefully help you understand the costs involved, and all the items needed to get you ready to be bombing golf balls down the fairway.

Normally a set of golf clubs will include a driver, a few woods, irons, a pitching and sand wedge, and a putter. Other hybrid clubs and specialty wedges can be purchased individually. For one round of golf, and average player would bring about three woods that include a driver, 3 and 5-wood, and a set of irons that range from 2 to 9. 

There is a limit of 14 clubs in any one golf bag, and in 2020 the variations can be mind boggling, but to keep it simple at the start we will go with the above list as that is what I started with.

A few boxes of golf balls should be purchased, since you will likely lose a few. You may even want to get a few bags of golf tees, as these are imperative to playing the game. They come in a variety of lengths and materials. A few dozen should be brought to the course.
If you want to retrieve your ball, it helps to mark the ball just in case the ball goes into the woods or other hazards. You can view my other article TopTen Essentials you should have in your golf bag for more ideas.

There are plenty of low-cost golf bags on the market designed with many pockets to hold all of your materials. 

For a new golfer, it may be easier and cheaper to purchase a bag that includes a set of clubs. You can also include gloves, a divot-repair tool, and head covers as well as long and short tees depending on the weather. 

Right-handed golfers should wear their gloves on the left hand, and vise versa. Divot-repair tools fix ball marks, and head covers will keep woods and drivers safe from sun damage and weather conditions. 

Some other necessities may include sunscreen, a water bottle and umbrella, towels, and a first-aid kit.

Golf shoes are most beneficial to golfers, they have really changed over the years from I started with metal spikes to now rubber soles or plastic spikes. The golf shoes are not more in line with trainers.

Make sure to purchase a shoe that is most comfortable to you, as an uncomfortable pair will hurt your feet after a long game, it would also be a good idea to take some plasters with you until you know the shoes will not rub. 

Most courses in 2020 require golfers to wear soft spiked shoes so you will not damage the course, so if you have an old pair of metal spiked shoes the course may not let you on.

If you have been to a local driving range and you are able to hit the ball ok, and you have decided to try playing on a golf course, I would really recommend taking some lessons with a PGA professional. In the past thirty years I have been playing golf, I find it amusing   how some people starting out in golf, wonder why they are not getting any better, but they have never had any proper instruction from a trained professional.

How much does it cost to start playing golf?

To get started, a basic starter golf bag plus the equipment for it will cost about £200 and upwards, while balls and tees can cost anywhere from £10 – £45 per dozen. Gloves and shoes can cost anywhere from £50 – £150. Once you have your gear, you may decide to take golf lessons or on-course instruction to learn the ways of the game. These can cost anywhere from £25 and upwards per hour. 

The fee for a round of golf, you will expect to pay as little as £10-£15 for a public or municipal course, or up to £30 and up for a private course, some golf course can be hundreds of pounds to play. These fees vary by location, season, and time of day but they are highest on the mornings and weekends. Public courses are generally cheaper.

Also, if you decide to buy all new apparel specifically for golfing, this can add another £50-£100 onto your bill, depending on what brands you buy and where you buy them from. 

For example, a pair of Under Armour shirt and trousers can cost between £25-£70.

 Depending on how many pairs of clothes you may need, and how often you will be out golfing, this price can increase. 

But to start with some public courses do not have a dress code so you could play in jeans and a T-shirt, or loose clothing. 

Before you play, please check with the course. The Private members courses will normally always have a strict dress code.

Should you buy a golf starter set of golf clubs?

Like many sports, the price points on golf clubs vary considerably, you can spend thousands of pounds on golf equipment, it is quite similar to cycling, you can spend thousands and thousands of pounds or dollars on a bike or you can buy a bike for a couple of hundred pounds or dollars. To play golf you do not need to spend this much money, just for a few hundred pounds/dollars you can buy a starter set.
Beginner clubs normally have larger faces and are designed to be game improvement clubs. What this means is normally behind the face of the irons is a cavity back which will help get the golf ball in the air.
If you were starting out in Golf then a beginner set would be a very good option for you. If in the future you decide this sport is for you and you improve you golf and technique you can always upgrade to other equipment.
I think that a starter set would be a great option for more people to use, if you are hitting the ball better, and the golf club is more forgiving then the result should be you will be enjoying the game more.
From personal experience please be warned if you get the golf bug it will change your life.

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